Wednesday, September 5, 2018



A Drop Of Attendence In State Institutes And Schools Due To " Jana Balaya "Protest Marches

Due to the "Jana Balaya Kolambata "
protest march and Rally organized by the Joint Opposition Group a sharp drop of attendance had been seen at State Institutes and Schools today (05)according to reports.

However State owned and Private Buses as well as Trains have operated as usual without interruption authorities have stated.

After commencing the Protest Marches from several places in Colombo this evening  many office workers had seen standard on roads due to the heavy traffic congestion prevailed many hours it has been revealed.

Majority Of Protesters Attended The Joint Opposition Protest Rally And Sathyagraha CamPaign Had Given Up The Protest And Left

A large number of  protesters who
attended the Protest Rally and a "Sathyagraha" Campaign organized by Joint Opposition Group this evening had given up the protest campaign few hours ago due to lack of facilities received by them and left for their homes it has been reported.

Soon after taking their dinner provided by the organisers of the Protest many people attended the protest had left the Lake House Roundabout where they had staged a protest Rally and Sathyagraha campaign after cleaning the place.

Some had shouted that the protest itself proved a useless one according to reports.Although organisers have planned to keep the protesters till tomorrow morning to show their strength against the government, The plans howrver shattered after majority of the protesters had left the area suddenly .

Meanwhile around 30 persons attended the protest rally from weeraketiya area were admitted to the Colombo National Hospital this evening after developing a stomach ache as a result of poisoning the Milk packettes consumed by them.The Milk packettes were distributed among the crowd by the organisers it has been revealed.

It has been also reported that the many Joint Opposition leaders have booked five star hotel rooms in Colombo city mainly from.Shangri-la, Hilton and Taj ssamudra Hotels to stay tonight during the protest .




A Person Was Sentenced To 15 Year Rigorous Imprisonment

Puttalam High Court has today (05)

sentenced a 38 year old person a 15 year rigorous imprisonment over raping an underage girl on 09 th of June or a nearby date in 2009 at Dharshanagama ,Anamaduwa area.

The Puttalam High Court Judge had also imposed a Rs.25,000 fine on the accused and if not paying the fine accused will receive an additional one year imprisonment .The Accused was also ordered to pay Rs.100,000 as a compensation to the victim and if not paying he will receive an additional 3 year imprisonment it has been stated.

The Accused is a resident of Dharshanagama in Anamaduwa. 

JVP Presented The 20 Th Amendment On Removing Executive Powers Of President To The Parliament

The leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna
(JVP)has presented the 20th Constitutional Amendment on removing Executive powers of the President to the Parliament today (05).

MP Vijitha Herath has presented the Amendment to the Parliament behalf of JVP which seconded by the JVP Leader MP Anura Kumara Dassanayake.

JVP had earlier handed over the 20 th Amendment to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya and General Secretary of the Parliament on 25 th of May and it was gazetted on 09th of July.

Joint Opposition Group MP's were absent during the presentation of 20 th Amendment due to the Jana Balaya protest Rally.

President Maithripala Sirisena waa also attended the Parliament today .

Joint Opposotion Group MP's And Supporters Begun A "Sathyagraha" Campaign

The protesters gathered this evening (05)in front of Lake House Roundabout to attend a Rally organized by the Joint Opposition Group have begun a "Sathyagraha"Campaign hour ago by lighting candles it has been reported.

Due to the "Sathyagraha"campaign  a heavy traffic is being reported from surrounding roads according to reports.

Meanwhile during the protest Rally held under the patronage of former President Mahinda Rajapakshe this evening near Lake House Roundabout Joint Opposition Members had stated that till  present government goes home  protests  will continue .


WHO Has Named Sri Lanka As A Country Eliminated Rubella

World Health Organization (WHO) has
today (05) named Sri Lanka as a country eliminated Rubella (German Measels) .

The Certificate regarding the Elimination of Rubella from Sri Lanka has been presented to Sri Lankan Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne today (05) by the Director of World Health Organization's South East Asian Region Dr.Poonam Chetrapal Singh during the ongoing South East Asian Regional WHO Conference at New Dehi  India.

Sri Lanka has been previously awarded the Certificates on Eliminating Malaria in 2015,Eliminating Filaria in 2016 and Eliminating Mother To Child Transmitted Neo Natal Tetanus in 2017 by the WHO.

Private Hospital Charges To Be Regulated Within Next Two Weeks

Selected Private Hospital service

Charges including Surgery Charges will be regulated within next two weeks according to the Ministry Of Health, Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine.

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne Has already informed the Medical Specialists Union to submit the Union's proposals soon regarding the regulating  of Private Hospital service charges the Ministry has stated.

As the prices of Private Hospital Services Charges will be reduced under the proposed regulating of Private Hospital Charges ,few Private Hospital owners are planning to file a petition at Courts against the decision Minister Dr.senatatne has stated during a function held at Kegalle Teaching Hospital recently .

Ninth Elephant Body Has Been Taken Out From The Marshy Land At Polonnaruwa

Another body of a Wild Elephant has

been taken out from the Marshy Land of Periyanaru Canal in Thummodara Amuna Wild Life Park ,Polonnaruwa whilst stuck in the  mud there today (05) by the Sri Lanka Army personal.

Accordingly the body of a one year old Baby Elephant has been taken out from.the Marshy Land area and with it the total number of Elephant Bodies taken out from the mud has been increased to Nine.

Out of this number of Elephant Bodies Seven has been taken out from the mud on Last Monday ,One yesterday and one Body today.

Sri Lanka Army personal are continuing the search operation they have launched to find out whether there are more Elephant Bodies stucked in the Marshy Land. 

A Three Wheeler Driver Was Killed And Three Others Injured Due To A Road Accident

A 25 year old Three Wheeler Driver
was killed and three others were injured and hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in veering off the road and colliding with a lamp post at Galwana Junction on Galle-Udugama  road yesterday (04).

The injured were admitted to the Udugama Hospital for treatment where the critically injured Three Wheeler Driver had succumbed to his injuries.

The deceased was identified as a resident of Yatalamaththa area .

The incident occurred as the Three Wheeler Driver failed to control the speed of the Vehicle it has been revealed.

Joint Opposotion Group's "Jana Balaya Kolambata "Rally -Heavy Traffic Reported From.Roads As The Protest March Arriving Through Several Colombo Roads Towards Lake House Roundabout

A heavy traffic is being prevailed in all roads from  Maradana Technical Junction to Pettah as the Protesters marching towards Lake House Roundabout in Colombo to attend "Jana Balaya Kolambata" Rally organized by Joint Opposition Group.

Joint Opposition MP's and their supporters marching  towards Lake House Roundabout through six processions begun from several places in Colombo from  2 p.m this evening and most of the Processions had already reached Lake House Roundabout it has been reported.

Due to the Protest March roads from Colombo Fort,Pettah,Technical Junction , Maradana ,Townhall and D.R Wije wardana Road have been completely blocked according to reports .

Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe had joined the protest march near the Bo  Tree at Pettah this evening.

As a result of the Protest March Galle Face road eintry was closed from Lotus road and heavy vehicles are barred from entering the  Galle  road from Colpetty and Ceremic Junctions .

Security is being tightened at Presidents House, Temple Trees and Hulftsdorf Court Complex with Special Task Force Personal are also deployed to provide additional security as a result of the Protest it has been revealed.