Monday, October 20, 2008

Army Captured The Vannerikulam Area

58th Division of the Sri Lankan Army Captured Vannerikulam are in the Kilinochchi District Last Evening Security Sources said.

Sri Lanka Among Top Three Countries Which Have Succesful Mental Health Programmes.

Sri Lanka are among Three Middle Income Countries Out of 152 Countries who has been Implemented Very Succesful Mental Health Programmes According to the Latest Mental Health Update Issued by the World Health Organaisation.Brazil and Chilie are the Other two Countries.

Sample Reports Of Another Fifteen Food Items Tested For "Malamine"To Be Received Soon

Sample Reports of Around Fifteen Milk Powder and Milk Products sent to Singapore for 'Malamine"Test have to be Received Soon Food Control Unit of the Health Ministry says.Milk Powder,Chocolates and Biscuits are among these Food Items.Director Of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis Last week Banned 59 Milk and Milk Products and Ordered Authorities to Remove them from the Market.All these Milk Products were made In Chinese Food Companies and they were Imported here from Other Asian and Western Countries.

India coronavirus: Why is India reopening amid a spike in cases?