Friday, January 31, 2020

Living Under Lockdown ;How Wuhan Residents Are Coping


Immigration And Emigration Department Instructed To Restrict Movement's Of Chinese Employees In Worksites

The immigration and Emigration
Department has advised the supervisors of  the construction sites to restrict the movements of their Chinese employees to the work sites and logging areas .

This restriction  will also apply fur Chinese workers who had recently visited China The Department has stated.

This step has been taken to prevent the spreading of Corona Virus in the country. 

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Sri Lankan Air Lines Special Airbus Carrying 33 Sri Lankan Students In Corona Virus Hit Wuhan City Arrived In Mattala Airport

  • The Special Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus
    Ul -1422 which left for Corona virus hit Wuhan City in china to bring back stranded Sri Lankan students and their relatives ,had landed in Mattala International Airport at Hambanthota (Southern Province) around 7.40 a.m  this morning (01) according to sources .

All  Sri lankan students and their relatives in the plane are scheduled to be transported  to The special quarantine center with separate rooms specially built at Diyathalawa Army Base by a special bus for quarantine period of 14 days .

They will be closely monitored by the doctors for 14 days  to see wherher they are infected with Corona Virus.  The  incubation period of the Corona virus is 2-14 days according to doctors.

Meanwhile many sections had criticized the way authorities have sent the other Sri Lankan students returned from China due to the Corona virus epidemic, to their homes. They too should be quarantined for 14 days to check whether they are infected with the virus and send home afterwards  if they do not infected with the virus those sections have said .

Sri Lankan government had held talks with Chinese authorities soon after the closure of Wuhan city due to the corona virus epidemic ,to bring back the students there  to the country .As a result China had allowed Sri Lanka to evacuate the stranded Sri Lankan students  from the city . 

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Consumer Afairs Authority Had Taken In To Custody 36,400 Low Quality Face Masks In Colombo Fort

Consumer Affairs Authority had taken
in to custody 36,400 low quality Face Masks during a raid carried out in two places at Colombo Fort yesterday (30) and today  (31)

This stock of face  masks had been imported to Sri Lanka from India and China according to Consumer Affairs Authority. The authority is scheduled to be taken a legal action against two Businessman who had imported the stock and preparing  to be sold .

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No Special Risk Situation On Corona Virus For Those Living Around Hospitals -Health Ministry

There is no special risk situation for
those living around hospitals regarding the Corona Virus Neumonia  ,so no need to panic over that Health Ministry Has announced today (31).

Health Ministry has also stated  that there's no decision taken by the Ministry   to encourage public to wear face masks in view of  protecting   against corona virus as no such epidemic threat is in the country at  present    .

People who are in close relationship with Corona virus infected persons and corona virus suspected persons can wear face masks to prevent transmitting the virus Ministry has stressed.

Meanwhile a system has been implemented to collect the data  of Chinese visitors to Sri Lanka and send them daily to the Health Ministry under the supervision of MOH Health Promotions Bureau has stated.

A special training and a rehearsal on handling Corona Virus patients had given to the Airport staff today under the supervision of the Bureau.

A Special Sri Lankan Airlines Flight Left To Wuhan ,China To Evacuate Sri Lankan Students Stranded Thero

A Special Sri Lankan Air Lines flight Ul-
 1422 had left for  Wuhan City in China where the New China Corona virus began spreading ,this evening (31)at 3.45 p.m from Katunayake International Airport to evacuate 33 Sri Lankan students and their family members   stranded there due to the lockdown of the city .

The Airbus 340-243 had left for  Wuhan city  with specially trained Airlines staff who are capable of handling the situation in Wuhan it has been reported .

The flight is scheduled to be landed at Wuhan Airport around 11.33 p.m tonight.

Earlier Sri Lankan government has stated that Chinese government is expediting the request made by Sri Lanka to send Sri Lankan Airlines flight to Wuhan to evacuate Sri Lankan students there.

Conttries like USA ,Japan and United Kingdom had evacuated their citizens from Wuhan already .

The group of Sri Lankan students are due to be sent to Special rooms built at Diyathalawa Army Base for quarantine process around two weeks after bringing them here  .

Three Persons Arrested With 192 KG Heroin At Bandaragama

Police officers attached to Western
Provincial Crimes Division  (North Side )had yesterday (30)arrested three persons two females and a male with 192 Kilo Grammes of Heroin and 10 Modern pistols in their possession at Bandaragama area .

The suspects is currently being questioned by the Crimes Division under a 07 day detention order obtained from Panadura Magistrate Court.

The haul of Heroin taken in to custody by the Police worth  more then Rs.2000 million it has been revealed. 

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