Saturday, September 1, 2018



Boy Friend Arrested Over The Mysterious Death Of A Female Constable

Hali-Ela Police have arrested a 27 year
old lover of the 23 year old Female Police Constable attached to Anti Corruption Unit of The Panadura,Walana  Police who had been burnt to death at her house at PaGulla area  yesterday (01) over her death .

The suspect who is a Field Officer attached to Uva Katawala Tea Estate had stabbed the female Constable before burning her to death it has been revealed during the Police investigations.

The deceased who was on leave at her house attended an alms giving ceremony near her house before death and even taken a meal parcel from there for her boyfriend  according to reports.

The suspect had told the Police that he killed his girl friend over a suspicion .

The suspect is due to be produced before court and Hali-Ela Police are conducting an investigations over the incident. 

Seven Persons Were Arrested Over Creating A Tense Situation At Galaha Hospital

Galaha Police have yesterday (01)
arrested seven persons over damaging the properties of Galaha Base Hospital and two other charges regarding the death of one and half year old child at the Hospital last week.

The seven suspects who are charged over damaging the properties of Galaha Hospital ,Illegal gathering and Criminal Apprehension of public Sevents were arrested at Delthotawatte area in Galaha last night .

The suspects who are of the ages 25-40 have been handed over to the Criminal Investigations Unit of Gampola Division which investigating over the incident and scheduled to be produced before the Kandy Magistrate Court. 

Tourist Bunglows At Wilpatttu Wild Life Park Had Been Closed Due To Dry Weather

The Tourist Bunglows at Wilpatttu Wild Life Park had been temporarily closed since yesterday  (01) for a one month period due to the Dry weather prevailing in the area .The Closed Bunglows will be reopened on 01st of October for Tourists.

As a result of the dry weather prevailing in Wilpatttu all major lakes and Tanks belonging to Wilpatttu  Patk had dried up and Wild Animals too begun migrating to other places in search of water  according to reports

During the closure of the Wild Life Patk authorities have planned to renovate Tourist Bunglows it has been revealed.

Five Elephants Have Drowned At Periyanaru Canal

A heart- breaking story has been
reported yesterday (01)regarding the deaths of five Wild Elephants who got stucked in a marshy area of a bramch river while drinking water there and died .

Accordingly Five Wild Elephants belonging to Somawathiya Wild Life Park in Polonnaruwa had drowned In the branch river of MahawelI, Periyanaru Canal attached to a Wild Life park at Thummodara ,Polonnaruwa while drinking water due to a Wild plant "Japan Jabara" spreads heavily in the canal it has been revealed.They may have died few days back ,However a fishermen spotted them and informed on the incident to Wild Life officers yesterday (01).

The Wild Life officers at Somawathiya are conducting an investigations over the incident.



Two Grenades Had Been Recovered From A Cave At Urubokka

Two live Hand Grenades had been
recovered inside a cave located at a Tea Estate land at Pattigala ,Urubokka area (Matara) today (01) by the Tea Estate owner.

The Land owner had recovered the two Hand Grenades when searching a suspicious parcel wrapped in a cover inside the cave.Soon after seen the two Hand Grenades the Land owner had phoned the Emergancy number and brought Urubokka Police officers to the place.

The Police officers along with Special Police Task Force Personal have defused the Grenades  later.

Four Persons Were Arrested With 12 Valuable Elephant Tusk Pearls

Police officers attached to the Law

Enforcement Unit of Polonnaruwa Police have today (01) arrested four persons while attempting to sell 12 valuable Elephant Tusks Pearls at Siripura in Dehiattakandiya area.

Police officers had arrested the suspect on the pretext of  purchasing the Tusk pearls from them it has been revealed.

A Modern Motor Car from which the suspects have arrived in and around Rs.2.96 million in cash had been also taken in to custody in possession of the suspects who are residents of Hasalaka , Bibile and Matale areas.

A Female Has Drowned While Trampling Sea Waves

A 33 year old female has drowned
while trampling sea waves at Chilaw Sea Coast area this evening  (01).

The female who was a resident of Bamunakotuwa ,Wariyapola area had arrived in Chilaw along with a group  to worship Munneshwaram Eshwara Devalaya and had faced the incident while trampling the sea waves at sea coast it has been revealed.As a result the sea waves carried away her  far and others with her not been  able to save her.

Then  Four fishermen arrived in the area had jumped to the sea to rescue the female.However she had pronounced as dead after rescuing her .



A Large Acres Of Land At A Digampathana Reserve Had Been Destroyed Due To A Fire

A large acres of land with valuable
trees had been destroyed at Digampathana forest reserve belonging to the Wild Life Conservation Department at Dambulle-Habarana main road last night (31) due to a sudden fire erupted at the reserve.

The fire Brigade belonging to Dambulle Municipal Council had doused the fire few hours after  erupting the fire it has been revealed.

Authorities believed that the Hunters who are hunting Animals at the reserve might have responsible for lighting the fire.

A Large number of valuable Trees had been destroyed due to the fire and fire Brigade officers had managed to save the lives of some animals including tortoises who had running around as a result of the fire .

A Female Constable Had Been Burnt To Death At Her House In Hali-Ela

A 23 year old Female Constable
attached to the Anti Fraud Unit of Panadura Police had been mysteriously burnt to death at her house in PaGulla area,Hali-Ela this evening (01) it has been revealed.

The Constable who was at home  on leave today had visited an alms giving at a neighbouring house this noon according to neighbours.

After arriving home a sudden fire had erupted at her house and the female Constable was burnt to death as a result og it.Her body had been recovered by neighbours .

Due to the fire the furniture and ceiling of the House had been damaged according to reports.

Hali-Ela Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Price Of Prima Flour Has Been Increased By Rs.5

Prima Company has increased the price
of a Flour Kilo by Rs.5 with effect from last night (31) due to the rising prices of Flour at the World Market and the falling of the Sri Lankan Rupee against US Dollar according to the Company.

According to the new Price increase  price of a Kilo Gramme  of Prima Flour has been increased to Rs.100 from Rs.95 .

  • Prima Company has informed their sales agents to increase the flour price with effective from last night it has been revealed.

Meanwhile the Price of a Kottu Roti is due to be increased by Rs.5 from midnight tonight as per the Flour price increase the All Ceylon Caff├Ętaria Owners Association has announced.