Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Government Hospital Radiographers Have Suspended Their Work To Rule Campaign

The government hospital radiographers have today (12)temporarily suspended their island wide work to rule campaign launched since  last Tuesday(05) by demanding solutions for seven of their service demands the government radiographers union has announced.the trade union action was suspended due to internal matters occurred withing the profession the president of government radiographers union Mr.Darmakeerthi Apa has said.

Gazette Notification Regarding Price Control On Medicinal Drugs Has Issued

The Government has issued a special gazette notification on price control on  medicinal drugs with effect from 04th of March the minister of Trade Minister Johnston Fernando has announced today(12).

The gazette notification 1852/22 was issued regarding price control on drugs the minister has said.according to the minister medicinal drugs too fall under the essential commodities like gas,fuel and milk foods under this gazette notification.addressing a press briefing held today(12) minister johnston fernando has said that the decision on price control of drugs has been taken to prevent drug importers from making exorbitant profits through importing certain drugs.government is planning to introduce the price control mechanism to  locally manufactured drugs too in future he has stressed,

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