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Senior DIG Arrested Over Helping Chief Suspect Of Rape And Murder Of A Jaffna School Girl Remanded Until 25th Of July

The senior Deputy Inspector General Of Police (DIG) in
charge of Central province who was arrested yesterday (15) by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) over allowing the chief suspect of the rape and murder of Jaffna School girl Vidya to escape from police custody ,has been remanded by the  Acting Magistrate of Kayts  until 25th of July.

The suspected DIG who was in charge of Jaffna at the time of the incident was remanded after being produced before the additional magistrate.He was transported to Anuradhapura prison after the court ordee.

The van transported the suspected DIG had met with an accident early this morning (16)in Kayts area as the Van was veered off the road and crashed into a post due to driver of the van had fallen a sleep.However no one was injured due to the incident.

The suspected DIG has been arrested and remanded over allowing the chief suspect of the rape and murder case of Shivayoganathan Vidya ,Swiss Kumar to escape from the custody.

The rape and murder of the Jaffna school girl occurred on 13th of May 2015.

Two Persons Were Arrested With Dolphine Meat In Tangalle

Coastal Guards attached to the Southern naval
command have arrested two persons over killing of two Dolphins and tranporting their meat through motorcycles to sell yesterday (15) in Kudawella Tangalle.

It has been believed that these marine mammels were killed by fishermen and brought to a shore through Dinghi boats.

Dophins are strictly banned to be slaughtered according to the law.

The suspects along with Dolphin meat due to be handed over to the wild life conservation department for a legal action according to the Navy.

Number Of Dengue Patients Has Been Increased By Eight Folds,Death Rate Is Low-Health Minister

The number of Dengue patients reported in the island
has been increased recently by eight folds but the number of Dengue deaths still low around .3 according to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Speaking during the island wide Dengue Control programme launched yesterday (15) titled "Lets get together-Prevent Dengue" the Minister has said now the total number of Dengue patients reported during this year has been increased to 90,000 and everyone's duty is to minimize the number of patients through destroying Dengue Mosquito breeding places in view of cleaning the enviornment around us.

Health Minister has praised the Contribution of Sri Lankan Media to this programme and stated that need to spend millions of rupees if the Health Ministry has organized this programme alone ,But all media institutions in the country contributed to this programme free of charge considering  it as a national duty.


Two Hundred Thousand Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places Detected In The Island During Last Two Weeks

During last two weeks around 200,000 Dengue
Mosquito breeding places have been detected from the island through the raids carried out by health workers according to the Director of National Dengue Control Programme Dr.Hasitha Thissera.

If the public do not clean their premises/gardens/instit
utes/roads often there is a threat of getting the number increased in future Dr.Thissera has said.

Ministry of Health in collaboration with all media institutes have launched a special dengue control programe today (15)throughout the island.

According to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne this programme has been launched as proposed through the report handed over to him by the visiting World Health Organization expert team few days ago.


A Female Was Killed After Colliding With A Motorcycle

A 56 year old female was killed after colliding with a
motorcycle near a pedestrian crossing  at pansala junction on Colombo-Negambo main road.

The critically injured female had succumbed to her injuries after admission to Negambo Base Hospital.Injured motorcyclist also admitted to the Negambo Hospital for treatment it has been reported.

Senior DIG In Charge Of Central Province Arrested Over Allowing The Key Suspect Of Rape And Killing Of Jaffna School Girl To Escape

Police have today (15)arrested a senior deputy
Inspector General Of Police(DIG) in charge of Central province Lalith Jayasinghe over allowing a key suspect of the  case on rape and killing of  Jaffna school girl Shivayoganathan Vidya to escape from police custody.

The Deputy Inspector General Of Police Jayasinghe who was the DIG of Jaffna at the time of vidya"s killing was charged over allowing the chief suspect of the case mahalingam shashi kumar allias swiss kumar based in Switzerland to escape from custody.

The suspect is due to be produced before the Kayts Magistrate Court.

The school girl Vidya was raped and killed while travelling to her school from a cycle on  13th of May 2015 and it has been revealed that this incident was planned internationally .

Twelve suspects have already been arrested and remanded over the incident.

A Four Year Old Child Has Died After A Wall And Roof Of A Kitchen Collapsed On Him

A four year old kindergaten child has died after a wall
and roof of the kitchen  of his house collapsed on him at moragolla estate in Hali-Ela yesterday (14).

The child who was taken care of his grand father due to his parents working elsewhere, has died after admission to Badulla General Hospital .

The wall and roof of the kitchen wall collapsed on the child due to strong  winds prevailed at that time.

Government To Promote Altetnative Wrappings For Polythene Products

Government has decided to promote enviornmental
friendly wrappings like paper,cloth and reet as an alternatives to the polythene sheets and wrappings before the ban imposed on polythene products coming in to effect on 01st of September.

Cabinet has approved a Cabinet paper submitted by the President Maithripala Sirisena as the Enviornment Minister to ban manufacturing,selling and distributing of polythene sheets,shopping bags and regiform boxes used for wrapping food items with effect from 01st of September.

The Consumer Protection Authority has also requested the government to introduce  alternatives for the polythene products before the ban coming in to effect.

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