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Around 70% Of The Annual Deaths In Sri Lanka Occurred Due To Four Non Communicable Diseases-A Survey Report

Around 70% of the total number of deaths reported from Sri Lanka annually have been due to the four Non Communicable Diseases ,Cardiovascular Diseases,Cancers ,Diabetes and Chronic Respiratory Diseases according to Joint Mission Of The United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force On The Prevention And Control Of Non Communicable Diseases To Sri Lanka.

Our of this percentage 18% dying prematurely  the Joint Commission has said.Most Premature Deaths are linked to exposure to risk factors namely Using Of Tobacco,Unhealthy Diet,Physical Inactivity and the harmful use of Alcohol it has been revealed.These Premature Deaths have been occurred among the age group between 30-70 years of age .

The remaining Premature Deaths are linked to week health systems that do not respond effectively and equitably to the health care needs of people with non communicable diseases the report issued by Joint Commission has stated. 

According to the report the Blood Pressure among Sri Lankan Males in the year 2008 was 30.5% and among Females 26.2% in 2011.


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Detained Former Chairman Of Securities And Exchange Dr.Godahewa And Two Others Have Been Further Remanded

Image result for remandedThe former Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission Dr.Nalaka Godahewa and two others who were detained by the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division over an alleged Financial Fraud have been further remanded  until 23rd of December by Colombo Additional Magistrate yesterday(14).

Dr.Godahewa who was the chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission during previous regime has been stepped down from his post after former President Rajapakshe lost the Presidential Election held on 08th of January this year.

Foreign Ministry To Introduce Short And Long Term Policies To Develop Sri Lankan Foreign Service

The Foreign Ministry has decided to adapt short term and long term policies in view of regulating Sri Lankan Foreign Service according to the Ministry Sources.

Under the short term policies the Foreign Ministry is expecting to implement a programeme to cut down unnecessary expenditure on foreign service the sources have added.Under this programme the Ministry has decided to introduce Non Residential Ambassadors for some countries instead of Current Ambassador Posts.

It has been reported the Foreign Ministry  has decided to introduce Non Residential Ambassadors for countries like Uganda and Seashells .


Fifty Sri Lankans Who Had Gone To Kuwait For House Maid Jobs Have Been Brought Back To The Country

Fifty Sri Lankans who had gone to Kuwait for House Maid Jobs have been brought back to Sri Lanka today(14) by  Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry due to the various hardships encountered by them in that country.

This group of Sri Lankans including 44 females haven't received any employment in Kuwait and they have faced harassment during their stay there according to the sources.

The Foreign Ministry has taken steps to sent them back their homes soon after they arrived Sri Lanka this morning.


Rs.10,000 Allowance Given To State Sector Employees To Be Added To Their Basic Salaries In Three Stages From Next January-Prime Minister Wikramasinghe

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has today (14) announced in Parliament the Rs.10,000 Allowance given to the Government Sector Employees by Previous Government will be added to their Basic Salaries in three stages from Next January.

As an initial step Rs.2000 will be added to the salaries of Government Employees from  Next January Prime Minister has said.Adding the Rs.10,000 Allowance to  Basic Salaries of Government Employees   is one of the major demands of  Trade Unions which earlier planned to launch an Island Wide Strike tomorrow(15).

Prime Minister has also assured government will not scrapped Pensions of Government Employees as stated by some Trade Unions.

The Vehicle Emission Test Fee which has increased to Rs.5000 from the annual budget will be set as Rs.1500 as an interim measure Prime Minister has further stated.

Government,Semi Government And Private Sector Employees Trade Unions Collective and Several Trade Unions have suspended their strike action Scheduled For Tomorrow(15)

The Government,Semi Government and Private Sector Employees Trade Unions Collective has today (14) temporarily suspended  the  Island Wide One Day Strike scheduled to be held tomorrow(14) following the assuarance given by Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe regarding their demands related to 2016 Budget Proposals.

Prime Minister Wikramsinghe has today assured through a special statement made at the Parliament to safeguard employees privileges.

The Strike Action of Government,Semi Government and Private Sector Employees including Government Nurses,PSM'S,Para Medical Officers and Private Bus Employees was scheduled to be launched early morning tomorrow.

Yesterday the Unions Collective has said the talks held between Prime Minister Wikramasinghe and the Unions regarding their demands has ended up without a conclusion and they will launch the planned General Strike by Tomorrow.

The Lanka Private Bus Owners Association and National Trade Union Center have also announced their Unions will not participate the strike action.The Railway Trade Unions which planned to launch an Island Wide Strike Action from Midnight Tonight has also called off the strike.

However The Bank Of Ceylon Employees Union has announceD they will launch the planned strike tomorrow.

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