Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Bond Commission Had Informed Former Central Bank Governor MahendrenTo Provide Data Not Available In His Mobile Phones

As the data of the two mobile phones belonging to
former Central Bank governor Arjuna Mahendran relevant to the the period that Central Bank bond scam had occurred had been not available, the Presidential Commission of Inquiry investigating the Bond Scam had informed the former governor to produce the deleted data before 12 noon today (21)to the commission.

The additional solicitor general Yasantha Kodagoda had previous day informed the Presidential Commission to assist to find out the deleted data of the two mobile phones  belonging to former Central Bank Governor Mahendran for a period of 11 months.

An Eight Day Old Strike Of Ceylon Electricity Board Workers Had Ended

The eight day old strike launched by the  Ceylon
Electricity Board (CEB) workers had ended last night (20)after an agreement was reached  between the workers unions and the Minister of Labour John Seneviratne regarding the salary anomalies of the CEB workers , the Joint Trade Union Alliance of the Ceylon Electricity Board has announced.

During the talks held yesterday between Electricity Board trade union representatives and Minister of Labor and the management of Electricity Board ,the management of the  CEB had agreed to increase the salaries of clerks of CEB by 10% and technical workers by 10% to 13% according to the Trade Union Alliance.

The CEB Workers who were involved in the strike are due to be reported for work this morning.

Provincial Council Amendment Bill Passed With A Two Third Majority In The Parliament

The third reading of the  Provincial Council Elections
Amendment Bill had been passed with a required two third majority in the Parliament last evening (20).

During the voting 159 MP's had voted in favor of the bill while 37 MP's had voted against it.

Earlier in the day during the second reading of the Bill 154 MP's had voted in favor of the Bill and 44 MP' s voted against it.

The Attorney General had earlier informed the speaker Karu Jayasuriya that the Bill needed to be passed with two third majority.

Parliament had adjourned for a while last noon due to a tense situation occurred in the house during the debate on the Bill.



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Colombo High Court Has Sentenced A Person Fifteen Year Rigorous Imprisonment Over Abducting And Sexually Abusing A 14 Year Old Girl

Colombo High Court has today (20) sentenced a 45 year old father  15 year rigorous imprisonment over abducting  and Sexually abusing of a 14 year old girl .

Related imageThe abduction and sexually abusing of  the girl had  occurred in 2009 .By delivering the verdict of the case  the Colombo High Court Judge Gihan Kulathunge  had also imposed a Rs.15,000 fine on the suspect and if he fails to pay it imposed an extra two year jail term.

Judge has also ordered the suspect who is a resident of Sangaraja Mawatha(Road) in Colombo-10  to pay a Rs.200,000 compensation  for the victimized girl and imposed an additional 4 year jail term if he fails to pay it.


Parliament Road Had Temporarily Closed Down This Morning Due To A Protest Campaign

Image result for parliament road sri lankaThe road from Parliament Ronda bout to Parliament had been temporarily closed down by the Police this morning(20) for several hours  due to a protest campaign held by several National Organizations and Army Soldiers protecting Motherland organization at Parliament Roundabout against the International Convention of Preventing Disappearances Act .

Due to the Protest the Parliament Road had been blocked for several hours and heavy traffic had prevailed in nearby roads it has been reported.

A Motorist Had Injured After His Vehicle Crashed Into A House In Habarana

Image result for accidentA Manager of a Private Bank in Dambulla area  had  injured after the Motor Car he was driving veering off the road and crashed in to a House at Enderagala Turnover on Dambulla-Habrana main road bin wee hours of this morning(20).

The Motor Car had crashed into the house by breaking the wall according to the reports.

Two females and a small child were sleeping in two rooms of the house at the time of the accident they have escape unharmed the Police have stated. The House and the Motor Car damaged severely due to the accident.

Residents of the area have removed the driver of the vehicle who was struck inside after the accident safely.

The accident has occurred as the driver of the vehicle fallen a sleep while driving Sigiriya Police have stated.

A 48 Hour Island Wide Strike Scheduled To Be Launched By Railway Workers Had Been Suspended

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A 48 hour Island Wide strike action scheduled to be launched by the four categories of Railway workers with effect from midnight tonight(20) had been suspended after the discussions held with Saman Ekanayake the secretary to the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe this morning regarding the demand of the Railway Workers.

During the Discussions Prime Minister's Secretary has agreed to solve salary anomaly problem faced by the  Railway workers by giving a written assurance to them to put their categories in the third level salary scale according to the Railway trade unions.

Train Engine Drivers,Guards,Station Masters and Railway controllers have  earlier decided to launch a 48 hour strike over salary anomalies.

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Lalith Weerathunge And Anusha Palpita Who Are Labelled As "Sil Redhi" Robbers Released On Conditional Bail

Image result for colombo high courtThe two former Government Officers who had been sentenced three year rigorous imprisonment over issuing "Sil Redhi"(White cloths use by Buddhist Devotees)  to the Budhhist Devotees in the island by utilizing Rs.600 million belonging to the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission(TRC) during previous regime have been released on conditional bail by the Colombo High Court today(20) after considering their bail application submitted to the court.

 The two previous higher government officials who had found guilty over issuing "Sil Redhi" by utilizing government funds illegally during the presidential election under the orders of former president Mahinda Rajapakshe have been produced before the Colombo High Court by the prison authorities and after taking consideration the bail application of them Court has granted them conditional bails by considering their poor health status it has been announced.

However the two suspects were ordered to hand over their passports to the Court and as a travel ban imposed on them.

Both Lalith Weerathunge And Anusha Plapita were sentenced a three year rigorous imprisonment on 07th of September by the Colombo High Court after they were found guilty over the "Sil Redhi" Case and soon after they have sent to the Welikada Prison the acting Medical Offcier in Charge at the Welikada Prison Hospital now been transferred to the Colombo National Hospital by the Health Ministry Dr.Nirmali Thenuwara had transferred them to the super ward of the Prison Hospital by stating they are suffering with severe Diabetes.Since then they were in Prison Hospital a treatment which is not entitled to normal prsioners of the Prison  .

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...