Friday, November 8, 2019


"ආදරණීය සබඳතා සුළු අනවබෝධයක් නිසා කිසි දින පළුදු නොවන්නාක් මෙන් සෙනෙහෙවන්ත මිතුරා කිසි විට සිය මිතුදම පවත්වාගෙන යනවා මිස බිඳ නොදමයි "

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Three Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Collision Among Three Lorries

Three lorry drivers and a Lorry
assistant had been injured and admitted to the Thanamalwila Base Hospital due to a collision among three Lorries at Komaligama area on Thanamalwila -Udawalawe main road this morning (09).

The injured had transferred to the Embilipitiya Base hospital for further treatment .

The incident occurred due to a one of the Lorry drivers had fallen a sleep whilst driving it has been revealed.




Essential Services At The Katunayake International Airport Become Standstill For 30 Miniutes Due To An Electricity Breakdown

Essential services of the Katunayake
International Airport had become standstill and passangers  had faced enormous difficulties for around 30 minutes from 8.50 a.m to 9.20 a.m this morning (09) due to a sudden Brealdown of Electricity supply to the Airport it has been reported .

During  to the breakdown of electricity supply the Generator of the Airport which operated automatically during such breakdowns too not functioned as usual .

As a result telephone network ,Airconditioners as well as activities of Immigration and emigration and Custom services at the Airpot too broke  down it has been revealed .The electricity supply returned to normalcy after thiry minutes .

Coincides with the Electricity breakdown at the Airport Electricity supply to Katunayake-Colombo Express highway too broke down it has been revealed .

A House Was Destroyed And The Haldummulla -Kirawanagama Road Is Being Blocked Due To A Landslide

A house near 02nd post of the
Haldummulla -Kirawanagama road in Badulla District had been completely destroyed and the road is being blocked as a result of a severe landslide occurred at Harankahawa area in the road yesterday (08).

Due to the heavy showers prevailed in the area the landslide occurred it has been revealed .

As the road is being blocked People were advised to use manthanna road thtough Beragala as an alternative routr to travel .

Tribunal Judge Panel Refused To Grant Bail To Avantguarde Chairman Nissanka Senadhipathi

The special Tribunal Judge panel of the
Colombo High Court had yesterday (08)further remanded the chairman Avantguarde Company Nissanka Senadhipathi over maintaining a floating armoury with 2020,935 live bullets and 816 automatic firearms near Galle sea are ,until 03 rd of December by rejecting a bail application submitted by his lawyers .

The lawyers appeared behalf of Avantguarde Chairman had requested the Judge Tribunal through the bail application to release his client on any condition ,Which was rejected by the panel after considering Attorney General's recommendations .

Attorney General Dappula De livera had strongly opposed over granting bail to Senadhipathi who had onced went abroad and purposely avoided courts .

Attorney General had filed the case on floating armoury against 13 respondemts including the Avantguard  chairman Senadhipathi  based on 7573 charges regarding floating armoury case and Senadhipathi is the 07 th respondent of the case .

A case regarding floating armoury still pending in Galle Magistrate court .

However special tribunal judge panel had released five respondents of the case including former secretary of the National Police Commission Saman Dissanayake and former chairman of Rakna lanka security Victor Samaraweera on bail . 

Storm " Bulbul "In Bay Of Bengal To Be Developed In To A Thunder storm

The "Bulbul "storm which developed in
the sea area of Bay of Bengal now turned in to rough storm and as a result heavy thunder showers with strong winds will be experieced in North and Eastern Provinces today (09)according to the Meteorology Department .

As the winds in sea area will be rough fisheries community has been adivises to avoid going to the sea until 11 th of November according to the Department .
The thunder storm is due to move towards western Bengal area 


TRUTH ....

State Minister Wasantha Senanayake Jumped To SLPP To Support Gotabaya Rajapakshe

State Minister of Foreign Affairs
Wasantha Senanayake has joined Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna (SLPP) today (08)to express his  support to it's presidential Candidate Gotabaya Rajapakshe during an Election rally held at Polonnaruwa this evening .

MP Senanayake who had supported the 52 day old illegal government formed jointly by President Maithripala Sirisena and ooposition leader Mahinda Rajapaksha last year (October) has told the media yesterday (07)
That he decided to join Gotabaya rajapskshe due to the discrimination faced by him within the party .

However United National Party(UNP)  General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasan has announced recently that the party has decided to remove  MP Senanayake from UNP  over attending a Rally of Gotabaya Rajapakshe .MP Senanayake then told he was not removed from the party and  challanged the party leadership to do so if possible. .

A Person Was Arrested With 130 Packettes Of Heroin

Police officers attached to Poisionous
Narcotic unit of Monaragala Police had arrested a 35 year old person with 130 packettes of Heroin at Palaruwa area in Monaragala Police Division this morning (08).

The susupect who is a resident of Nittambuwa area was arrested accordance to the information received by the Police Superintendant's office in Monaragala .

He is due to be produced before the Monaragala Magistrate Court tomorrow(09).


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