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Hotel Appologized A Guest Over The Behaviour Of Sea Gull


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UNP General Secretary Asked SLFP Ministers The Reason Behind Supporting A No Confidence Motion Submitted By A Group Labeled As Robbers

United National Party General
Secretary Kabir Hashim had asked the Ministers of Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP)soon after today's Cabinet meeting ,why they are attempting to support a no confidence motion against the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe submitted by a group of robbers in the previous government(Pohottuwa group).

If the no confidence motion has submitted  within the government UNP will consider it seriously and as the motion was submitted by a group labeled as robbbers there's no need for prime minister to resign from his post UNP General Secretary has stated.

After his remarks Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ministers had left the place without giving answer to the UNP General Secretary's question it has been revealed.


A Female Was Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

Keselwatta Police have arrested a 33
 year old female today(03)with 5 grammes and 200 mili grammes of Heroin in possession at Keselwatta area today(03).

The suspected female who is a resident of Rajagiriya area is due to be produced before the Maligakanda Magistrate Court.

UNP Party Reforms To Be Implemented After The No Confidence Motion

Reforms of the governing United
National Party(UNP) will be implemented soon  after the No confidene motion debate against  Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe  scheduled  to be held tomorrow(04)at the Parliament ,Prime Minister had informed party members.

Accordingly two special meetings are due to be held on 07 and 08th of April of the working committee and parliamentary group of UNP to finalize the reforms of United National Party it has been announced.

Prime Minister has decided to hand over the party's responsibilities to a new group it has been announced.

Meanwhile UNP MP Hector Appuhamy has stated during a press briefing held today that a group of Defeated Sri Lanka Freedom.Party MP's who entered  the Parliament through the backdoor are pulling the legs of the good governance government.

Prime Minister Rejected To Resign Before No Confidence Motion

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe
has rejected the request made to him by  the Sri Lanka Freedom Party parliamentary group on resigning the post before the debate of no confidence motion submitted against the Prime Minister it has been reported.

Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva had made the resignation request to the Prime Minister today(03) after the Cabinet Mreting behalf of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Muslim Congress has decided to vote against the no confidence motion.

The debate of no confidence motion against Prime Minister due to be held tomorrow(04) at the parliament.


UK to introduce 'one of world's toughest' ivory bans


Yoma "යොමා" ගේ ඡායාරූපයImage result for loving friends1000 Talk "තව්සන් ටෝක්" ගේ ඡායාරූපය
Yoma "යොමා" ගේ ඡායාරූපය

A Person Was Arrested With An Illegal Firearm In Possession

Related image
Mathugama Police have arrested a 33 year old person with a foreign made "Micro "type firearm in possession without a valid license at his home in Kalamulla,Kalutara area today(03).

The suspect was arrested with illegal firearms in possession in an earlier occasions as well according to the Police.He is due to be produced before the Mathugama Magistrate Court.

SLFP Parliamentary Group Had Informed The Prime Minister To Resigned From His Post

Image result for parliament sri lanka
Transport Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva has today(03) informed the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe after the Cabinet Meeting  on the decision taken by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to request the Prime Minister to resigned from his post .

The co-partner of the current national government  Sri Lanka Freedom Party MP's who met last night (02) in Colombo had unanimously decided to  request the Prime Minister to step down from his post prior to the no confidence motion handed over to the speaker Karu Jayasuriya by a group of Joint Opposition MP's.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe had met President Maithripala Sirisena at his official residence in Colombo this morning  to discuss on the current political crisis.

The no confidence motion submitted against Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe is due to be debated in Parliament tomorrow(04).

Around 35 Female Garment Workers Have Been Injured Due To A Bus-Lorry Collision

Related image
Around 35 female Garment Workers attached to a Garment Factory in Wilatthawa,Bingiriya and a Bus Driver were injured and hospitalized this morning (03) after the Bus  they were traveling in colliding with  a Lorry parked on Arachchikattuwa area on Chilaw-Puttalam main road.

The injured who had faced this incident while on the way to their work place were admitted to the Chilaw Base Hospital for treatment.

The parked Lorry which transported Coconuts to Chilaw from Jaffna was parked after breaking down due to a technical default.

Arachchikattuwa Police have arrested the driver of the Bus regarding the accident.

The Southern Provincial Councilor And His Wife Who Were Severely Assaulted A Bus Driver ,Released On Bail

The Southern Provincial Councilor M.K.Kasun and his wife who were arrested and remanded over assaulting a Bus Driver severely on the road at Koswatte,Battaramulla , have been released on bail today(03) Kaduwela Magistrate ,Additional District Judge Preasanna Alwis today(03).

The Additional District Judge  Alwis had released the two suspects on two surety bails each of the value  Rs,500,000.

The Bus Driver who was assaulted by the two suspects was hospitalized with injuries.

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Thousamds Of Cinemas In China Under Threat Of Closure

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