Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Foreign-Six Passangers Including The Pilot Were Killed Due To A Sea Plane Crash In Australia

Super Blue Moon To Be Visible Today For The First Time Since 152 Years

After 152 years three Lunar events, A Blood Moon,A
Super Moon and Blue Moon will be visible to us during the Moon rise in the Eastern Horizon   after 6.15 p.m local time today (31)  the Nawam full moon poya day here  in Sri Lanka according to the Director of Astronomy and Space Science Unit of Colombo University Professor Chandana Jayaratne.

However due to this Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse due to occur first time after 1866 there will be no natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Cyclones,
Tsunamis etc ,Professor Jayaratne has stated.

In Sri Lanka there were two full moon poya days in the Month of January ,the first poya day was on 01st of January the day which the Super Moon was visible and the second poya day falls today which the Super Blue Moon due to be visible.

Due to today's Poya day there will be no Poya day falls in the month of February.

To find more details about the Super Blue Moon visit-http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5324393/Rare-super-blue-blood-moon-visible-Wednesday.html


A New Revelation On "Massage Centers In Sri Lanka

There are no real massage centers known as "SPA " s
operating in Sri Lanka at present-Only Brothal Houses maintaining as "SPA"s there - A Senior Ayurveda Physician.

More details later.

Human Rights Commission Had Rejected To Accept Uva Chief Minister's Excuses To Not Appearing Before The Commission

The Human Rights Commission Of Sri Lanka has
yesterday (30)refused to accept the notice made by the Uva Provincial Chief Minister Chamara Sampath Dassanayake that he would not be able to appear before the Commission tomorrow (01)as requested to face the ongoing investigations  over his involvement in kneeling down the Principal of the Badulla Hindu Girls School due to election work.

As the summons issued to the Uva Provincial Chief Minister to appear before the Human Rights Commission in Colombo on 01st of February he should appear as scheduled and if the Chief Minister rejected or avoid appearing before the Commission as requested it will be an offense punishable by the Supreme Court  the Human Rights Commission had informed the Chief Minister Dassanayake.

The Uva Chief Minister had yesterday informed the Human Rights Commission that he would  not be able to appear before the Human Rights Commission tomorrow (01)due to a work he have to perform due to the visit of President Maithripala Sirisena to Mahiyanganaya tomorrow.

The Two Large Size Foot Prints Recovered Near "Sripada"rock Are Recently Made Ones-Department Of Archeology Reveals

The team of Archeologists attached to the Department
of Archeology who investigated over the rock which was recovered in Gardimore estate  near the historical "Sripada"rock recently with two large size foot prints printed on it ,had revealed that the foot prints were made recently and they do not have any Archelogical value.

According to the Director General of Archeology Professor P.B Mandawala these foot prints which are one and half feet long were made by someone recently.

However the estate workers who had recovered the rock with foot prints still worship them by stating that the foot prints belonging to their god Hanumantha.The workers even built huts near the rock and worship the foot prints by using safron water and lime it has been revealed.A large number of people from outststions too arriving in the area to witness the foot prints accordung to the reports.


A Seven Year Old Boy Has Died Unfortunatley After Consuming Too Much Of Kowakka Fruit For Hunger

A seven year old boy in Hettipola,Kuliyapitiya  has died after consuming a fruit known as "Kowakka"
due to hunger while his parents not at home on 27th of January according to reports.

After consuming many "Kowakka"fruits which use to control high blood preasure,diabetes and constpation in local medicine ,the boy had felt unconsciousness and  at the time residents of the area with the help of the police admitted the child to the Kuliyapitiya Hospital for treatment he was already dead it has been revealed.

According to the Post mortem report the boy died as a result of dropping his  blood suger level due to consuming too much of the Kowakka fruit.

The body of the deceased boy was destroyed by rats while keeping it in the mortury of the Kulitapitiya Hospital it has been revealed.

Heavy Showers To Be Expected In Most Parts Of The Country-Meteorology Department

Due to the disturbance developed in the atmosphere
around the island the Meteorology Department is expecting heavy showers in most parts of the country these  days.

An over 150 mili meter heavy showers with thunder and strong winds  are  being  expected in Uva,Sabaragamuwa and Central provinces and Ampara,Batticaloa and Polonnaruwa districts the Department has stated.

Around 100 mili meter showers are beinng expected in Western and Southern Provinces it has been announced.

A 40 kilo meters per hour strong winds can be expected time to time in Northern province and Hambanthota and Matara districts and Meteorologists warned the public in these areas to be vigilant over lightning .

Four Iranian Nationals Of A Same Family Were Arrested While Attempting To Fly To Austria With Fake Passports

Police have arrested four Iranian Nationals belonging
to a one family while attempting to fly illegally to Austria with fake passports carried fake visa signs today (30)at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport.

Accordingly a Mother,daughter,son and grand son belonging to a same family were arrested it has been revealed.

The suspects have arrived in Sri Lanka on 23rd of January by using tourist visas .Investigations are currently underway regarding the incident.

Upper Road Of Haputhale Was Temporarily Closed Down Due To Landslide Risk

Due to a landslide  risk  occurred in Kahagala area
between Bandarawela and Haputhale area on Colombo-Badulla main road,  the "Upper Road Of Haputhale"had temporarily  closed down today (30)according to the Disaster Management Center.

Police have advised the motorists to use Haputhale road between Bandarawela and Diyathalawa as an alternative route to travel due to this.



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Warnings Issued To Several Areas Around Mahaweli River To Be Vigilant As The Spill Gates Of Rantambe Reservoir Scheduled To Be Opened

Image result for rantambe reservoir
The Disaster Management Center has issued a warning this evening to the people living in low land areas around Mahaweli River to be vigilant as the spill gates of the Rantambe Reservoir are due to open within next few hours due to the rising water levels of the reservoir.

The warnings messages have been issued to the people living in Minipe,Mahiyanganaya ,Morayaya,Haslaka ,Handaganawa and Ambagahapalassa Rural Development Office areas and  Minipe and Mahiyanganaya Provincial Secretariat areas .

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An Italian Male And A German Female Were Arrested While Selling Ornament Jewellery With Tourist Visas

Image result for arrestedThe Officers attached to  Investigations Unit of the Immigration and Emigration Department had arrested an Italian Male and a German Female who arrived in Sri Lanka with Tourist Visas and involved in selling of Ornament Jewellery in Ella Tourism Zone at Badulle last evening(29).

According to the Initial inquiry carried out over the incident it has been revealed that the two Foreign Nationals had involved in selling of Ornament Jewelry in Ella area since years.

Immigration and Emigration Department Officials are due to expel the  two Tourists to their countries it has been reported.

Involving in Business activity  in Sri Lanka by the  Foreign Nationals who arrive in the country with Tourist Visas is banned .

A Youth Passanger Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

Image result for accidentA 24 year old youth was killed after the Three Wheeler he was traveling in veering off the road and toppled over at Imbulgoda area on Alawwa-Giriulla main road.

After the accident the critically  injured Youth passenger and the Three Wheeler Driver were admitted to the Alawwa Hospital and later the critically injured was transferred to the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital where the Passenger had succumbed to his injuries .

The deceased was identified as a resident of Walgama area in Matara according to the Police.

The accident was occurred due to the Three Wheeler Driver's inability to control the Three Wheeler after turning it to the left to give space for a Vehicle arrived in from opposite direction it has been revealed. 

Parliament To Convene A Special Session On 06th Of February To Debate On Two Commission Reports

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The Parliament will convene a special session on 06th of February to conduct the debate of Central Bank Bond Scam and Serious Fraud and Corruption Commission Reports the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has announced today (30).

Earlier Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe had requested to convene a special session of Parliament on 08th of February after President Maithripala Sirisena had proposed to hold a special session of Parliament before the Local Government Elections to be held on 10th of February to debate on two Commission reports.All Party Leaders have earlier decided to hold the special Parliamentary Session to debate on Commission reports on 20th and 21st of February.

During today's All Party Leaders Conference held in Parliament under the patronage of Parliament Speaker Jayasuriya it was decided to convene the special session on 06th of February as per the recommendation of the chairman of the Elections Commission Mahinda Deshapriya.

It was decided not to convene the session on 08th of February as Prime Minister requested as the election related publicity programmes will be banned from 06th of February.

Accordingly Prime Minister Wikramasinghe has requested the Speaker to convene the special session to debate of the two commission reports on 06th of February it has been reported.


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