Sunday, July 22, 2018



A Large Acres Of Land Have Been Destroyed Due To A Fire In "Rahathan"Reserve

More than 100 acres of land belonging
to the" Rahathan " Mountain Reserve on Monaragala-Buttala road at Monaragala Provincial Secretariat have been destroyed with many rare species of Trees due to a fire erupted in the reserve last noon(21).

The fire which spread rapidly during yesterday was doused vy the Army personal along with Buttala Police,The residents of the area and the  ,Disaster Management Center officials  this noon(22).

The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.

A Train Was Derailed In Upcountry Railway Line

A Train had been derailed between

Rosalla and Hatton of the Upcountry Railway Line this evening(22)according to the Railways Department.

Due to this situation Train Services in Upcountry Railway line have been delayed the Department has stated.


An Indian National Was Arrested With A Haul Of "Ice "Narcotic

A 50 year old  Indian National was
arrested with a haul of "Ice"narcotic in possession by the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials at the Katunayake, Bandaranaike International Airport today (22).

The estimated value of the 'Ice"narcotic taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.9.6 Million.

The haul of "Ice"narcotic which is known as most dangerous narcotic in the world had been concealed in the luggage of the suspect and Police have also arrested a Sri Lankan who came to take the "Ice" narcotic from the Indian National at a lodge booked for him it has been reported.

Both the suspects were produced before the Negambo Magistrate Court and the Court has allowed the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials  to question the suspects by keeping under their detention until 26 th of July.

A Police Constable Was Run Over By A Lorry At Ambanpola

A police constable attached to the
Ambanpola Police Station had been  critically injured and hospitalized after being run  over by a Lorry when he stopped the Lorry to inspect it  at Ambanpola-Gatadivulwewa Police Check Point  on Anuradhapura-Ella road today(22).

The injured Police Constable had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital for treatment.

Police have arrested the Lorry driver and taken in to custody the Lorry regarding the incident and the driver is due to be produced before the Mahawa Magistrate Court shortly.





Six Persons Have Been Arrested With 332 Heroin Packettes In Haputale

Six persons including a Heroin

smuggler have been arrested today (22)while transporting 332 packettes of Heroin in a Lorry on the pretext of transporting Aluminium goods at Haputale area by the Haputale Police.

The suspects who are residents of Angulana,Moratuwa and Panadura areas had been involved in transporting Heroin since some time according to reports.

The suspects are due to be produced before the Bandarawela Magistrate Court.

Police Dogs are being used to checked the Lorry to search whether any Heroin packettes remains  there in the vehicle.

Two 11 Year Old Girls Have Been Drowned While Bathing

Two 11 year old girls have been

drowned  while bathing in Calido Sea Belt in Kalutara area and two others who had been drowned in the same area were rescued and hospitalized last evening(21).

The two girls had succumbed to their injuries this norning (22)after being admitted to the Nagoda Hospital in Kalutara  .

A father of one of the deceased girls and a 38 year old female too have been drowned and later rescued by the resudents of the area and admitted to Nagoda Hospital.

They all have been identified as resudents of Modara,Colombo .

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