Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Bail Application Of Sucspected Cosmetic Surgeon Dr.Gamage Was Refused By Additional Magistrate

The Additional Magistrate of Colombo Mohommad Shabsadeen has refused to grant bail for the suspected Cosmetic Surgeon Dr.Nimal Gamage who is serving a prison sentence over the death of a lady doctor who died after the suspected doctor administered her an injection.The bail appeal of the suspected cosmetic surgeon was refused by the additional magistrate when he was produced before the Colombo magistrate court yesterday(25).

Additional Magistrate Shabsadeen has ordered to remand the suspected cosmetic surgeon dr.gamage untill 01st of September.

Meanwhile Police had informed the magistrate court that another victim who has received cosmetic treatment from dr,gamage was admitted to a hospital in London,England due to the side affects she has developed as a result of the treatment.The victim was informed on this to the police via e mail it has been stated.In another development a father of a 13 year old girl reside in north western province has informed the court that the girl who had received treatment from dr,gamage  sometime back for a skin infection developed side effects after the treatment.

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