Monday, September 19, 2011

15 Medical Administrators Sent A Written Request To GMOA On Settling The Crisis Of National Hospital Director Post

Around 15 Medical Administrators attached to the Government Hospitals sent A written request to the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) today(19th) urged the intervention of the Union  to solved the crisis occurred in selecting suitable Medical Administrator for the vacant Hospital Director Post in Colombo National Hospital.

According to the said Medical Administrators the Petition filed in Supreme Court recently challenging the selection of Four Candidates for the Interview to fill the vacant post of National Hospital Director is clearly a Politically Motivated one and urged the President and the Secretary of the GMOA to intervene in to the matter and prevent Politicization of  Medical Administration.

Lanka Indian Oil Company Reduced The Price Of Diesel Liter

The Lanka Indian Oil Company (LOIC) has reduced the price of  Diesel Liter by Rs.3 with effect from today according to the LOIC sources.According to the new price reduction a Liter of  Diesel is reduced to Rs.82 from Rs.85.

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