Friday, March 25, 2011

Health Minister Advised Officials To Take Legal Action Against 767 Tyre Shops And Bus Depots With Mosquto Breeding Places

The Health Minister Maithrepla Sirisena has instructed the officials of National Dengue Control Programme today to take legal action against 767 Tyre Retail Shops and Bus Depots who are running Mosquito Breeding Places in their backyards with immediate effect.

"These Tyre Shops and Bus Depots which are in the earlier occasions were issued notices and get cleaned in  raids carried out  during previous Dengue Control Weeks are not able correct their mistakes and continuously committing the same mistake by keeping Mosquito Breeding Places in their back yards" according to the Health Minister."Therefore no need to issue notices for them again and without a notice taken legal action against them "the Minister has advised the officials.

Drug Authority Has Temporarily Suspended The Selling Of "Apetamin- P" Syrup

The National Drug Authority has temporarily suspended the selling of "Apetamin-P" Syrup through Private Pharmacies Island Wide with immediate effect.The selling of above Syrup which is prescribed for children as well as adults for allergies and food appetite conditions suspended due to an insect was found from a bottle of " Apetamin-P" Syrup bought by a person  in Mahawa Area.

The person who bought the Syrup Bottle from a Private Pharmacy in Mahawa Area have seen the insect inside the bottle and immediately complained on this to the food and drug inspector in Kurunagala(North Western Province) for further action .Then the food and drug inspector informed the incident to the Drug Authority. The  bottle was sent for a laboratory test according to the Drug Authority sources .

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