Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Etul Kotte To Become Administrative City?

Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne has said in Parliament today that Colombo City is to become the Business City of the Country and Etul Kotte will be the Administrative City .

Health Trade Unions Alleged Authorities On Mistreating Locally Made BTI Bacteria

The Health Services Trade Union Alliance (HSTUA) has today alleged that the Health Authorities not giving priority to locally made BTI Bacteria which use to destroy Dengue Mosquito Lavae like the BTI Bacteria imported from Cuba .

Addressing  a Press Briefing  in Colombo this morning President of the HSTUA Saman Ratnapriya has said today that the authorities released 7800 Litres of BTI for the National Dengue Control Programme so far but only bought and realese 624 Litres of locally manufactured BTI.

"It's puzzling why the Health Authorities going after BTI as it proved an unsuccesfull method of Controlling Dengue Epidemic in long term " Mr.Ratnapriya has stressed.

Rice Packs Selling In Colombo City Limits To Carry The Time And Date Of Manufacturing From 01st Of August

The Rice Packets selling  in Road Pavements and Food Outlets within Colombo City should carry  the details on date of packing,Time and the Name and Address of Manufacturer with effect from 01st of August this year according to the Chief Medical Officer Of Health(MOH) in Colombo Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam.The said Rice Pack Manufacturers should also registered at the nearest MOH Office and they will received a Registration Card soon after the Registration.

As the Public Health Department received several public complaints regarding the poor status of Some Rice Packs sell in Road huts and Food Outlets the Public Health Department has decided to adapt this meassure to ensure the hygine of the Rice Packs consume by the consumers Dr Kariyawasam has said.

Public Health Department has also decided to Train these Rice Pack Manufacturers on how to prepare and pack the Rice and Curries in hygenic way he stressed.Those who are  not able to get registration for  Rice Pack Manufacturing will not able to sell the Packs again and also face a legal action Dr.Kariyawasam has said,As some Rice Packs are selling throughout the day a Rice Pack should not sell more than four hours after packing it has been revealed.

Pakistan Cricket Squad Quatantined After Testing Positive In New Zealand