Friday, September 18, 2009

Sri Lanka's Trade Deficit Reduced To US$ 260 Million

Sri Lanka's Trade Deficit of this year reduces to US$ 260 Million in July as decline in Imports and Out Pace fall in Exports according to the First Guardian Equities.The Imports decline by -28 Percent and the Exports fall from -23 Percent according to the Report.

UN Under Secretary General Wants Early Resettlement Of IDP'S

The United Nations Under Secretary General Lynn Pascoe said today that the delaying resettlement of IDP'S in the Northern Sri Lanka may undermine the prospects for Peace Reconciliation in the future.According to him keeping these IDP'S in camps further endangering the future Political Stability of the Country.

Mr.Pascoe met President Mahinda Rajapaksha today and hold discussions on the IDP Issue.

CID Had Arrested Two Persons With A Foreign Made Pistol

Criminal Investigations  Department(CID)Officers had arrested two persons with a Foreign made  Automatic Pistol in their possession ...