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A Sri Lankan Airlines Crew Member Has Been Arrested With A Stock Of Gold Jewelry Attempted To Smuggle In To The Country

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Airport Customs Officers have arrested a Sri Lankan Airlines male Crew member who attempted to smuggle 5.3 Kilo Grammes of Gold Jewelry in to the country at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport this morning(19).
The suspect who had arrived in Katunayake Airport  from Jeddah had concealed the stock of Gold Jewelry in a belt fixed on one of his legs it has been revealed.The value of the Jewelry is around Rs.26 million the Airport Customs have stated.

Object Exploded In Southern Skies Yesterday(18)With A Big Noise Believed To Be A Meteor-Professor Chandana Jayaratne

Image result for meteor explosionThe object which exploded in Southern Skys last night(18) with a huge noise and bright light  is believed to be a meteor according to the Professor Chandana Jayaratne the director of Astronomy and Space Science Unit of the Physics Department attached to Colombo University.

The meteor exploded in the Southern Skies after traveling  fast through the skies in Colombo witnessed by many in Colombo and most parts of the Southern province including some areas in Galle.Matara and Hambanthota.

However the place where the meteor has fallen down after the explosion not yet been revealed.

Ransomware Computer Virus Might Attack Android Phones In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Computer Emergancy Readiness Team had 
requested the Sri Lankan Android phone users to be in vigilant over Ransomware  computer virus as it might attack Android phones here.

Ransonware is a malicious software that locks users from accessing their data in computer or mobile devices.The virus attacked computer systems in many westetn countries.


A Garbage Mount Collapsed On To The Steps Of Sripada Causing A Blockage There

A garbage mount in Sripada road at Nallathanniya
area had been collapsed on to the steps of historical Sripada rock causing a blockage there.

As a result the steps of Sripada had been damaged it has been reported.The garbage mount had been collapsed from upper area (Udamaluwa)of Sripada and steps have been taken to remove the garbage and repair the damaged steps soon the chief incumbant of Sripada Bengamuwe Dhammdinna thero has stated.

The collapsed Garbage mount contains the solid waste products disposed by the Sripada devotees and the waste had been collected in upper area to be taken to lower area to dispose the thero has stressed.

The Garbage collected in lower area and upper area will be removed with the assistance of Government organization officials,Enviornmental organization representatives and security forces personal he has further said.

Residents In Some Areas Of Southern Province Witnessed An Unknown Object In The Sky

Residents in  some areas  of the  Southern Province
had witnessed few hours ago an unknown object believed to be a meteor travelling in the sky with a bright light it has been reported.

Accordingly residents in Thawalama,Neluwa,Deniyaya and Hakmana areas had witnessed this object travelled fast in the sky and as a result a dust like thing fallen on to the roofs of some houses with a huge noise the residents have complained.

The huge noice have been heard by the residents of Akurassa,Galle,Pitabaddara and Habaraduwa areas according to reports.There 's no reponse from the authorities regarding the incident yet.

Two Youth Have Been Drowned While Bathing In Mulathivu Seas

Two youth have been drowned while bathing in
Mulathivu seas with two of their  friends this evening (18) according to the Mulathivu Police.

The drowned youth had been identified as eighteen year old residents of Mulathivu area.

The Navy ,Police and residents of the area have launched a search operation to recover the drowned youth.


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Sri Lanka Plans To Control One Third Of The Non Comunicable Diseases In The Country By 2020-Health Minister

Sri Lanka plans to control one third of the non communicable diseases that threatens the country
by the year 2020 Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated while addressing the World Health Summit held in Berlin,Germany.

As Sri Lanka has managed to eliminate Communicable diseases like Filaria and Malaria in the country had taken so many steps including increasing of taxes imposed on Cigarettes by 90 percent and implemented a law to print health warning in Cigarette packs sold here by covering the 80 percent of the Pack and introduced traffic lights system to indicate the sugar levels contains in Soft Drinks at the market in view of controlling the spreading of non Communicable diseases in the Country the Minister has stressed.

A Female Was Killed Due To A Road Accident In Buttala

A female was killed and another has been injured and hospitalized after colliding with a Cab while walking on the road at Gonagangara area in Buttala this morning(18).
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The two injured females have been admitted to the Buttala Hospital and one had died on admission to the Hospital it has been reported.The deceased was a 45 year old female according to the Police.

Gonagangara Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

President Has nstructed Authorites To Import Highly Priced Essential Food Items

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President Maithripala Sirisena has yesterday(17) instructed the Cost Of Living Committee to import five varieties of  essential food items which the prices have arisen and distributed to the consumers through cooperatives and Sathosa outlets with immediate effect.

Accordingly President has instructed the Committee members to import Rice,Dried Fish ,Fish ,Big Anions and Sprats and distributed through Cooperatives and Sathosa during a Cabinet meeting .

During the meeting Some Ministers have shown the President that the cost of living here has arisen heavily due to the increase of Essential food items.

A Heroin Addict Has Been Arested With Heroin

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Manikpay Police have arrested a Heroin addict while carrying 02 Grammes and 150 Mili Grammes of Heroin to be sold in Anakotte,Jaffna today(18).

The estimated value of the haul of Heroin the suspect has carried is more than Rs.50,000 it has been revealed.

Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.

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