Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Mathak Kireemak

"Mewara vesak samarumedi meyata wasarakata
peradi enam pahu giya wasare May masayedi hata gath maha gan wathurata hasu wee miya giya ha awathan wu janathawa menma pasugiyada Meethotamulle kasala kanden kotasak kada wateema nisa miya giya ha awathan wuwan amathaka nokireema sama denage yuthukamaki"

Rathnapura Police Have Arrested A Person With 09 Kilo Grammes Of Cannabis

Rathnapura Police have yesterday (10) arrested a
person while transporting 09 kilo grammes of Cannabis in a three wheeler.

The stock of Cannabis hidden inside a sound speekers of the Three Wheeler according to the police.

The suspect had been identified as a person who was remanded in 2013 over a crime in Mirihana area.

Prisons Department Has Released 597 Prisoners To Mark Vesak

The Prisons Department has released around 597
prisoners selected from the all prisons in the country yesterday (10) to mark the Vesak full moon poya day as per the instructions of the government.

The released prisoners were  served their prison sentences over small crimes it has been revealed.

Government To Increase The Number Of High Court Judges In The Country

Government has decided to increase the number of
High Court Judges by 10 from 75 to 85 in the country in view of completing a large number of incompleted legal cases mounted in courts  in the country
at present.

 Cabinet has approved a proposal submitted  by the Justice Minister Wijedasa Rajapakshe in this regard.

Government has instructed  the legal draftsman to make amendments to the Judicial act to enable to increase the number of High Court judges im the country.

 Lasst March around 5580 court cases are being heard in High Courts according to the reports.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi To Arrive In Sri Lanka Tomorrow (11)

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh
Modi is scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow (11)evening to participate in United Nations Intetnational  Vesak commorative festival and International Conference in Colombo.

A specoal traffic plan has been announced in view of the Indian Prime Minister's visit to Sri Lanka.

Nearly 6000 Police and special task force personal are due to deploy to provide special security for the Indian premier.

Meanwhile former President Mahinda Rajapakshe has today announced  that he will attend all  the functions participated by Prime Minister Modi.

Around 53 Young And Old Devotees Have Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Around 53 young and old devotees  who observed   sil
(A relgious event) to mark vesak full moon poya day today (10) in Sri vardhanaramaya temple in aracchchikattuwa area have been injured and hospitalized due to a wasp attack.

Out of the injured 49 have been admitted to the Chilaw General Hospital and 4 persons were admitted to a provincial  hospital there.

Two Teenagers Have Died While Bathing In Gin River

Four teenagers  of the ages 14-15 years have drowned
and two of them  have died after drowning in Gin River at  ginthota, Galle area this noon(10) while bathing .

Residents in the area had rescued two of the drowned teenagers  it has been reported.

The bodies of the two deceased have been recoverd this evening through a rescue mission and they had been identified as residents of Galle -Poddala and narawela areas.

A Fisherman Went Missing After A Fishing Boat He Was In Toppled Over in the Sea

A Fisherman went missing and another Fisherman had been rescued after a small fisheries boat went to the sea from Baththalangunduwa in Kalpitiya area toppled over in Sea this morning(10).
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Navy personal are currently being involved in a rescue mission to find out the missing fisherman.


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World's First Vesak Pandal Created By Using Laser Technology To Be Unveiled Tonight In Galle Face Green

Image result for laser vesak pandal in galle face greenThe world's tallest and the first Vesak Pandal created with the newest Laser Technology on a concept of the Minister Of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranathunge is scheduled to be unveiled by President Maithripala Sirisena tonight(10 ) at 7 p.m in Galle Face Green.

The 60 feet tall Vesak Pandal was a creation of Dr.Prabath Chandima Ukwatte and it displays various life events of Buddha upto Parinirvanaya it has been revealed.

The Vesak Pandal will be exhibited to the public from today until 14th of May under the Kolomthota Vesak Zone held to mark Vesak which falls today(10) organized jointly by the Ministry of Ports and Shipping ,Sri Lanka Ports Authority and the Buddhist Association of the Ports Authority.

Earlier the Ports Authority built a tall Christmas Tree in Galle Face Green to mark the Christmas Day last December(2016) .

A 44 Year Old Female Was Killed Due To A Lorry-Motorcycle Collision

Image result for ACCIDENTA 44 year old female who was a pillion rider of a Motorcycle was killed after the  Motorcycle colliding with a Lorry in Madagoda,Ruwanwella area.

The sacrificially injured female who was a resident of amithirigala area had succumbed to her injuries after admission to Awissawella Base Hospital it has been reported. 

The accident occurred as the Lorry driver unable to control the speed of the vehicle and collided with a nearby Motorcycle .

Ruwanwella Police have arrested the Lorry Driver regarding the accident.

A 9 Year Old Boy Had Committed Suicide In Samanthurai

Image result for the endA 9 year old boy had committed suicide by hanging himself in Samanthurai area it has been revealed.

The body of the deceased has sent to the Samanthurai hospital and the post mortem is scheduled to conducted today (10).

The reason behind the suicide has not yet been revealed.

A 35 Year Old Female Was Killed And Another Female Critically Injured Due To A Motorcycle-Bus Collision

Image result for accident graphicA 35 year old female was killed and another young female was critically injured and hospitalized after the Motorcycle they were in colliding with a private bus in dodangolla,Bibile area this morning(10).

After the accident the two critically injured females have been rushed to the Bibile Hospital for treatment by the villagers and  the female Motorcycle rider had succumbed to her injuries after admission to hospital it has been reported.Other critically injured female who is a relative of the deceased had transferred to the Monaragala Hospital for further treatment and currently receiving treatment in Intensive Care Unit .

The accident occurred while the two females on the way to Monaragala from Bibile.Bibile Police have arrested the private bus driver regarding the incident.

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