Friday, October 9, 2009

38 Accused Blood Bank Employees Failed To Provide Show Cause

The 38 National Blood Bank Employees including their Former Director who were charged for releasing Expired Blood Kits to the  State Hospitals were failed to produced  Show Cause during the Two Weak Period allocated them for  doing so Health Ministry said today.These Blood Bank Employees were given Charge Sheets on 24th of September 2009  under the Special Recommendation of the Cabinet.

A Two Weak Period was allocated for them to giving Show Cause and that period was ended yesterday.The Faliure to provide show cause proved that they are responsible for the charges according to the Health Ministry Officials.

Electricity Board Ruled Out Saboatge Act Causes The Power Failure

The Ceylon Electricity Board ruled out any Sabotage as the reason for the Island Wide Power Cut of this Morning and appointed a Special Investigation Team to probe the cause for the Blackout.

According to the Ceylon Electricity Board(CEB) Natural Reasons,A Technical Failure or an Aging Power Transmission Lines may have been the cause of this situation.

Sri Lanka Went Through An Eight Hour Black Out

Sri Lanka had Experienced an 8 Hour long sudden Island wide Powercut and a Water Cut in some areas since early this morning due to a Technical Fault of  the Kelanithissa Power Plant in Colombo which is the Main Power Plant in the Island.Although the Ceylon Electricity Board restored the Electricity in the most parts of the Island by this Noon several Areas still without the Electricity and Water and Most of the Government Hospitals affected due to the  Water Cut.

Knady General Hospital in the Hill Country and the Polonnaruwa Base Hospital in North Central Province are the worst affected from this crisis as the Authorities forced to restrict the Surgeries perform in these Hospitals due to lack of Water.Even these Hospitals managed to continue their services without Electricity due to the Generators Thr Water Cut preventing the Normal Functioning of  Surgeries According to the Hospital Sources.Major Surgeries including the Bypass Surgeries were temporarily suspended from this morning at the Kandy General Hospital  and most of the Surgeries redtricted at the Polonnaeuwa Hospital too according to the Sources.

Meanwhile The Kalubowila Teaching Hospital too faced a Water Shortage this morning due to the Power Failure however things were  returned to normal as their Water Supply maintained by this noon.Almost all other State and Private Hospital  activities are functioning normal with the help of the Generatrors.