Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Foreign-Children Sniffing Unsniffable Fuel Have Higher Levels Of Lead In Blood


Cabinet Approved A Proposal To Import 125 Sheep To The Country

Cabinet has approved a proposal to import 125 Sheep
to improve farming in the farms belonging to National Livestock Development Board and in private farms.

Accordingly approval had been given to import 100 male sheep and 25 female sheep by utilizing Rs.10 million allocated through the budget for 2017 through a proper procurement procedure it has been revealed.

Minister of Rural Economic affairs P.Harrison has submitted the proposal on importing sheep as there is no improvement in sheep farming in the country since 1980.Sheep farming has been done in government and private owned farms in North and North Western provinces.

A Female Was Arrested Over Steeling Jewelry From A Shop

Kinniya Police have arrested a female over steeling a
stock of Jewrlry worth around Rs.96,000.

The suspected female was arrested after inspecting the CCTV Camera footages it has been reported.

A Person Arrested With Three Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Canabies

Sri Lanka navy personal along with the Police Officers
attached to the Kelaniya Police have arrested a person with 3 kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabies in   his possession at Kelaniya area.

The suspect was arrested while transporting the stock of Kerala Cannabies .


Two Local Fishermen Went Missing And One Rescued Due To A Boat -Ship Collision

Two local fishermen went missing after the boat they
were travelling  in colliding with a Ship in  sea area of Hambanthota it has been revealed.

The fishing boat of the missing fishermen along with another fishing boat with Sri Lankan fishermen collided with the ship around 26 nautical miles away from the Hambanthota fisheries harbor according to the sources .However one fisherman in a boat was rescued by another fishing boat.

Navy personal have launched a rescue operation in search of the missing fishermen .

Damaging Health Ministry Property-Convener Of The Inter University Students Federation Lahiru Weerasekare And Four Others Have Been Further Remanded

Maligakande Magistrate has today (05)further
remanded the convener of the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) Lahiru Weerasekare and four other student activists who had been arrested and remanded over damaging property of the  Ministry Of Health ,until 19th of July.

The suspects have been further remanded after they were produced before the Magistrate Court today.

Although the lawyers of the suspects have requested bail for their clients ,Maligakande Magistrate has ordered the police to further remand the suspects.

The Police have informed the court that eight more student activists involved in damaging the Health Ministry property have been identified and they will be arrested soon.

Cabinet Approval Given To Build 100 Relocation Centers For Disaster Affected Persons

Cabinet has given an approval to a proposal on
building 100 relocation centers throughout the island to relocate people affected by an emergancy disaster situation in future.

According to the sources these Centers will be built covering all the 25 districts in the Island and one center will be sufficient to relocate around 200 persons.

At present schools,temples and community centers are being used to relocate the people affected due to disasters. 

Panda Diplomacy- China's Cutest Peacemakers

Ministry Of Education To Issue A Special Circular For School Children Advising Them To Wear Long Sleeved Uniforms To Prevent Dengue

Related imageThe Ministry Of Education has decided to issue a special Circular to instruct the School Children who are wearing short frocks and  shorts to the School to wear long sleeved frocks and trousers in view of preventing  spreading of Dengue among school children.

Most of the School Children were bitten by Dengue Mosquitoes in their school rooms during day time it has been revealed.

Around 25% Out of the total number of Dengue Patients reported this year are school children according to the statistics.

Medical Students Parents Association Had Removed The Hut Built In Front Of Colombo Fort Railway Station

Image result for colombo fort railway station
The Medical Students Parents Association has this morning (05)removed the hut they have built by blocking the pavement of Colombo Fort Railway Station to launch a Satyagraha Campaign against the SAITM and to oppose the attacking a group of students entered the Ministry of Health recently.

Colombo Fort Magistrate had recently instructed the Parents Association to remove the hut after the Police had lodged a complaint stating due to the hut public have faced enormous difficulties.

The hut was removed according to an agreement reached between the Colombo Fort Magistrate and the Medical Students Parents Association it has been announced.


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Supreme Court Issued An Injunction Order Prohibiting Colombo Municipal Council From Disposing Garbage In Muthurajawela

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The Supreme Court has today(05) issued and injunction order prohibiting the Colombo Municipal Council from  disposing Garbage in a private land in Muthurajawela,Ja Ela until 20th of July.

The court order was issued after taken into consideration a petition filed by a group of residents in Muthurajawela area seeking a court order against the disposing Garbage in the area by the Colombo Municipal Council.

The petition has stated that several environmental and health issues will arise due to the disposing of Colombo Garbage in Muthurajawela area which has named as an Environmental Conservation Zone.

Arrest Warrant Against Former Chief Judicial Medical Officer In Colombo Recalled After He Surrendered To The Court

Image result for court orderColombo Additional Magistrate has today(05) recalled the arrest warrant issued against the former Chief Medical Officer(JMO) in Colombo Dr.Ananda Samarasekare over not producing a post mortem report to the court since six years after the former JMO has surrendered  to the court today.

The Additional Magistrate has issued the arrest warrant against Dr.Samarasekare yesterday(04).

Colombo High Court Has Sentenced The Killer Of Journalist Mel Gunasekare To Death

Image result for mel gunasekeraColombo High Court Judge Piyadasa Ranasinghe has today(05) imposed a death sentence on the individual who found guilty over killing Journalist Mel(Melicia) Gunasekare on 02nd of February 2014 in her residence at Battaramulle.

The accused Anthony Ramson  George had been indicted by the Attorney General over the charges ,entering the house of the deceased Journalist armed with a knife without a permission ,Stealing a Mobile Phone and the murder of the Journalist.

The accused who is in a death row was hired as a painter of the  Journalist Mel's residence and entered the house after  her family members left to church while planning to rob the house it has been revealed.

A Heavy Traffic Reported In Nugegoda Due To The Anti SAITM Protest March And Rally

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A heavy traffic has been reported in and around Nugegoda area this evening(05) due to a Anti SAITM protest march organized by Inter University Students Federation(IUSF).

Due to the protest march and the Rally which began short while at Ananda Samarakoon Open Theater in Nugegoda ,Police have closed the Stanly Thilakaratne Mawatha from High Level Junction to Pagoda Junction .

Three protest marches began from Wijerama Junction,Kirulapona and Kalubowila Junction have marched towards the Ananda Samarakoon Open Theater and  University/Medical Students,Doctors,Teachers Union representatives and Civil Organization members joined these marches according to the reports. The protestors demanding the government to abolish the Malabe Private Medical Collage known as SAITM.

Due to the protest march security has tightened in Nugegoda area since this noon.The protestors have already reached the open theater and a rally has began with the participation of several trade unions , Joint Opposition MP's and some Bhikkus.

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