Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Media And Civil Activists Protested Against The Attacking Of Journalists

Sri Lankan Media Personal and Civil Society activists to day hold a Protest at the Town Hall in Colombo against the attacking of Journalists and Media Suppression.Wearing Black Scarfs the Protesters criticized the recent attack on the Secretary of the Sri Lankan Working Journalists Association Poddala Jayantha and urged the authorities to stop Interim Forces that are attacking the Journalists.

Sri Lankan Authorities Detained And Expelled Canadian Liberal MP On His Arrival

Canadian Liberal Party Parliamentarian Bob Rae who is known as supported the LTTE was detained by the Sri Lankan Immigration and Emigration Authorities at the Katunayaka International Air Port in Colombo soon after his arrival to Sri Lanka from New Delhi.

Immigration and Emigration Controller Mr.P.B Abeykoon says that the Canadian Liberal Party MP was briefly detained after his arrival to the country over allegations that he links with the LTTE and Immediately sent him to the destination he came, from the very Next Flight.According to the Controller MP is barred from entering to Sri Lanka as he is allegedly linked with LTTE.

Meanwhile Authorities are suspicious on the MP's Visit here as he arrived from a one way ticket.He is representing the Torronto City where most of the Sri Lankan Tamils are living in Canada.

Ottawa Government expressed their Dismay and Displeasure over the Sri Lankan Government's decision to detained MP Rae and booted him out from the Country.