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Shop Owner Who Assaulted Two Little Monks Had Been Remanded Until 24 th

The shop owner Chaminda Galaboda
allias "Utiya "who was arrested by the police over assaulting two little Buddhist Monks attached to Swarna Thilakaramaya Pirivena in Horowpathana, had been remanded until 24 th of September by the Chief Magistrate of Kabithigollawa Malinda Alwis yesterday  (11).

The suspect was produced before the  Chief Magistrate yesterday.

The suspect had been arrested by the Horowpathana Police last Tuesday  (10)over assaulting two little Monks of the ages 11 and 14 by accusing them of  stealing two small chocolates worth ten Rupees each from his shop.

The incident was recorded in a CCTV camera near by and someone had posted the incident in Social media which went viral.

The Two little monks  who had faced the incident when they went to the small shop to purchase liquid milk packettes are now being receiving treatment at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital .

Sri Lanka Cricket To Re Assess The Security Situation In Pakistan Prior To Sri Lankan Cricket Team s Departure

Accordance  the request made by the
Government to assess the security situation in Pakistan again before sending the Sri Lankan Cricket Team to Pakistan for a Cricket Tour, Sri Lankan Cricket has decided to  re assess the security situation in Pakistan prior to the departure of Sri Lankan Cricket Team there  to ensure the safety of the players.

Prime Minister's office had received an information regarding a Terrorist atrack risk against Sri Lankan Team during their Cricket Tour to  Pakistan and that information had passed to the Sri Lankan Cricket via the Sports Ministry   it has been revealed.

Ten Key Cricketers attached to Sri Lankan National Cricket Team have
 skipped the Tour over safety issues.

Sri Lanka Cricket has selected  a Team for the tour afterwards and Lahiru Thirimmanna and Dasun  Chanaka  are due to captain One day and T-20 squads of the tour .

GMOF Requested Health Minister To Increase The Retirement Age Of Government Doctors

Government Medical Officers Forum
(GMOF) had requested the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne to increase the retirement age of All  Government  Doctors to 63 years from the current retirement age of 60 .

Accordingly GMOF Had requested the Health Minister to.increase the retirement age of All government doctors numbering more than 20,000 .The ability to work matters most not the age the Vice president of GMOF Dr.Ruchira Saranapala has stressed reference  the request at a press briefing held at Sri Lanka press institute   ,Narahenpita .

Attorney General.Filed Indictments Against Three Army Personal Over Rathupaswela Shooting

Attorney General Dappula De Livera
had yesterday (11)filed indictments at Gampaha High Court  against three Army personal including An Army Brigadier over killing 03  Persons and injuring 45 others by shooting at them whilst protesting demanding pure drinking water at Rathupaswela in Weliweriya area ,Gampaha during previous regime. 

Attorney General had filed indictments before the Tribunal Judge panel appointed to probe on Rathupaswela shooting incident  under 94 charges accordance to the Criminal Act .

The Tribunal Judge panel headed by Judge Menaka Wijesundara  had been appointed by Chief Justice Jayantha Jayasuriya accordance to the request made by  Attorney General. 

Water Found For The First Time iOn A Habitable Planet


Laws Will.Be Brought To Ban Corprol Punishment In Schools -Justice Minister

Minister Of Justice And Prison Reforms
Thalatha Atukorale Has revealed that laws to ban corprol punishment  (Physical punishment ) in schools will be brought soon .

Cabinet approval will  be sought to implement new laws Minister has stressed. 

Prima Flour Company Advised Their Sale Agents To Sell Wheat Flour For The Increased Price

Although the Ministry Of Agriculture

has announced last Tuesday  (10) that all Wheat Flour Companies in the country have agreed to scrap the recent price hike of Wheat Flour and to sell it for old  price ,Prima Flour Company  had instructed their sales representatives that the company will never change the price hike implemented since last friday  (06 )it has been reported .

However the fixed price for a Kilo Gramme of Wheat flour is Rs.87 .All Wheat Flour companies of the country had increased the price of a Kilo Gramme of Wheat Flour  by Rs.5.50 since last friday without a permission of Consumer Affairs Authority and Bakery Owners Association too had increased the price of Bread as a result.

However Consumer Affairs Authority had vowed to take a legal action against Wheat flour companies and their sale agents selling Wheat flour for the increased price .The raids to nab traders who are selling Wheat flour for the increased price are currently underway .

Supreme Court Judge Panel Had Dismissed The Two Petitions Submitted By Former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe Over Charges Levelled Against Him

Five member Supreme Court Judge
Panel has today  (11)dismissed two petitions submitted by former Defense Secretary and Presidential Candidate of Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna Gotabaya Rajapakshe requesting to issue an order declaring the three member Judge Panel of permanent High Court has no Judicial power to hear the court case on using public funds to build D.A Rajapakshe Memorial Museum.

The petitions requested the Supreme Court to declare that the facts included in the court case filed by Attorney General Dappula De Livera   against Former Defense Secretary and few others  are incorrect which was denied by the majority in Five Member Supreme Court Judge panel.

The majority of the Judge panel was  of
 the view that the two petitions do not have legal basis to taken up for hearing according to the Chairman of the Supreme Court Judge Panel Judge Sisira Aberw.Therefore the Judge panel had dismissed the two petitions without taken up for hearing .

Former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe and few others had been charged over Utilizing Rs.33.9 worth public funds to build the D.A Rajapakshe Memorial Museum .

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...