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More And More Sri Lankan Consumers Switched On To Buy Local Milk Products Due To The DCD Scare

As laboratory tests have shown that some imported milk powder products from New Zealand contaminated with agro chemical Dicyandiamide(DCD) a large number of Sri Lankan milk powder consumers reside in bothurban and rural areas now have switched  on to buying locally produced  liquid milk and milk powder according to market sources.although some imported milk powder batches received DCD clearance from authorities consumers are avoiding buying them due to the fear of contaminating toxins sources added.

Due to the higher demand on locally produced liquid milk and milk powder these days there is a shortage of supplying these compare to the demand it has been some markets and food cities there is a severe shortage of locally produced milk powder products like Highland and Palawatta reports have revealed.consumers in cities not only avoid of buying imported milk powder from New Zealand but also the milk products like Yoghurt,Curd ,Cheese and Butter as well which are made from cows…

Updated-New Zealand Government To Assist Sri Lanka On Incereasing Local Liquid Milk Production

The visiting Foreign Minister of New Zealand Murray Macully has told Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha today(30) that the New Zealand government will assist sri lanka to further develop the local dairy industry to increase the local liquid milk production the government  sources said.

As he has discussed with Sri Lankan counterparts on  measures to increase liquid milk production in  Sri Lanka during his previous visit ,New Zealand foreign minister has expressed his country's willingness to  expedite these plans and promised  that new Zealand Prime Minister  john key will sign a MOU with Sri Lankan Government in this regard when he comes to Sri Lanka this November to attend the Commonwealth heads of government meeting scheduled to be held  in Colombo.

 The importance of promoting liquid milk production in the country became limelight after some imported milk powders mainly  from New Zealand have found contaminated with Agro Chemical DCD.

United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Meats Sri Lankan President

The visiting United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Mrs.Navi Pillay has meat Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha today(30) at temple treas ,Colombo and discussed on various issues including implementation on recommendations of lessons learnt commission,religious issues and matters related to war crimes sources said

During this meeting Mrs.Pillay has said that she was very pleased on appointing a commission per the recommendations of lessons and  learn t commission to look in to war crime disappearances.also she urged that there have been good corporation between her office and the Sri Lankan Government in facilitating her visit and she has received good briefings at all her meetings.

President Rajapaksha has told the United Nations High Commissioner  that many Sri Lankans belief that United Nations is biased in the way it  deals with the countries.also president has urged that those who voiced these concerns to him not to prejudge the report mrs.pillay is due to issue.

Sri Lanka Customs Seized The Largest Ever Drug Stock Seized In South Asian Region


පිටිකිරි අර්බුදයේ බලධාරී භූමිකාව!

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මෙරටට ආනයනික කිරිපිටි වර්ගවල තිබී ඩී.සී.ඩී. කෘෂි රසායනිකය හමුවීම හා "වේ ප්‍රොaටීන" සංයෝගය සහිත කිරිපිටි වර්ගවල "ක්‌ලොස්‌ටි්‍රඩියම් බොටියුලිනම්" නමැති බැක්‌ටීරියාව අන්තර්ගතව ඇත්දැයි මතුවූ සැකය යන සිද්ධීන් හේතුවෙන් රට පුරා පසුගිය සති තුනක කාලයේ පැවැති උණුසුම්කාරී තත්ත්වය මේ වන විටද පහව ගොස්‌ නොමැති බව පෙනී යයි. කාර්මික තාක්‍ෂණික ආයතනය විසින් වෙළෙඳපළෙහිපැවැති ආනයනික කිරිපිටි වර්ග හතරක ඩී.සී.ඩී. රසායනිකය අඩංගු බවට වාර්තාවක්‌ නිකුත් කිරීමත් සමගම මෙම උණුසුම්කාරී තත්ත්වය හටගත්තේය.

එතැනින් පටන්ගත් ආනයනික කිරිපිටි සම්බන්ධ අර්බුදය එම කිරිපිටි භාවිත කිරීම පිළිබඳව දෙවරක්‌ සිතා බැලීමට ජනතාව යොමු කිරීමට තරම් ප්‍රබල විය. ඩී.සී.ඩී. උණුසුම මතුවී දින කිහිපයක්‌ ගතවූ පසු නවසීලන්තයේ එක්‌තරා ප්‍රධාන පෙළේ කිරිපිටි නිෂ්පාදන සමාගමක නිෂ්පාදනය වෙමින් පැවැති ළමා කිරිපිටි වර්ගයක යොදාගත් "වේ ප්‍රොaටීන" සංයෝගයට කසළ නළයක්‌ හර…

Severe Shortage Of Nurses In Government Hospitals Shut Down Several ICU'S-Govt.Nursing Officers Union


South Korean PM Arrived Sri Lanka


Fonterra Has Resumed It's Operations In Sri Lanka

The New Zealand Dairy Company Fonterra which shut down  their office and manufacturing Plant in Sri Lanka last friday due to security reasons has resumed their operations today(28) according to Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Private Limited.

The enjoin order avoiding distribution ,selling and advertising of  all milk products belongs to  Fonterra issued by Gampaha District Court based on the contamination of DCD agro chemical in some of fonterra products too has lifted recently. however the injunction order issued by Court of Appeal by avoiding advertising fonterra milk powder products as 100% safe to consume  will be effective until 02nd of September.

 Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Private Limited has said that they have shut down their office and manufacturing plant here due to safety concerns over  their 755 member staff and assets following  the political party led demonstrations held against the company.

Meanwhile foreign news reports quoted by  New Zealand Ministry Of Primary Industries …

Two Varieties Of Injection Vials Contaminated With Glass Pieces And White Powder Found From Govt.Hospitals

Two varieties of injection vials contaminated with glass pieces and white powder have been found from Ratnapura General and Padukka District Hospitals recently claimed the president of Health Services Trade Union Alliance(HSTUA) Saman Ratnapriya.according to him the two injection vials "Aciclavoir Sodium" Injection  (250mg)prescribe for Chicken Pox and Encephalitis and Promethazine Hydrochloride (25 mg) (Phenogan) prescribe for vomiting and allergies  have been contaminated with few glass pieces and white powder respectively.

Both injection vials were imported from Indian Drug Companies and the injection vials belongs to  the batches  of  these contaminated injection vials are still use in government hospitals putting  patients lives in danger saman ratnapriya has said.if a contaminated injection vial is  found from a hospital the medical supplies division should have removed all the  stocks of vials belongs to the batch of contaminated injection vial until the inquiry has c…

Protests Held Against UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay's Sri Lankan Visit