Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thirty Five Bus Passangers Have Been Injured Due To A Road Accident

Around 35 passangers have been injured and
hospitalized after the Bus they were travelling in veering off the road and toppled over on malwatte in Samanthurai area this morning (26).

The injured including the Bus driver and his assistant were admitted to the Samanthurai,Kalmunai and Ampara hospitals for treatment.

The accident was occurred due to high speed of the bus it has been revealed.


Arrested Petroleum Workers Were Released On Police Bail

The sixteen Petroleum workers including trade
unionists who were arrested this evening (26) over their unruly behaviour in front of the fuel storing complex in Kolonnawa by the police have been released on police bail .

The arrested workers have been released after being questioned by Welikada police according to the sources.

Meanwhile after the arrested petroleum workers have been taken to the welikada police ,a group of Joint opposition MP"s have visited them it has been reported.

A Stock Of Oinment Had Been Handed Over To Director General Of Health

A private company has today (26) donated around
11,250 packs of oinment for the use of Government hospital staff to protect from Dengue to the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Jayasundara Bandara.

The oinment is effective to prevent from mosquito bites and the stock wil be distributed among the government Hospital staff attached to the Dengue Units  to prevent mosquoto bites dr.Bandara has stated

Kayts Magistrate Has Ordered The CID To Record A Statement Of State Minister Maheshwaren Over Releasing A Suspect of the Jaffna School Girl Vidya 's Murder

Kayts Magistrate has today (26)ordered the crimi
nal investigatons department (CID) to get a statement from  state Minister of child affairs Vijayakala Maheshwaren regarding her involvement on the releasing the main suspect of rape and murder of Jaffna school girl vidya ,swiss kumar after the residents have tied him to a lamp post.

Kayts magistrate M.Mihal has ordered the CID to get a statement from the state minister following the facts revealed by the attorneys of former senior Deputy Inspector General Of Police Lalith Jayasinghe who is in remand over helping swiss kumar to escape from custody.

The attorneys have revealed in the court that a statement should be taken from the state minister Maheshwaren  as she too released the main suspect .

Petroleum Trade Unions Have Suspended The Strike After Army Begun Fuel Distribution

As the Army personal begun the distribution of fuel in
fuel storing complexes at Kolonnawa and Muthurajawela stopped due to the Petroleum workers strike .Petroleum trade unions collective has decided to suspend the Island Wide continuous strike launched since midnight on monday.

The Petroleum trade unions collective held talks with president Maithripala Sirisena few hours ago and after the talks decided to suspend the strike until next Tuesday it has been announced.

Foreign-New Diesel And Petrol Vehicles To Be Banned From 2040 In UK


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Parliament Has Temporarily Adjourned As A Result Of The Petroleum Workers Strike

Image result for sri lanka parliamentParliament has been temporarily adjourned this noon(26) due to a tense situation occurred among the ruling party MP's and the Opposition MP's  as a result of the statement made  by Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe regarding the  petroleum workers strike .

Soon after the Prime Minister's speech the MP's belonging to the Joint Opposition group and Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(JVP) begun to  raise questions and due to the tense situation the speaker has adjourned the Parliament it has been reported.

Fifteen Petroleum Workers Have Been Arrested Over Disrupting The Fuel Distribution

Image result for arrestedThe Police have arrested around 15 Petroleum workers including trade unionists who have disrupted the fuel distribution process under the supervision of Army it has been reported.

Due to this situation a heavy traffic has been reported on Kolonnawa-Colombo Main road since this noon.However Police have brought the situation under control sources have revealed.

A One Hour Power Cut To Be Imposed Out Side Colombo Due To The Fuel Shortage-Electricity Board

Image result for power cutCeylon Electricity Board has decided to impose a one hour power cut from today(26) in all provinces out side Colombo due to the delay of Fuel distribution as a result of the ongoing strike of the Petroleum Corporation workers it has been announced.

Accordingly the Electricity Board has planned to impose the power cut during peek hours as well due to the fuel shortage the Board has stated.

As a power generator belonging to the Norochchalai Power Plant too was  broken it is hard to generate the required power capacity under the present circumstance Electricity Board has said.

Strikers Blocked Roads And Railway Tracks To Prevent Transporting Fuel From Fuel Storing Complexes

Image result for protest at kolonnawa fuel storing complexThe Petroleum workers who are on  strike have obstructed the fuel distribution process begun under the supervision of Army Personal this morning(26) by damaged the tires of many  Bowsers belonging to Kolonnawa and Muthurajawela  Fuel Storing Complexes use to transport fuel it has been reported.

Even when a Train  arrived at Kolonnawa Fuel Storing Complex to get Fuel for Air Crafts today the striking workers have lie down on the rail track  to block the train from leaving  according to sources.

However the  tri force personal have managed to remove the workers who were blocked the railway  track and pave the way for train to transport the fuel.Also Army personal have return the damaged tires of the Bowsers to normal and transport fuel sources have stressed.Around 15 Fuel bowsers  carrying fuel had left from the Kolonnawa Fuel Storing Complex this noon amidst the protest of striking workers .

Japanese Woman Dies From Tick Disease After Cat Bite

A Japanese woman died last year of a tick-borne disease after being bitten by a stray cat, Japan's
health ministry says, in what could be the first such mammal-to-human transmission.
The unnamed woman in her 50s had been helping the apparently sick cat.

Ten days later she died of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (SFTS), which is carried by ticks.

With no tick bite detected, doctors assume the illness could have been contracted via the cat.
"No reports on animal-to-human transmission cases have been made so far," a Japanese health ministry official told the AFP news agency.
"It's still not confirmed the virus came from the cat, but it's possible that it is the first case," the official added.SFTS is a relatively new infectious disease emerging in China, Korea and Japan..

 The virus is said to have fatality rates of up to 30% and is especially severe in people over 50.

 According to Japanese media, SFTS first occurred in the country in 2013.
Japan's health ministry said last year's death was still a rare case but warned people to be careful when in contact with animals in poor physical condition.
Globally, tick bites are widely associated with transmitting Lyme disease which can lead to severe illness and death if left untreated..(BBC)

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