Friday, February 22, 2019



Colombo -Galle Road Had Been Blocked Due TO A Protest Campaign against the Killing Of Two businessmen

Due to a Protest campaign launched by the relatives of the two assassinated Businessmen in
Rathgama ,Bussa -Galle and villagers of the area against Police abduction and killing of the two Businessmen ,Transport activities in  Colombo -Galle road  had been completely disrupted  from Rathgama Junction it has been reported.

Hundreds of Protesters had launched the Protestcampaign  by holding placards requesting the role of the Police regarding the killings and some lying down on the road according to reports.

The two businessmen of Bussa area had been abducted ,killed and burnt Police investigations have revealed.

CID Arrested A Sub Inspector In Southern Province Over The Killings Of Two Businessmen

Criminal Investigations Department
(CID)have yesterday  (22)arrested a sub Inspector attached to Southern Provincial Special Unit over abducting and killing of two businessmen in Bussa ,Galle  last January.

Meanwhile Police Media spokesman's office has announced That investigations have revealed The two businessmen who were residents of Rarhnaudagama in Bussa  ,Galle and 33 and 31 years old had been taken by a group of persons wore police uniforms arrived in from a Motor Car and a Van on 23 rd of January .Later it has been reported Police officers attached to Special unit of the Southern Province were responsible for taken in to custody the two businessmen .

One Businessman has died during the assault taken place at the  police and other one was murdered and burnt according to reports.

Accordance to the information received from the arrested Sub inspector during questioning ,The burnt bone parts and hair had been recovered from a reserve at walasmulla by the investigators.

The desceased  were found as engaged in supplying fire arms on rental basis besides their businesses  and the firearms taken from them had been used for many killings occurred in Southern Province recently according to Police .

After the dissapearence of the two businessmen Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasundara has handed over the investigations on the incident to CID .


An Assistant Of A Large Scale Drug Smuggler Was Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

Police officers attached to Organized
Crimes Prevention Division have last night (22)arrested a main aide of the Large scale Heroin Smuggler who was arrested with Drug Kingpin Makandure Madush in Dubai ,Kangipani Imran at Salamulla ,Kolonnawa with 10.48 Grammes of Heroin in his  possession .

The suspect Mohommad Naffer Mohommad Ali a resident of Kolonnawa is due to be produced before the Hulftsdorf Magistrate Court today  (23).


A Female Was Arrested Whilst Attempting To Smuggle A Stock Of Cannabis To Dubai

Airport Customs officers have yesterday (22)arrested a 48 year old
female who had attempted to smuggle 2.94 Kilo Grammes of Cannabis to Dubai at Katunayake, Bandaranaike International Airport .

The suspected female who is a resident of Akurana area and attempted to leave Dubai  as a house maid it has been revealed .Accordance to an information received by Central intelligence Haiti officials of Airport Customs, few packs containing the Cannabis had found hidden amongst spices packs in her luggage accordamce to Customs .

The estimated value of the stock of Cannabis Recovered inside the luggage of the female is more than Rs.800,000.

The suspected female along with the stock of Cannabis had been handed over to the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials of the Katunayake Airport for furher investigations. 

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Two Youth Had Been Critically Injured Due To A Road Accident

Two 19 Year old youth (A male and a female ) had been critically injured and hospitalized after
the Motor Car  they were travelling  in veering off the road and crashed in to a lamp post at Thalawa-Andarawewa road in Anuradhsapura last evening (21).

The injured had been admitted to Thalawa Hospital and later transferred them to the Anuradhapura General Hospital for further treatment .

The motor car  had driven without considering Police orders to stop it and as a result of the driver's  inability to control the speed of the vehicle it crashed in to a lamp post it has been revealed.

The 19 year old driver  even not obtained a valid driving incense  according to Police.Thalawa Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Three Persons Including Two Sri Lankans And A Pakistani National Had Been Arrested With 73,000 Illegal Cigarette Sticks In Possession

Airport customs officers have arrested three persons including two Sri Lankan Businessmen
and a Pakistani National last night (21) and this Morning (22) at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport with 358 Cigarette cartons containing around 73,000 foreign made Illegal Cigarette sticks in possession. 

Customs Officers have first arrested the 55 year old Pakistani National who had arrived in Katunayake Airport from Karachchi,Paksitan last evening and this morning arrested a 47 year old Kandy based Businessman arrived in from Dubai and a 22 year old  Sri Lankan Businessman arrived in from Sarjah,United Arab Emirates .

The two suspected Sri Lankan Businessmen  had been arrested when they were leaving the Airport through the Green channel .The estimated value of the stock of Cigarette sticks taken in to custody  in possession of the suspects is more than Rs.4 million it has been revealed.

Airport customs are investigating over the incident .

State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake Has Given A Statement To The Committee Probe On Ministers And MP's Using Cocaine

State Minister of Roads and Road Development Ranjan Ramanayake has today (22) given a
statement to the Four member committee appointed by the Governing United National Party (UNP) under the chairmanship of Minister Lakshman Kiriella to probe on Ministers and MP's who are using Cocaine as stated by State Minister Ramanayake. at committee Room number 27  of the Parliamentary complex.

State Minister Ramanayake has given a statement to the Committee for around half and hour s it has been revealed.

The committee report is scheduled to be handed over to the Prime Minister Ranil Wwikramasinghe on this Monday (25) and later it will produced before the working committee of the UNP next Wednesday (27).

After the statement State Minister Ramanayake had went to a Private Hospital in Colombo and checked his blood and urine samples  to  test  whether  he has consumed    11 narcotics including Cocaine during last three months.,He had later shown his  Blood and urine sample reports to the media during a Press briefing held in Colombo this evening .The reports conformed that the State Minister has not used any narcotic during last three months.

Defense State Minister Ruwan Wijewardane Had Sworn in As Non Cabinet Minister Of Media -Mangala Resigns From Media Portfolio

State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardane had been sworn in as the Non Cabinet Minister of Media this evening(22) before President Maithripala Sirisena at President's official  residence in Colombo.

Image result for ruwan.wijewardeneMinister of  Finance and Media Mangala Samaraweera had resigned from his Media Ministry portfolio this evening paved the way for appointing a non Cabinet Minister to handle  Media.

However when a Cabinet portfolio becomes vacant Prime Minister will automatically becomes in charge of that portfolio  .


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