Monday, November 30, 2015

MLT'S Attach To North Western Province Are To Be Launched A One Day Token Strike Tomorrow(01)

Image result for strikeThe Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT) attach to Government Hospitals in  North Western Province are due to launch an One Day Token Strike by demanding to drop the fake complaint made against one of the MLT's by Medical Superintendent Of Puttalam Hospital.

Due to a fake complaint made against a MLT Attach to Puttalam Hospital by the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital ,The Police have arrested the MLT and remanded him according to Joint Council On Professions Supplementary To Medicine.

If the authorities are not able to withdraw the fake complaint,Professions Supplementary To Medicine attach to North Western Provincial Hospitals will  launch a token strike on Wednesday (02) to oppose it the Joint Council has said.


OIC In Narahenpita Police Who Was Detaimed Over Bribery Charges Has Been Further Remanded

The Officer In Charge(OIC) of the Crimes Division in Narahenpita Police who was arrested few days ago for accepting Rs.2.5 Million as a Bribe has been further remanded until 07th of December after being produced before the court today(30).

The Police Officer Has been arrested while accepting a bribe from a Doctor on 27th Of November at Kohuwala(In Colombo District)Area.

Heavy Rain Fall Prevailed In And Around Colombo Caused Traffic In Many Roads

Heavy Rain Fall prevailed for  hours  in and around Colombo this evening have caused floods in many roads .

Due to this situation heavy traffic has been reported from many roads in and around Colombo.The Rain Fall began around 5.30 p.m this evening has been lasted until around 9 p.m .

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Railway Department To Ban The Passengers From Travelling On Foot Board Of Long Distance Trains

The Railway Department has decided to ban passengers from travelling on Foot Board of the Long Distance Trains with effect from 01st Of December in view of preventing possible accidents according to the Department.

As an initial step the ban of travelling on foot board will be applied to  long distance train passengers only and after monitoring the progress it will be applied to office commuters in near future Railway Department has said.

According to Railway Authorities those passengers who are travelling on foot board of long distance trains after 01st of December will be punished according to Railway Act.

Railway Department is due to deploy a group of railway inspectors to all five railway divisions including North ,East and Southern Divisions to check the implementation of the new law.

Sri Lankan Navy Have Today (29) Arrested Eight Indian Fishermen While Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lankan Navy have today (29) arrested Eight Indian Fishermen along with two boats they were travelling in while fishing in Sri Lankan Waters near Delft Island.

The Arrested Fishermen have been taken to Karainagar(Northern Province)and due to be produced before the court for a legal action it has been reported.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

President Maithripala Sirisena Is Due To Leave For France Today(29)

President Maithripala Sirisena is due to leave for France today(29) to attend United Nations Conference On Climate Change-2015 which is scheduled to be held in Le Bourget ,France from 30th of November to 11th of December.

All heads of  the Member States of United Nations  are due to be participated this important Conference .The expected outcome of this years conference on Climate Change is to reach an agreement which can applicable to all to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.


Portrait of a Woman with Splindes - Jacopo Pontormo (Tempera on wood, 76x54)

Government Medical Officers Forum Has Requested Health Ministry To Provide Official Transport To All Government Doctors

Image result for government doctors transport
Medical Officers Forum (GMOF) has requested Ministry Of Health,Nutrition And Indigenous Medicine to offer Official Transport to all Government Medical Officers attach to Government Hospitals Island Wide as Government decided to abolish Car Permits which Medical Officers are also entitled to.s Most of the Government Hospital Doctors are still not provided with  Official Quarters,It is essential to provide them with Official Transport GMOF has stressed.

Government has decided to abolish Car Permits provided to Government Workers including Parliamentarians through different schemes  from the 2016 Annual Budget Proposals.


Five Suspects With Six Hand Grenades In Their Possession Have Been Arrested At Moratuwa

Image result for arrestedFive Suspects with Six locally made Hand Grenades in their possession have been arrested today(28) at Moratuwa(In Colombo District) according to Police.

Moratuwa Police have arrested the suspects per the information received by them and the Suspects are to be produced before the Moratuwa Magistrate Court.

Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.

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