Friday, October 5, 2018




Landslide Warnings Issued To Three Divisional Secretariets In Badulla

National Building Research Organization (NBRO)had today (05) issued Landslide warnings to three Divisional Secretariat areas in Badulla due to the heavy showers prevailing in .

Accordingly Badulla,Passara and Haldummulla Divisional Secretariets have received Landslide warnings.

NBRO has requested the people living in Mountain areas of these three Divisional Secretariet s to be vigilant over Landslide signs .

Veterinary Doctors Began Treating A Wild Elephant With A Leg Injury At A Hambanthota Reserve

A Wild Elephant around 30 years old
suffering from a leg injury has been found from Hondawelpokuna reserve at Hambanthota by the Wild Life officers as per the information received from villagers.

Veterinary Medical Officers attached to Udawalawa Ath Arthuru Sevana and Hambanthota Wild Life office have commenced  treating the Elephant who has a walking disabilty as a result of the leg injury .

Wild Life officers believes that the leg injury of the Wild Elephant might have occurred due to a muscle pullout or a breaking of a bone as a result of an attack of another Wild Elephant .

Bribery Commission Has Arrested A National Government Board Chairmen And His Assistant Over Accepting A Rs. 600,000 Bribe

Bribery Commission has arrested the
Chairman of National Veterinary Resources Development Board and a Accounts Assistant attached to his private Company over accepting a Rs.600,000 as a bribe today  (05) according to the Commission.

Accordingly the two suspects have been arrested by the Bribery Commission over accepting Rs.600,000 from a person to offer a Restuarent attached to a farm belonging to the National. Veterinary Resources Development Board at Malsiripura area on rental basis for a two year period.

Earlier the suspects have requested a bribe of  Rs.1.2 from the relevant personal for the offer ,But later reduced it to Rs.600,000.

Eight Sluice Gates Of Daduru Oya Reservoir Have Been Opened Due To Rising Water Levels

Eight sluice gates of Daduru Oya (River) Reservoir have been opened today (05)due to the rising water level of the Oya as a result of the heavy showers prevailing in the area .

Due to the opening of sluice gates attached to  Daduru Oya Reservoir  ,People living in lower section area of Daduru Oya should be vigilant over possible floods the Disaster Management Center has announced.   



A Section Of The Ratnapura -Embilipitiya Main Road Had Sunk Due To Showers

A section of the Ratnapura -
Embilipitiya main road had sunk at Thirivanaketiya area due to the heavy showers prevailing in the area at present .

Accordingly the section with a bridge  of the Ratnapura-Embilipitiya main road had sunk and as a result the authorities have blocked the sunken area by using road barricades .

Due to this situation a heavy traffic is being prevailed in the area as a section of the road was blocked .Ratnapura -Embilipitiya main road is a common road used by the motorists when travelling to Badulla and Embilipitiya. 

Bail Application Of Gnanasara Thero Turned Down By A Supreme Court Judge Panel

A Three Member Supreme Court Judge
Panel has today (05)turned down a Bail Application submitted to Supreme Court by the imprisoned General Secretary of Bodu Bala Sena Organization Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero by requesting to issue a Court order to  abolish the prison sentence imposed on him and free  all the charges against him on contempt of Court.

The Three Member Judge Panel comprising of Supreme Court Judges Eva Wanasundara ,Prasanna Jayawardana and Nalin Perera had turned down the Bail application without hearing it .

Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero was sentenced to 19 year rigorous imprisonment to be served within 6 years by the Court of Appeal after hearing a case filed against him over contempt of Court charges.

Although the lawyers of Gnanasara Thero have requested the Court of Appeal to allow them to submit a Bail Application against the verdict the Court has rejected it .

Afterwards the lawyers had submitted the Bail Application to the Supreme Court which was turned down by the three member Judge Panel approving the verdict given by Court of Appeal on Gnanasara thero over contempt of Court charges .

Attorney General has made objections against the Bail Application according to reports .

A Person Was Killed Due To A Tree Fall At Pahala Kadugannawa

A person was killed and two others
have been injured and hospitalized after a tree had collapsed on to a few trade stalls at a market  near the Pahala Kadugannawa area this evening (05)as a result of a strong wind blown across the area .

The injured female and a male at the market have been admitted to Kandy Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The Body of the deceased male had been sent to Kandy Hospital.

Mawanalla Police are conducting an investigations over the incident. 


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