Saturday, July 16, 2016


Sri Lanka Navy Have Detained Four Local Fishermen

Sri Lanka Navy have detained four local fishermen along with a stock of 18 sea cucumbers captured illegally and equipment used at Mandathivu area.

The detained fishermen and their equipment have been handed over to the Jaffna Fisheries Office for future course of action the Navy have stated.

Seven Containers Of Imported Air Bus Fuel Has Been Sent Back Due To Poor Quality

Seven containers of Air Bus fuel imported to Sri Lanka had been sent back due to the poor quality according to Minister of Peyroleum and Petroleum Gas Chandima Weerakkody.

Addressing a function held in Galle yesterday (16) The Minister has says that no shortsge of Air Bus fuel occurred due to this.


Four University Students Reported As Missing At The Saptha Kanya Mountain Range

Four University srudents including three from the Univrrsity Of Kelaniya and one from kothalawala defense academy have been reported as missing while exploring the "saptha kanya"(seven virgins )mountain range(in central hills) according to hatton police.

Hatton Police  along with Army have launched a joint search  operation in search of these students acc ording to an information received that they have strandard in the forest after loosing their way .

Meanwhile Hatton Police have recrived an information that two french nationals are also strandard in the saptha kanya mountain range.

Navy Have Detained Five Local Fishermen Who Were Engaged In Illegal Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

The Sri Lanka Navy Have yesterday (15)detained five local fishermen who were engaged in illegal fishing by using unauthorized nets at seas off sukkote and kondampiddi point(in northern province).

Out of the five detained fishermen three were detained at kondampiddi point and two were in sukkote it has been reported.Along with these fishermen three monofilament fishing nets and a traditional boat were taken into custody by
the  Sri Lanka Navy.

The detained fishermen and their equipment were handed over to assistant director of fisheries at Mannar for future course of action.


An Army Soldier Was Detained Over Drunken And Unruly Behaviour

Karuwalagaswewa Police have detained an Army Soldier for drunken and disorderly behaviour at karuwalagaswewa area(North Western Province) last night.

The arrest was made following a complaint made to the police emergancy unit hotline  by the residents of 10th mile post in karuwalagaswewa area.

The soldier who attached to the Army Camp in point pedro was proved as drunken after he underwent a medical test carried out by the Judicial Medical Officer in puttalam district hospital.

The suspect is due to be produced before puttalam district  court and karuwalagaswewa police are conducting an investigation on the incident. 



Six Students Attached To Jaffna University Were Injured And Hospitalized Following A Clash Between Two Student Groups

Around six students have been injured and hospitalized today (16) following a brawl occurred between two student groups attached to the faculty of science at University Of Jaffna.

The condition of the students are not serious according to the sources.

The brawl had occurred during a ceremony held this morning at the University Premises to welcome new students to the science faculty as one student group wants a kandyan dance  cultural event to be presented during the ceremony and another group wants a tamil traditonal dance to be presented.

However as the organizers allowed to present a kandyan dance at the opening ceremony a brawl had occurred between  two student groups .

Following the clash the university authorities have temporary closed the science faculty of University of Jaffna until further notice and the  police protection has been provided for the university and it's hostels.

The kopay police are conducting an investigations on the incident.

CID Has Detained An Army Intelligence Officer Regarding The Killing Of Former Sunday Leader Editor'

The criminal investigations department (CID)has today (16) detained a warrent officer attached to the Army Intelligence Unit regarding the assasination of former chief editor of Sunday Leader Paper Lasantha Wikramathunge who was shot dead in 2009.

CID has detained the Army Officer over abduction,unlawful detention and questioning of the driver of late wikramathunge's vehicle at that time.The CID was given permission to detain and question the suspect for 48 hours after he was  produced before the court today (16) it has been reported.

The former Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wikramathunge who was known as heavily criticized the former president Mahinda Rajapakshe's government was shot dead while he was driving to work in January 2009.