Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Due To The Increasing Number Of Dengue Mosquito Lavae Present Dengue Control Methods Became Useless -Entamology Assistants

As the the number of Dengue Mosquito Lavae increased by more then three times during last four months it's become hard to control the spreading of present Dengue Epidemic through the traditional methods currently adapted by the authorities the Secretary of the Government Entamology Assistants Union Mr.Najith Sumanasena has said.

According to him the Dengue Mosquito Lavae index was stood as 5 in the month of February and now at present the index is nearing 20.If the authorities really want to eliminate the Dengue Epidemic from the country they should have form  special mosquito control squads like in Cuba and introduced tougher laws including  spot fine system Mr.Sumanasena has stressed.

Without taking such meassures the authorities will only able to see little success in controling Dengue Epidemic  he has  further stated.

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