Monday, December 21, 2015


All Ceylon Medical Officers Association Has Requested Government To Re Consider It's Decision On Recognizing Malabe Private Medical College

All Ceylon Medical Officers Association has requested from the Government to reverse it's decision to provide clinical training for Students of controversial Malabe Private Medical College in government hospitals.

"For the sake of innocent patient's of this  country Government should not recognize the fake medical degree given by Malabe Private Medical College as the Sri Lanka Medical Council too refused to recognizing it" The association has said.

All Ceylon Medical Officers Association has began a campaign to educate public and hospital staff about  Malabe Private Medical College and the degree offer by the College from
 Awissawella Base Hospital today.

A New State Minister And A Deputy Minister Have Sworn In Before President

Image result for presidential secretariatA new State Minister and a Deputy Minister have been sworn  in today(21) before President Maithripala Sirisene at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo.

Accordingly MP Priyankara Jayaratne has been sworn in as the State Minister of Local Government And Provincial Councils and MP D.Mithrapala has been sworn in as Deputy Minister Of Buddhasasana.


Consumer Affairs Authority Had Detained 150 Tonnes Of Falsely Prepared Rice Stock At Wellampitiya

The Special Investigations Unit of Consumers Affairs Authority has detained 150 Tonnes Of Falsely Prepared Rice at a Rice Store in Orugodawatte,Wellampitiya(In Colombo District) today(21).

During a raid carried out by Consumer Affairs Authority around 3000  Fifty Kilo Gramme Rice Bags along with   the Store Keeper of the Store have  been detained by the Authority.

The Original Trade Name of the Stock Of Rice detained has been changed and normal expiry date too has extended by ten months according to the Authority.


Three Persons Have Been Arrested With Four Kilo Grammes Of Expensive "Wallapatta" In Their Possession

Three Persons including Two Chinese have been arrested today (21) at Matara(In Southern Province)by the Police with a Four Kilo Grammes  of expensive "Wallapatta " also known as Gyrinops Walla in their possession.

The Police have arrested the suspects while they were travelling in a Van .The Suspects are scheduled to be Produced before Matara Magistrate Court.

"Wallapatta" is being used to make expensive perfumes .


Government Should Try To Set An Example To The Country By Scrapping Pensions And Allowances Entitled To Parliament MP'S -Railway Employees General Union

All Ceylon Railway Employees  General Union has today(21) challenged the government try to set an example to the country by scrapping the Pensions and Allowances entitled to Parliament MP'S .

As  Parliament MP'S are entitled to the Pension after Five Year Service and Government Employees
 are entitled to  the pension after Ten Year Service ,Government has  no right to scrap the pensions of Government Employees the Union has stressed.

If the government want to save the money through scrapping Government Employees Pension it should try to scrap the Pensions and Allowances of Parliament MP'S and set an example to the country through that the Railway Employees General Union has said.

South -East University Students Protest -Have Caused Heavy Traffic From Ward Place To Town Hall.

A large number of Students attached to South-East University have conducted a protest campaign in front of the University Grants Commission(UGC) Building at Ward Place this evening had caused a heavy traffic from Ward Place to Town Hall(In Colombo) for hours.

Over one thousand Students attached to the University had participated this Protest Campaign and heated arguments occurred between commuters and a section of university students as the students have  blocked the road preventing movement of traffic.

The South-East University Students had protested in front of University Grants Commission by demanding either reconstruct or replace the Engineering Faculty of the University.As the Eniginearing Faculty has been located far away from the University lecturers are not coming for lectures most of the times Students have complained.

During the protest Police have advised the Motorists to use an alternative routes to travel.

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