Tuesday, March 26, 2019



A Railway Strike Scheduled To Be Launched Tonight (27)

Engine Drivers and Rail Guards are due
to launch a strike with effect from midnight tonight (27)it has been reported.

A crisis occurred when taking disciplinary action against workers attached to Sri Lanka Railways Department has lead to this strike it has been revealed.

Police Recovered A Stock Of T-56 Firearm Bullets Hidden Under Roots Of A Tree

Police have recovered a stock of 100 T-
56 automatic firearm bullets hidden  under  roots of a Kumbuk Tree at Hindogama area in Anuradhapura last Monday evening(25).

Police believe an organized crime group may have hidden these bullets.

Health Minister Banned A Stock Of 400 Cancer Injection Vials Purchased By Spending A Higher Price

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratna
has banned  a stock of 400 Breast Cancer Injection vials purchased from A multi national drug company  incurring a loss of Rs.50 million to the government according to the Ministry Of Health.

The stock of injection vials had been purchased by state owned State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) by spending Rs.550,000 per vial although there are similar Injection vials available in the local market with lower prices than this  the Ministry has stressed.

The tender was awarded to the multi National Drug Company which supplied the above Injection vials after calling tenders in two occassions it has been revealed.

The Drug Company which provided these injection vials had earlier supplied  Injection vials for Breast cancer  for Rs.285,000 per vial which replaced by a Russian injection vial later purchased for lower price then that.


President Has Appointed A Four Member Committe To Probe On Electricity Crisis

President Maithripala Sirisena has
yesterday (26)appointed a four member Comiittee headed by Minister of Power Ravi Karunanayake to probe on electricity crisis which lead to urgent power cuts in the country.

The Committe is comprising of four parliamentarians.

Meanwhile if the dry weather conditions in hydrocatchment areas in the central hills continues after end of April the present electricity crisis will become worsen according to Ceylon Electricity Board.

Now the daily Electricity demand has been imcreased to 47 Giga watt hours the Board has annoumced.

Minister Karunanayake has said a soultion for the electricity crisis will be provided in parliament  on 29 th of March .

Two Day Nurses Sick Note Campaign Proved As A Flop As Majority Of Nurses Reported To.Work Yesterday(26)

As the majority of Government Hospital
Nurses have refused to report sick leave ,The two day Island wide Sick leave campaign launched by Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) had become a flop yesterday (26).

Majority of nurses in Government Hospitals had reported to work yesterday according to  sources.Due to this situation hospital services functioned smoothly without any difficulty it has been reported..

PSNU has laumched this sick note campaign by demanding solutions for eight of their service demands including providing Rs.10,000 Accident allowance to every nurse and increasing nurses uniform allowance .

However Government Nursing Officers Union lead by Saman Ratnapriya which has the membership of majority of nurses in the country has stated 80 percent of Nurses had been reported to work yesterday and only around 20 percent had been reported sick leave .

Earlier the Union has announced it will not participated in the sick note campaign  .

However Public Services Nurses Union leader Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has announced that the sick note campaign laumched by his union.is very successful.The trade union action will continue today (27)as well  he has stressed .

The nursed imvolved in the two day sick note campaign will return to work 7 a.m tomorrow(28) Muruththettuwe Theto.

Meanwhile Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has said yesterday that the two day sick note campaign of nurses is an unfair one and the Thero who lead the PSNU has acted against the norms and ethics of a Buddhist monk by launching this trade union action.

Artificial Rain Making Pilot Project Has Been Temporarily Suspended

The Artificial rain making pilot project 'Rainfall Mission" launched successfully by Ceylon Electricity Board in hydrocatchment areas in Castlrĺreigh and Maussakale reservours to make artificial rain had been temporarily suspended according to the Electeicity Board.

The pilot  project had been suspended due to no clouds and water  vapors in the hydrocatchment areas these days.

However the project was successfully implemented in Castlereigh and Maussakale reservoirs during 22nd and 23rd of March with the help of Airforce which make artificial rain .

Due to the dry weather prevailing in Castlereigh and Maussakale Reservoirs water levels of the reservoirs are drying up it has been revealed .


Navy Recovered 1232.5 Kilo Grammes Of Beedi Leaves Floating In The Sea

Sri Lanka Navy have recovered 35 parcels containing 1232.5 Kilo Grammes of Beedi leaves  floating in the sea area in Udappuwa in North this morning (26).

The stock of Beedi leaves  thrown in to the sea by someone or a group of persons in view of bringing them to the country illegally Navy authorities believes .

The stock of Beedi leaves had been handed over to Sinnapadu Customs office for further action .




11Indian Fishermen Had Been Arrested Whilst Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy have arrested 11 Indian
Fishermen whilst illegally fishing in sri lankan seas  in the north western sea area from Analathivu island during raids carriedout both last night (25)and wee hours of this morning (26).

Navy have also taken in to custody 03 Trawler boats which the suspects had been arrived in .

The Suspects along with the trawler boats had been handed over to the assistant Director of  fisheries in Jaffna for future course of legal action

A Book Shop And Shoe Shop Had Been Destroyed Due To A Sudden Fire

A book shop and a Shoe shop had been
completely destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted in a two storied shopping complex at Isiwara place in Kurunduwatta,Akmeemana this morning(26).

Accordingly the Book shop located in the ground floor of the Complex and the nearby shoe shop had been destroyed due to the fire.

Fire brigade belonging to Galle Urban Council and Akmeemana Police have managed to douse the fire before spreading it further .

The cause of the fire and the estimated value of the damage done  have not yet been revealed.

A Nine Hour Water Cut To Be Implemented In Three Areas Of Colombo

A Nine hour water cut is scheduled to
be implelemented in Colombo -13 ,14 and 15 from 9 p.m tonight (26)to 6 a.m tomorrow(27) due to an urgant and essential repair work of a pipe line ,The  National Water Supplies And Drainage Board has announced this morning(26).

During the water cut water will be supplied to Colombo Fort and Pettah areas with low preassure the Board has stressed.

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