Sunday, December 10, 2017

Global Recall Of Lactalis Baby Milk Over Salmonella Fears

Death Of The Tusker "Thani Dalaya" Caused Due To The Poisioning

Image result for one tuskerThe death of the Tusker "Thani Dalaya" (One Tusk) who has died while roaming in the Sellankandal forest reserve in Puttalam District was  caused due to the poisioning it has been revealed during the post mortem of the Tusker held yesterday(10).

The body of the Tusker who was roaming in Sellankandal and Kaladiya forest reserves more than 15 years  had been recoverd last Saturday(09) by a Milk Farmer.


Three Persons Were Arrested With More Than 70,000 Narcotic Tablets

Wariyapola Police have arrested three persons
including a female  while transporting around 70,000 narcotic tablets by a motor car at Wariyapola area this morning (10).

The narcotic tablets were transporting from Marawila to Kurunagala and the suspects had been arrested when they arrived Wariyapola area to get money for the narcotic tablets it has been revealed.

The estimated value of the stock of narcotic tablets taken  into cuWith  stody is more than Rs.20 million according to the Police.

UPFA Joint Opposition MP Sriyani Wijewikrame Has Joined The Government

The United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA)MP
representing Digamadulla District for Joint Opposition Group Sriyani Wjiewikrama has today (10)joined the government and extended her support to the President Maithripala Sirisrna.

The Digamadulle District MP is due to support Sri Lanka Freedom Party she has been stated during her meeting with President Sirisena at his official residence in Colombo this evening (10).


Two Persons Arrested With 6000 Illegally Imported Cigarette Sticks

Beruwala Police had today (10)arrested two persons

with 6000 Illegally imported Cigarette sticks in possession at China Fort in Beruwala area.

The estimated value of the arrested stock of Illegal Cigarette sticks is nearly Rs.1 million it has been revealed.

The suspects have been identified as  26 and 36 year old persons who are residents of Beruwala district.

Police Have Arrested A Person With A Stock Of Rice Not Suitable For Human Consumption

Hettipola Police have arrested a 26 year old person

with a stock of Rice which not suitable for human consumption in a Rice Mill at Thuththiripitigama in Hettipola area.

Accordingly Police have taken into custody a stock of 69,525  Kilo Grammes of Rice which stored in bags 25 Kilo grammes each it has been reported.

The suspect has been identified as a resident of Meegaswewa area according to the Police Headquartrs.

Deputy Transport Minister Given 24 Hours To The Striking Train Workers To Report To Work

Those striking Train workers who do not reported to
work within next 24 hours will loose their jobs as the Train service declared as an essential service according to the Deputy Transport Minister Ashok Abeysinghe.

President Maithripala Sirisena had been declared the Train service as an essential service since last morning (09) through a special Gazette Notification.

The Train Drivers,Station Masters and Train Guards are on strike since last Wednesday (06)demanding solutions for their service demands .The Railway Unions have stated that they will continue the strike until their demands are met.

Meanwhile due to the Train strike hundrads of Long distance train services have been cancelled today as well.

Wild Life Officers Had Recovered The Body Of The Missing Tusker "Thani Dalaya"

Wild Life officers had yesterday (09)recovered the

body of the disappeared tusker of Puttalam District "Thani Dalaya" (One Tusk)which had been shot and killed.

The deceased tusker was assasinated while roaming in Sellankandal forest reserve in Puttalam District according to the reports.

Wild Life officers had found gun shot injuries in the body of the 30 year old deceased Tusker.The Tusker was born with one Tusk and 9 feet high according to officials.


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