Monday, September 10, 2018



A Female And A Child Were Critically Injured Due To A Three Wheeler- Van Collision

A Female and her one and half year old

child had been critically injured and hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in towards Tangalle colliding with a Van at Marakolliya area on Matara -Kataragama main road last evening  (10).

The two critically injured were admitted to Tangalle Base Hospital for treatment. Three Wheeler Driver had also received injuries due to the incident according to Tangalle Police.

The incident occurred due to the inability of the driver of the high speed Van carried a sick female to Hospital , to control the speed of the vehicle and as a result it collided with the rare part of  the Three Wheeler the Police have stated.

Three Wheeler had collided with the Van when attempting to turn to a sub road it has been revealed.

Marine Enviornment Protection Authority To Take A Legal Action Against Sea Pollution At Muthurajewela

Government's Marine Enviornment Protection Authority has decided to file a court case against the Petroleum Storage Complex at Muthurajawela  by demanding a compansation over polluting sea through leaking fuel in to the sea  .

The Authority has already make a complaint to the Police Over the incident .

Chief Of Defense Staff Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratna Has Not Appeared Before CID Yesterday As Scheduled To Give An Evidence Over A Case

Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Ravindra
Wijegunaratna who was due to appear before the Criminal Investigations Department (CID)yesterday (10) to give a statement on charges leveled against him over assisting a suspect of a case to hide ,had requested CID another date to give a statement as he is currently out of the county.

The Chief Of Defense Staff has informed CID on his inability to attend yesterday to give a statement as scheduled due to his departure to Mexico to attend a National Independence Day celebrations there.

The Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Wijegunaratna has requested another date from CID to give evidence on the charges levelled against him on assisting Sampath Hettiarachchi allias Navy Sampath who was responsible for abduction and disappearance of 11 youth in Colombo during 2008-2009 to hide .

Health Minister Has Instructed The Special Investigations Unit Of The Ministry To Inquire On Fraud And Corruption Activities Of Health Sector

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne
has  instructed the officials attached to the Special Investigations Unit (Flying Squad)of the Health Ministry to conduct formal inquiries on Fraud ,Corruption and Irregularities in Health sector including Government Hospitals.

Minister has instructed the officials to investigate on Fraud and corruption activities in Central Government and Provincial Council Hospitals and prepare a special programme to conduct such inquiries  .Also the officials should investigate to find out  whether the  programmes implemented in Government Hospitals on  issuing StentS and Cataract Lenses to the patients free of charge are functioning properly and inquire on Doctors involved in engaging private practice during duty hours as well as irregularories .

Facilities will be provided to carry out these investigations Minister has stressed during a meeting held recently at the Health Ministry regarding the activities of Special Investigations Unit of the Ministry.

Officials attached to the Special Investigations Unit had informed the Health Minister that those who are charged over fraud and corruption in Health Sector attempting to disrupt inquiries conducted against them .




Ayurveda Medical Staff To Launch A Protest Campaign Tomorrow Noon (11)

Ayurveda Medical staff including

Ayurveda Doctors,Interns ,Nurses and Minor Staff attached to the Ayurveda Teaching Hospital at Borelle along with the Indeginous Medicinal Students Committee of the Colombo University are due to conduct a massive protest campaign  in front of Ayurveda Junction at Rajagiriya tomorrow noon (11) from 12 30 p.m by demanding solutions for  several service demands of them.

The protest campaign will be held by demanding a salary increase as per the rising Cost of living ,Restoring pension rights  of newly recruited Ayurveda medical staff and several other demands the Unions have stated.

A Father And His Two Children Had Committed Suicide

A 40 year old father along with his 5
and 11 year old children had committed suicide few hours ago by jumping in front of an Express Train travelling from Batticaloa to Colombo Fort at Bowatte village in Welikanda area .

The three critically injured were admitted to the Polonnaruwa Hospital where they had succumbed to their injuries after admission .

Welikanda Police investigating on the incident believes that  the suicides may have occurred due to a family dispute. 

Prices Of Petrol And Diesel Have Been Increased

As per the new Price formula
introduced by the Government , the prices of a Liter of 92 and 95 Octane Petrol and Auto and Super Diesel will be increased with effect from midnight tonight (10).

Accordingly the Price of the Liter of  92 and 95 Octane Petrol will be increased by Rs.4 and the new prices will be Rs.149 and Rs.161 respectively .

The price of a Liter of Auto and Super Diesel will be increased by Rs.5 and Rs.3 respectively .with the new  Price increase the new Prices  of Auto and Super Diesel will be Rs.123 and Rs.133 respectively.

The price revision was made as per the price changes in World Market the government has stated.The Committee which fix the Fuel prices will convene a meeting on 10th day of every month and decide whether to increase or decrease the prices of fuel.



Government To Repay VAT Imposed On Purchased Goods To Foreigners From Tomorrow

Repayment of Value Added Tax
(VAT)imposed on goods purchased by the Foreign Tourists from Sri Lanka will be implemented  with effect from  tomorrow  (11) at the Departure Lounge of the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport according to the Ministry of Finance and Media.

To implement this a special Committee will be set up at the Katunayake Airport's  Departure Lounge the Ministry has stated.

This system will be implemented in view of attracting more tourists to the country as well as to convert Sri Lanka a Trade Center hub in Asia the Ministry has stated .

A number of companies agrees to this system had been registered already at the Inland Revenue Department .

Repayment of Value Added Tax imposed on purchasing goods to foreigners is a proposal made through the 2018 Budget Proposals.

More Than 3000 Persons Are Being Committed Suicide In Sri Lanka Annually

Annually more than 3000 persons are
being committed suicide in Sri Lanka and majority of them are males according to the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine.

Accordingly the number of suicides reported from Sri Lanka has been rapidly increased during  last year (2017) when compared to the statistics of suicides reported during last three years in the country Ministry has said.

During last year alone 2586 males and 677 females had committed suicide and majority of them around 19 percent had committed suicide as  a result of family problems especially problems Related to Marriage it has been revealed.Another 11.9 percent had committed suicide due to prolonged illnesses and disability according to reports.

As the way  Media is reporting on suicide cases lead some people to think Suicides will be a heroic effort Ministry of Health has decided to introduce a Guidelines on reporting Suicides to Media  this Wednesday (12)in colombo under the patronage of Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Seven Respondents Including Former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe Were Released On Strict Bail Conditions

The trubunal Judge Panel of the Special
High Court had today  (10)released the seven respondents including former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe who were charged over misusing Rs.33.9 million state funds ,on strict bail conditions when the case against them taken up for hearing .

Accordingly the seven respondents were released on Two surety bails of Rs.1 million each and a cash bail of Rs.100,000 each when the case filed against them over misusing of State Funds when building the D.A Rajapakshe Memorial Museum during previous regime taken up for hearing.

Attorney General had filed indictments against the respondents .All respondents of the case including former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe As well as Joint Opposition MP's and Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe had arrived  at the court this morning

The case is again scheduled to be heard on 09 th of October.

Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Had Complaint To FCID Over US Dollars 5.5 Million Financial Fraud Of It's Accounts Section

The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the
Sri Lanka Cricket Ashley De Silva has today (10)made a complaint to Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID)over a US Dollars 5.5 million fraud involved in head of the Accounts section of Sri Lanka Cricket.

The head of the Sri Lanka Cricket's Accounts Section had attempted to cred it US Dollars 5..5 million due to be received by Sri Lanka Cricket over selling telecasting rights to a Television Channel to cover the forthcoming England -Sri Lanka cricket series,  to his personal account the complainant mentioned in his complaint to the FCID.

The Accused Accounts Officer had requested the Television Channel to credit US Dollars 5.5 million to credit his account not to the account of Sri Lanka Cricket it has been reported.The Channel had informed on this to the Cricket authorities and as per the instructions of Sports Minister Faizer Musthapha ,CROSS Ashley De Silva had complaint on  the incident .

The Accounts section of the Sri Lanka Cricket had been sealed and the relevant Officer had been transferred to another unit it has been revealed.

Meanwhile the Cricket Authorities have decided to investigate on all financial deals involved in Accounts section of Sri Lanka Cricket during past one year.


A Fire Erupted At A Housing Scheme In Colombo

Fire fighters attached to Colombo Fire
 Services Department had managed to
control the spreading of a fire erupted at Crescat Housing Scheme in Colpetty this evening (10) it has been reported.

The fire had  erupted at 12 th floor of the Building and no casualties had been reported due to the incident.

The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.

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