Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Health Workers Belongs to 27 Grades Are To Be Report Sick On Friday

Around 27 Grades  of Health Workers attach to Government Hospitals including attendants,chefs,Telephone Operators and Lift Operators are due to launch an island wide sick note campaign on this Friday(25) by demanding solutions for five of their service demands according to the Joint Trade Union Council.

The secretary of the Council Dr.W Ranasinha has said that the health workers who are reporting sick leave on Friday will march towards the Treasury in the morning of that day from the Ministry Of Health  and hold a protest campaign  in front of the Treasury Building .

The five demands that the health workers are seeking fair solutions including the declaring five working day week for the health workers and paying arrears of their salaries Dr.Ranasinha has stressed.

Government Has Temporarily Suspended Sending Workers To Libya

The Government has temporarily  suspend sending of Sri Lankan employees to Libya with immediate effect due to the poor working conditions in that country according to the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau .Around 15-20 Sri Lankan employees are currently working in Libya and the bureau has already make arrangements to bring back those workers to the country.

The Foreign Employment Bureau has already requested Sri Lankan Embassy In Libyan Capital Tripoli to make arrangements to bring back these workers here as soon as possible a
spokesman of the bureau has said.

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