Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tsunami Fear Which Halted Life In The Country For Awhile

!Massive Earthquake and after shocks in Sumatra Islands

!Tsunami Warning has Issued 

! Transport System in Coastal Belt suspended

!Heavy Traffic Reported in main roads

! Southern Express Way has opened free of charge for all 
public and private vehicles

! People in coastal areas rushed to Highlands

! Tense Situation among public in Coastal Areas

As a  massive earthquake measured as 8.6 in Richter Scale was struck Sumatra Islands this eve a tense situation was occurred among public in many parts of the Island Soon after Meteorological Department of Sri Lanka has issued Tsunami Warning which has also applied to 25 other countries in the region as well.

After the massive earth quake Sri Lankan Met Department has expected a Tsunami will struck the island around 4 p.m Sri Lankan Time.Although it didn't happened as expected an equally powerful after shock measured as 8.6 in Richter Scale was reported from Sumatra three hours after the  major earthquake strucked.However no casualties have been reported.Some tremors have been reported in several parts of the island as well.

Meanwhile People lives in coastal areas of North,East,Western and Southern areas were advised to rush in to safe areas in highlands as a precautionary measure.As Tsunami Warning has issued, people lives in coastal belt areas have seen running with their children to safer areas.Almost all vehicles  were fully occupied as people who came to work in cities from coastal areas trying to reach their homes as early as possible.As a precautionary measure authorities suspended the Train Services in Coastal areas which has resulted a heavy traffic among other public and private vehicles.

Government has allowed to use southern express way free of charge for commuters following the Tsunami warning and ordered all medical staff attached to hospitals in Coastal areas who are in leave to report to their workplaces as soon as possible.

People in Coastal Areas were advised to stay  in alert on the situation till the warning have been lifted .Also authorities urged the Hotel Owners in coastal belt to ensure the safety of foreigners who are staying in these hotels.

However after awaiting several hours around 6.30 p.m local time the Met Department has announced the lifting of Tsunami Warning from Sri Lanka while urging people who fled to return their homes  without any fear.

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