Friday, November 28, 2014

Australian Coastguards Have Arrested 37 Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers Who Are Heading For Australia

The Australian Coastguard Officers have arrested a vessel carrying 37 Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers in the Indonesian Seas and handed over them to the Sri Lankan Navy Officers on Thursday(27) according to the sources.The asylum Seekers are the residents of Colombo,Jaffna,Chilaw and Marawila areas sources have added.

The vessel carried these asylum seekers have left for Australia from Sri Lanka on 01st of November it has been revealed.Among the asylum seekers there are 13 Sinhalese, 09 Tamils a Burgher and tow infants .

The vessels carrying Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers illegally to Australia have been decreased since recently as the Australian Government has decided not to accept  asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and other countries.

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