Thursday, April 23, 2015


Central Committee Of The Main Opposition Sri Lanka Freedom Party To Vote In Favor Of 19TH Amendment

The Central Committee of the main opposition Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP)  has today (23) unanimously decided to vote in favor of  the Draft Bill on 19th Amendment which is scheduled to be taken in to debate by Next Monday(27)according to the Cabinet Spokesman Dr.Rajitha Senaratne .

The President Maithripala Sirisena has also assured to pass the  20th Amendment on new electoral system which proposed by the SLFP.The Parliamentary Group representing the SLFP has earlier decided to support 19th Amendment Draft Bill only if the government will presented it to the Parliament with new electoral reforms.

Under the 19th Amendment Draft Bill Eight Key powers vested with the Executive Presidency will be amended including the power of the President to dissolving the Parliament.Under the amendment the power of dissolving the parliament which now vested with the executive presidency will be transferred to the Parliament it self.The President's term will be reduced to two terms and one term will be reduced to five years from six years .

Cabinet Has Approved The "Right To Information " And " National Audit" Draft Bills

The Cabinet has yesterday (22) approved the Draft Bills on "Right to Information" and " National Audit" as promised through the government's 100 day public welfare programme according to the Cabinet Spokesman and Minister of Health And Ingenious Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinha was presented the Draft Bill on " Right To Information "to the Cabinet last night and it will be presented to the Parliament as an " Urgent Bill" Dr.Senaratne has said.A commission is due to be set up in order to facilitate the " Right To Information" he has stressed.

The Cabinet has also approved a new electoral system presented by the President Maithripala Sirisena Cabinet Spokesman has further added.

A Group Of Protesters Have Caused A Tense Situation Near Bribery Commission -Former Defense Secretary Arrived To Give A Statement

A tense situation has occurred in front of the Bribery Commission Building this morning as a group of protesters lead by Pivithuru Heala Urumaya Party Leader Udaya Gammanpila have staged a protest campaign  there against summoning of former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe  at the bribery commission over corruption allegations.Mr.Rajapakshe who is also the brother of former president Mahinda Rajapakshe had arrived in bribery commission this morning  to give a statement to the commission regarding the corruption charges leveled against him.

Earlier he has requested the bribery commission to give him some more time to provide details of the allegations as the allegations leveled against him are old ones.The former Defense Secretary has been given a sufficient time by the commission to answer the allegations it has been revealed.

Meanwhile the protesters have chanted slogans by criticizing the bribery commission officials for summoning the former Defense Secretary at the commission. 

Former Minister Basil Rajapakshe Who Was Arrested Yesterday Has Been Transferred To The Colombo National Hospital

The former Minister Of Economic Development MP Basil Rajapakshe who was arrested  and remanded yesterday(22) evening has been transferred to the Colombo National Hospital this evening for a medical test the hospital sources have revealed.As MP Rajapakshe has complained that he is in poor health condition Kaduwela Magistrate Court has ordered the prison authorities this morning to admit him to the Welikada Prison Hospital and from there he has been transferred to the Colombo National Hospital in the evening.

At the moment MP Rajapakshe is at a Merchant Ward of the Hospital.The other two who were arrested yesterday along with MP Rajapakshe ,The former secretary to the Ministry Of Economic Development Dr.Nihal Jayathilake and the former director general of the Divi Naguma Programme R.A..K Ranawake were also admitted to the Welikada Prison hospital this morning after they too were complained on poor health condition which becomes a very common condition these days among the VIP's including the politicians in Sri Lanka whenever they are under an arrest order.

MP Rajapakshe and two other attached to his former Ministry were arrested yesterday by the Police Crimes Investigations Division over an allegation leveled against them regarding  misusing the state funds over Rs.700 million that belonging to the Divi Naguma Programme.

When arrived at Police Crimes Investigations Division to give statements yesterday regarding the allegation leveled against them all three were in good health condition according to the sources.

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