Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 Out Of 13 Infant Deaths At Mahamodara Teaching Hospital PBU Due To Bacterial Infection

Premature baby girl in neonatal unitThe inquiry  report issued on 13 infant deaths reported from the premature baby unit(PBU) of one of the leading government hospitals in southern province the Mahamodara Teaching Hospital has stated that only 3 infant deaths out of 13 deaths occurred due to Bacterial infection and other 10 infants died due to natural causes of their illnesses.

Addressing the media on the report findings today (13th) at health education bureau this morning the health ministry secretary Dr.Ravindra Ruberu has said that the specialists who conducted the inquiry stated in their  report that the deaths of 6 infants caused by  critical condition they were in.However the health secretary has failed to revealed what caused the spreading of bacteria in the PBU of Mahamodara Teaching Hospital and the state of the unit at present.However he stressed that the bacterial infection of this kind can be occurred in any PBU in the world and it's not an extraordinary thing to happen.

The PBU of Mahamodara Teaching Hospital was closed on 09th of March following the deaths of 13 infant deaths reported during last two months suspected as may have due to a bacterial infection.The Ministry of Health was appointed a group of specialists to investigate on the incident and the group concluded the inquiry and handed over their report to director general of health services dr.ajith mendis yesterday (12th).

PSM Strike Paralyzed Government Hospital Services

Due to the Continuous Island Wide strike launched by Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM) attached to Government Hospitals today (13) the functioning of Outdoor Patients Department (OPD) Pharmacies,Path Labs,X Ray/C.T Scan Units and Physiotherapy Units were paralyzed and hundreds and thousands of patients faced severe hardships according to  hospital sources.

Due to the closure of above units runs by Professions Supplementary To Medicine compromising Government Pharmacists,Radiographers,Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT'S),Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists the distribution of Medicine ,performing of blood,urine samples and x ray/c.t scan tests were halted and only emergency services at Intensive Care Units (ICU'S) are functioning normally the sources said.

PSM'S are on strike demanding solutions for 10 of their service demands including increasing of their allowances and giving delayed promotions for their senior service personal,A discussion held between the members of Joint Council of Professions Supplementary To Medicine and  Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Ravindra Ruberu held yesterday regarding these demands was failed completely according to the union.