Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meteorology Dept.Warned Fishermen On Bad Weather

The Meteorology Department has advised local fishermen today to beware of the rough seas with strong winds at seas in Trincomalee,Batticloe,Ampara ,Hambanthota,Galle and Matara.

Heavy Showers were experienced in most parts of the country today assisted with some strong winds.

The Second Reading Of 2012 Budget Proposals Passed

The Second Reading of the 2012 Budget Proposals was passed at the Parliament this evening with a majority of 91 votes.During the vote 151 MP's voted in favor of the Budget while 60 MP's voted against it.

The Rock Situated At Entrance Channal Of Hambanthota Harbor Was Blasted

The Rock situated at the entering channel of newly constructed Hambanthota International  Harbor(Southern Province) was blasted at a cost of US Dollars 35-40 million and now the pieces of blasted rock are being removed from the area according to the Harbor spokesman.The blasted rock was prevented  berthing of large ships at the Harbor.

The Harbor Officials are expecting to clear the operations on removing  rock pieces withing three weeks time enabling larger ships,container carriers and mammoth oil tankers to enter the Hambanthota Harbor.The rock was blasted by China Engineering Company.The main opposition parties have revealed for the first time last year that there was a rock at  Hambanthota Harbor which prevents the entering of Ships to Harbor.

Police Dispersed JVP Protestors Through Tear Gas and Water Canons

The Police used tear gas and water canon to dispersed a group of Leftist JVP (Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna) Supporters belongs to Socialists Youth Union who gathered at  Lake House Roundabout when they tried to  marched to wards the Ministry Of Finance .The protestors were marched to opposed the Budget Proposals and demanding job opportunities for an unemployed graduates while carrying some placards  with them.

The protestors have exchanged stones with  Police as they were prevented by  entering the Ministry.

Opposition MP Grero Crossed Over To The Govt.Bench

UNP MP and Ratmalana Party Organizer Mohan Lal Grero has  made a special statement this morning(30) at the Parliament by stating that he will support Government's Budget Proposals and later crossed over to the Government Bench.Before crossing over to  Government Bench he has voted in favor of the Budget Proposals 2012.

Earlier in the day MP Grero has stated during his special speech that Government's Budget Proposals for 2012 was a positive one and he wants to help Sri Lankan Education System through voting in favor of the Budget Proposals.Soon after he made his statement on supporting Government's Budget President Mahinda Rajapaksha has met the controversial Opposition MP in  Parliament this evening it has been reported.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heavy Traffic Jam Occured In Town Hall -Colombo Due To The Opposition Protest Campaign

A heavy Traffic Jam was occurred this evening at the Heart of the Colombo City "Town Halll" due to the Protest campaign conducted by Main Opposition United National Party(UNP) by  demanding the unconditional release of  former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka.

As large number of opposition supporters gathered in  Hyde Park situated in Town Hall for the protest campaign since this noon, Police Officers have seen trying to control the traffic jam occurred in many sub routes to Town Hall and minimize the difficulties faced by Commuters.Several Opposition MP's along with  Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinha were attended the Protest Campaign which lasted for several hours.

CID Informs Colombo Magistrate Court That MP Silva Will Be Arrested After Returns To The Country

The Criminal Investigations Department(CID) informs the Colombo Magistrate Court today(28) that as the MP Duminda Silva is in abroad for seeking Medical Treatment he will be arrested on his arrival to the country as per the order of court.

The Colombo Magistrate Court has ordered the CID to arrest MP Silva on 15th of November  in connection to the killing of former Government MP Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra during the Mulleriyawa shooting incident occurred last month.

Speaker Has Suspended Deputy Minsiter Of Petroleum By Attending Parliament

The Speaker Chamal Rajapaksha has today (28) suspended Deputy Minister of Petroleum MP Sarana Gunawardena  from attending Parliamentary Sessions for a period of one week after found guilty for his misbehavior during the Budget Speech made by President Mahinda Rajapaksha last week.

Following the order of  Speaker  the leader of the house Nimal Siripala De Silva has proposed a motion preventing the Deputy Minister from  attending Parliament for one week and afterwards the speaker himself imposed the suspension.

Several Opposition MP's attached to the Main Opposition United National Party were attacked by a group of Government Parliamentarians on 21st of November during President's Budget Speech as the UNP MP's were holding  a placards condemning the Budget Proposals and the court decision to imprisoned former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka.

Meanwhile UNP MP John Amarathunge made a comment in Parliament  regarding the speakers decision to suspend one Government MP has said that they wants an independent probe on the assaulting of opposition MP's during the Budget Speech.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Southern Expressway Was Innaugurated Today

The first ever Express High Way in Sri Lanka The Southern Expressway was inaugurated by President Mahinda Rajapaksha this morning(27).The President was opened the access road to the Expressway from Pinnaduwa Inter Change in City of Galle of Southern Province.

The Southern Expressway is opened to Public since 6 a.m this morning and a fee for a Car to make a complete journey is Rs.400.The Expressway which has 95  K.M runs from Kottawa in Colombo District to Pinnaduwa in Galle District.The Southern Expressway was constructed at an estimated Rs.70 Billion

President Rajapaksha was drove a Car to Dodangoda from Katandeniya through the Expressway as a mark of  opening the expressway..

Under the second phase of the Southern Expressway it will extended to Matara and it will be connected to Colombo-Katunayake Expressway by the year 2013.

Friday, November 25, 2011

9 People Died And 30 Fishermen Missing Due To The Adverse Weather Conditions Prevails In Most Parts Of The Country

Nine people including fishermen have died due to the adverse weather conditions prevailed in the country with strong winds,rain and rough seas since yesterday(25th) according to Disaster Management Center .Around 30 fishermen who went out to the sea with strong winds and rain are reported as missing the Center has said.

Seven Deaths were reported from Matara District (Southern Province) alone yesterday as three persons died in the district due to fallen trees and four fishermen drowned with their boats due to  rough seas.One death each has been  reported from Monaragala and Galle Districts.

Strong winds with  heavy showers damaged 1061  houses in the area as 106 houses damaged and 955 houses partially damaged.Several School Buildings in  Matara District too got damaged  according to  Disaster Management Center.Trees have been fallen and power failures were reported from  Galle District too (Southern Province) while several houses got damaged due to the weather.Injuries were also reported from Anuradhapura District .Up to now around 1200 families have been affected due to the Adverse Weather Conditions.

Meanwhile the Meteorology Department has aid that the showers or thunder showers will continue over most parts of the country today(26) as well.Seas will be rough warned by the Department.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sri Lanka Welcomes 750,000th Tourist This Year

Sri Lanka welcomes it's 750,000 th Tourist this year (2011)  few hours ago at Bandaranaike International Air Port in Katunayake.According to  Sri Lanka Tourism this number  is the highest number of Tourist Arrivals ever recorded in  history so far.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chamber Of Pharmaceutical Drugs In Sri Lanka To Support Drug Policy While Opposing The Drug Price Control Mechanism

The Chamber of Pharmaceutical Drugs In Sri Lanka stated today that they have been opposing the proposed Drug Price Control Mechanism of the Government as it will become a burden to the patients.The President of the Chamber Mr.Vish Govinda Swamy said today that they will supporting the proposed National Drugs Policy if the authorities are willing to implement that soon but not the price control mechanism which has proved as a useless system in other fields too.

Addressing a press briefing held in Colombo this eve Mr.Govinda Swamy has stressed that to tackle the rising drug prices in private pharmacies the chamber of pharmaceutical industry in Sri Lanka will introduce a price marking system of every drug that sold in those pharmacies and have already advised the pharmacy owners to marked  the prices of drugs on  the labels of every drug .

"We still think the only way to tackle the problems related to medicinal drugs of sri lanka including the quality and the price problem is non other then implementing the proposed National Drugs Policy made by late professor senaka bibile".But without trying to implement that policy soon wonder why the authorities are trying to introduced a drug price control mechanism in a hurry  " he has questioned.

As The Pharmacy Drugs Prices Are In Increase Majority Of Patients Avoid Of Buying Them

Majority of the patients are avoid of buying medicinal drugs  through the private pharmacies nowadays due to the ever rising prices of them health sources have revealed today (23).As the patients are not buying  drugs  the sales of these pharmacies too dropped sharply. According to the sources the prices of almost every drug available in those pharmacies  have  increased during past few weeks without an exact reason.

Prices of some essential drugs including drugs prescribed for Diabetes,High Blood Pressure,Cholesterol and Heart Diseases were increased by  more than 10 percent during this month .

Due to this situation the majority of government hospital patients have  avoid of buying the drugs from private pharmacies although  prescribed by hospital doctors and doctors are warning that the conditions of these patients will get worsen if they continue to avoid of buying prescribed  drugs for their ailments.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Final Report Of Lessons Learn t And Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) Was Handed Over To The President

The final  report of the Lessons Learn t And Reconciliation Commission(LLRC) was  handed over to the President  Mahinda Rajapaksha to day (20) at Temple Trees by the Commission's Chairman C.R De Silva.The Commission was appointed by  President in the year 2010 .

The Lessons Learn t And Reconciliation Commission had gathered over 1000 public evidence during their proceedings.Commission Members finished the final report on 15th of November according to the sources.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka Was Found Guilty On White Flag Case And Sentenced To Three Years Of Imprisonment

The Special Three Member Judge Panel of  Colombo High Court has today (18th) found Former Army Commander and the leader of Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Retired General Sarath Fonseka was  guilty for  first charge out of the three charges against him in  "White Flag Case " and sentenced him a  three years of  rigourous  imprisonment .The Judge Panel was also fined General Fonseka a Rs.5000 fine.

The Judgment was a divided one as 2:1 while 2  judges including  the chairman of judge  Panel justice Deepali Wijesundera judged General Fonseka as found guilty for one of the three charges filed against him and 1 judge judged as he was not guilty for all the three charges.The 2 judges who were given their judgment against  General Fonseka found him guilty on the first charge against him inciting violance through his statment on "White Flag Issue" while found he was not guilty for the rest of the charges.

General Fonseka is currently serving a 30 month jail sentence imposed by the local Court Martial.The former Army Commander was charged for a statement made by him for the local weekend newspaper stating the troops have killed number of LTTE Leaders under the direction of higher official when they tried to surrender with white flags during the final phase of the war against LTTE in 2009.

During today's court proceedings security was tightened in and around the High Court Complex in Colombo with large number of armed police officers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gas Prices Will Not Increased -Cooperatives And Internal Trade Minister

Although Laugfs Gas Company has requested the Government to increased the price of a Gas Cylinder the Gas Prices will not be increased the Minister Of Cooperatives and Internal Trade Johnston Fernando has announced today (16th).

As only the Laugfs Gas Company made a request to increased the Gas Prices there will be no  revision of Gas Prices withing this year according to the Minster.The last Gas Price revision was on Last August.

GMOA Called An Emergency General Meeting Tomorrow To Discuss Future Course Of Action Against A Batch Of Registered Medical Practitioners

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has called an emergency General Meeting at 12 noon tomorrow(17th) to discuss their future course of action on the 70 Registered and Assistant Medical Practitioners who have produced bogus Medical Certificates to Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) to obtained registration.

According to the Assistant Secretary of GMOA Dr.Upul Gunasekera if the SLMC is to give the registration to these Medical Practitioners all the MBBS Graduate Doctors attached to Government Hospitals Island wide will withdraw their registration form the Medical Council and resigned from their service.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) too found when they inquired on those Registered And Assistant Medical Practitioners that they followed a six month course in Sri Lanka with  Russian lecturers have lectured them while obtained 3 year fully paid duty leave to study in Saint Petersberg Medical Academy in Russia Dr.Gunesekera has stated.However they have produced bogus Medical Certificates to the SLMC claiming they received the certificates from the Russian Medical Academy he stressed.

Western Provincial Doctors Called Off Their Proposed Strike

 Western Provincial Hospital Doctors have  suspended their one day token strike action scheduled to be launched today (16) demanding to pay their Telephone Allowance according to the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA).

The strike action was called off after  the Western Provincial Health Services Director sent the Applications of Doctors regarding  Telephone Allowance to Ministry Of Health GMOA has stated.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glass Piece Contained Injection Vial Had Found From Colombo National Hospital

An Injection Vial contained with pieces of Glass has been found from the Accident Service of Colombo National Hospital on last sunday according to the hospitals sources.The contaminated Injection Vial "Flucanazole IV" which adminstered for infections was imported from a Drug Company based in Chacharwadi ,Ahamadabad ,India according to sources.

The hospital authorities have sent the contaminated injection vial to the national drug quality assuarance laboratory for further investigations and temporarily removed the injection vials belongs to the batch number of contaminated injection vial 382213 from use as a precautionary meassure.

Colombo Magistrate Court Ordered To Arrest MP Over Mulleriyawa Shooting

The Colombo Magistrate Court this evening has ordered the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to arrest MP Duminda Silva and produced before Court regarding the Mulleriyawa Shooting Incident occured in  08th of October (Local Government Elections Day) which killed former Government MP Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra and three others.

MP Silva who is  also got injured during the shooting was admitted to Sri Jayawardenapura Teaching Hospital and later his relatives  taken him to a foreign country for further treatment.A Police Constable serving as a Security Officer to the MP Silva was arrested and remanded after being identified as the person who shoot former MP Premachandra.

The Investigatons on the Mulleriyawa Shooting Incident had been handed over to the CID.

Western Provincial Council Govt.Hospital Docs To Launch A One Day Token Strike Tomorrow

The Doctors attached to Government Hospitals belongs to the Western Provincial Council are to launch one day token strike from 8 A.M to 4 P.M tomorrow(16) demanding the paying of  delayed Telephone Allowance to them.

According to the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) almost all other Provincial Council based Government Hospitals payed their Doctors the Telephone Allowance except the Western Provincial Council Hospitals.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Fly Contaminated "Cloxacillin "Injection Vial Found From Colombo South Teaching Hospital

A fly was found inside of a "Cloxacilin " Injection Vial scheduled to be inject a patient at Surgical Ward of the Colombo South (Kalubowila) Teaching Hospital on yesterday (11) the hospital sources have revealed.The Injection Vial was sent to the National Drug Quality Assurance Laboratory for further tests according to a hospital spokesman.

Hospital Authorities have also informed the Medical Supplies Division (MSD) which supplied the Injection Vials to the hospitals on this the sources further added.However still the relevant authorities are not able to withdraw the batch of "Cloxacilin" Injection related  to the fly contaminated Injection Vial  as a precautionary measure it has been reported.

Friday, November 11, 2011

GMOA Has Decided Not To Send Government Doctors To Out Stations Till The Issue Regarding Their Children's Education Solved

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has decided not to send any Government Doctor including Specialists to out station Hospitals  in future till the authorities are providing education facilities to  children of all Doctors who are serving at the  out stations .

The doctors who are serving in  out stations faced so many risks when trying to enter their children in to the Schools of  those areas Assistant Secretary of the GMOA Dr.Upul Gunesekera has said.while stressing although some specialists who have returned to the country after completing their post graduate training in abroad have to report to the work in  outstation hospitals  per need of the government withing a week after their arrival Dr.Gunesekera has said that nothing has been done to the benefit of their children's education .

There for the GMOA has no other option than deciding not to send any of the Government Doctors to out stations till the education facilities for their children are provided he further added.

GMOA has already hold discussions with both Health and Education Ministry Officials regarding this problem and informed them on the decision the Association has taken Dr.Gunesekera said.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Four Sri Lankan Fishermen Who Entered In To Indian Waters Were Detained

Four Sri Lankan Fishermen  who entered into Indian Waters off the coast were detained today (10) by the Indian Coast Guards.

Indian Coast Guard  Commander Harish More has said that the Boat which Sri Lankan Fishermen traveled was developed some snag and the Fishermen were stranded in the mid sea .Afterwards  their Boat was drifted in to  Indian Territorial Waters he stressed.Indian Coast Guards rescued the four Fishermen and handed them to the Police.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Acquiring Under Performing Enterprises And Under Utilized Assets Bill Was Passed With Majority Votes

The revival of under performing enterprises and under utilized assets bill was passed in Parliament today (09) with majority of 76 votes.The act will reviewing to acquire   37 state enterprises which are under performing at present to the government.

The bill which was presented to the parliament yesterday (08) by Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne was taken up for debate today and during the voting122 MP's voted for the bill and 46 voted against it.

The supreme court too given a verdict regarding the bill stating that the revival of under performing enterprises and under utilized assets bill is consistent with the constitution.When the bill was taken for debate today the speeker chamal rajapaksha adjourned the parliamentary session for half an hour when the opposition raised objection to the proposed bill.

The main opposition UNP is in the view that the logic behind the acquiring of under performing state enterprises and under utilized assets to the state is non other then bankrupt those enterprises and assets further.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Doctor Thief Again Mislead The Health Ministry Officials

A Foreign Medical Graduate Doctor attached to the Ministry Of Health has been reported as taking six months no pay leave to go abroad by misleading the Ministry Officials and without leaving the country he is currently working at a housing construction industry situated in Colombo suburbs.

The above Doctor who is working at the Ministry since year 2007 has been reported as got the no pay leave a month ago but stubbronely using the leave to involve in another money making industry of his.He is still not received the complete registration of Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) but attached to the Minsitry's planning unit due to a favouritsm of a higher official attached to the Ministry.

Even the said doctor went abroad several times in previous occassions as well but those occasions too he didn't got accepted duty leave from the Ministry but able to received full payment for the period he was absent according to the reliable sources .Due to the compalints received against this Doctor even the Special Investigations Unit of the Ministry had nabbed him three occassions but the higher official who has supported him not only saved him but also ordered to stop investigations carried against him.

The Employees of the Health Ministry are in view that an action need to be taken against this doctor who is providing bad example for other doctors as well through cheeting.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Amount Of Dengue Mosquito Larvae In Dengue Risk Zones Have Increased By 15 To 25 Folds During Last Nine Months

The Amount  of Dengue Mosquito Larvae in Dengue Risk Zones of the Country are  increased by 15 to 20 folds during the period of February to November this year according to Health Services Entomology Assistant Officers Union .The union has said that some Zones including the MOH areas of Kaduwela,Kolonawa,Maharagama in Colombo District and Mahanuwara and Gampaha MOH areas the Mosquito Larvae are nearing 25 of the Breabau Index which measured the Dengue Mosquito Larvae while in other areas the Index is at 20.

The normal rate of the Dengue Mosquito Larvae is less than 5 in the Index but the Sri Lankan standard is higher than that according to the spokesman of Health Services Entomology Assistant Officers Union.

The increasing number  of Dengue Mosquito Larvae caused due to the disposed Yoghurt/Ice Cream Plastic Cups,Polythene,Disposed or uncovered Tires exposed in to the environment  in those areas which are prone to breading of Mosquito  Larvae he stressed.If the authorities are not taken any action to launch a regular Dengue Mosquito Control Programmes throughout the Island soon  the amount of Dengue Mosquito Larvae will increase further during the next monsoon rain scheduled during December -January period the spokesman has  further added.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Health Minsitry To Re Introduce The Price Control Mechanism To Pharmceutical Drugs

The Health Ministry has today (06) announced that a Price Control Mechanism to control the ever rising prices of Pharmaceutical Drugs in the country is to be implemented with effect from first quarter of Next year.A similar Price Control Mechanism was implemented few years back till the year 2002 and later it was removed through a special gazette notification.

As the Drug Retailers are able to set up the Drug Prices according to their preference the gazette notification regarding of Price Control on Pharmaceutical Drugs is to be reprinted to implement the price control mechanism the Ministry has stated.However the Ministry it self failed to implement several decisions which they said to be implement soon to benefit patients like banning the sending of blood and urine tests of Government Hospitals to the Private Hospitals.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Colombo Public Health Department Flying Squad Caught 100 Unregistered Rice Pack Manufacturers

The Flying Squad of the Colombo Public Health Department nabbed around 100 unregistered Rice Pack Manufactureres who are selling Rice Packs within the Colombo City during this week the chief medical officer of Colombo Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam has said.According to him they will be given two weeks time to getting their  registration in any of the MOH Offices in Colombo.

If those Rice Pack Manufactureres are not able to get their registration within the given period of time they will be barred from selling Rice Packs as well as  to be faced a legal action .

These Rice Pack Manufacturers however applied for the Registration for their product but failed to obtain registration Dr.Kariyawasam has said.The Colombo Public Health Department has only allowed to sell Rice Packs which are registered at the Department and already given registration to 315 Rice Pack Manufacturers.

Those who have received registration should carry the packing time of Rice Packs ,the Official Seal issued to them carrying the manufacturer's name,Address and contact details. Rice Packs should be issued to consumers within 4 hours after packing and it should begin to sell around 10 a.m and should end selling them around 2 p.m Dr.Kariyawasam has stressed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Health Education Bureau Has Launched A Health Information Web Site "Suwasariya"

The pioneer institute which promotes the health education in Sri Lanka The Health Education Bureau has launched their new Web Site "Suwasariya" (Health Net) and the Communication Center on last Wednesday (02) contains information on Diseases and other health related issues of the country.Around 125 Doctors including specialists are voluntarily involved in the work of this web site where people can get Health Information from three languages Sinhalese,Tamil and English through E Mail,Skype,SMS,Phone and Chat Room facilities available in that  Web Site.

According to the designers of this "Suwasariya" Web Site The Health Education Bureau ,people can access to the site in any time and get the information they are required  and those who are not having internet facilities can call to the number +94 710 107 107 and get the information they need through a Doctor attached to the Communication Center there.

The Web Address of the "Suwasariya" Web Site is

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Professions Supplementary To Medicine Demands 100% Salary Increase From The Budget

The Five professions belongs to Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM) to day said that they will with draw from night duty of all the Government Hospitals from 15th of this month if the authorities did not take any action to grant them On Call and Telephone allowances with immediate effect.

If the Health Secretary is not respond positively to their demand during the discussion to be held with him on 11th of this month the professions will stopped performing night duty in Government Hospitals from 15th according to the President of the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine (JCPSM) Mr.Harendra Kuruppu.

Addressing a Press Briefing held in Colombo today Mr.Kuruppu has said that the five Professions Supplementary To Medicine "The Pharmacists",Medical Laboratory Technologists.(MLT),Radiographers,Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapist should have given 100% salary increase through this year's budget proposals.

This years Budget Proposals are due to presented to the Parliament on 21st of November.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Government Declared Hajj Festival Day As A Public Holiday

The Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs has today declared the Muslim Religious Festival Hajj Festival (Eid -Al Adha) Day falls on 07th of November (Monday) as a Public Holiday.Earlier that day was not considered as a Holiday.

GMOA Urged The Health Ministry To Conduct An Inquiry Against The 70 RAMP's Who Produced Bogus Medical Certificattes

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has urged the Health Ministry to conduct an inquiry on the 70 Registered and Assistant Medical Officers who were produced false Medical Degree Certificattes to the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) stating that they have studied at Saint Petersburg State Medical Collage in Russia .

Although the said Medical Officers are stating they have been studied at the said Russian Medical Collage they have never been in Russsia for the period they were obtained study leave with full pay instead of doing Private Practice here the Assistant Secretary of the GMOA Dr.Upul Gunesekera has said.According to him if those Registered and Assistant Medical Officers followed that Medical Degree fully and qualified they have been practising with other MBBS Doctors here as a qualified medical paractitioners.

However these officers not only misled the SLMC but tried to mislead the Court too he stressed.According to the judgment given by the present Chief Justice Mrs.Shirani Bandaranayake in 2006 these Medcial Officers should not granted the SLMC Registration to practice as doctors here Dr.Gunesekera added.

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