Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Toxic Smog Chokes New Delhi

48 Hour Rail Strike Had Called Off

The 48 hour Rail strike scheduled to be launched by
three catogaries belonging to the Railway department with effect from  midnight yesterday (08) has been called off by the Railway trade unions.

The strike was called off following the discussions held between Railway trade unions and  Deputy transport minister and Prime Minister's secretary regarding the salary anomalies of the three catagories of Rail workers, Train drivers,Rail guards and Station Masters.



Oil Carrier "Nevaska Lady" Carrying 40,000 Metric Tonnes Of Petrol Has Arrived In Sri Lankan Teritorial Waters

The Oil carrier "Nevaska Lady" belonging to United
Arab Emirates (UAE) which carrying around 40,000 metric tonnes of Petrol to Sri Lanka has arrived in Sri Lankan teritorial waters few hours ago it has been reported.

The ship will be docked at Muthurajawela Buoy and pumped Petrol from there the sources said.

Before the Oil Carrier reached the buoy lab researcheres are due to aboard the ship and test Oil samples to assure the Oil is in good quality the Ministry Of Petroleum Resources and Development has said.

The Ministry has planned  to distribute the Petrol in the Oil carrier to Oil filling stations in the country after 2 p.m today (09) to solve the current Petrol shortage of the country .

However both Petroleum Trade union as well as former Petroleum Minister Susil Prem jayanth have said that although the Fuel carrier has arrived in Sri Lanka ,due to the pumping system Sri Lanka have it will take another two days to distribute the Petrol in the Carrier towards Oil filling stations.

Sri Lanka has faced Petrol shortage since last Friday.

Deputy Minister Harsha De Silve Informed Paliament That SAITM WIl Be Abolished

Deputy Minister of Policy planning and Economic
Development Dr.Harsha de silva had today (08)informed the Parliament that SAITM (Malabe Private Medical Collage) will be abolished by 31st of December this year.

The University Grants Commission will take a decision  regarding the students attached to SAITM at present as per the act Deputy Minister De silva who chaired the committee appointed by president to find solutions for SAITM Crisis has said.

However students will not be recruited for SAITM again he has stresed.

Ten Female Sex Workers Were Arrested During A Raids Carried Out In Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura Police headquarters have raided five
Brothel houses siuated near Anuradhapura Religious city  maintained on pretext of Ayurveda Massage centers and Holiday resorts and arrested 10 female sex workers  attached to them.

The ten female sex workers have been remanded until 10th of November after being produced before the Anuradhapura Chief Magistrate yesterday (07).

The ten female sex workers arrested and remanded are of the ages 25-40 years residing in Madawachchiya ,Anuradhapura,Puttalam and Thambuttegama areas.

The Brothel houses which maintained as Ayurveda Massage centers and Holiday resorts are situated in Freeman road,Dahayyagama and Pubudupura areas .


Medical Students Parents Called Off The Death Fast Campaign

The death fast campaign launched by five fathers of

state medical students in front of the University Grants Commission building in ward place,Colombo -07 had called off  their campaign this evening (08) after a discussion held with deputy  minister of Policy planning and Economic development Dr.Harsha de silva who arrived in the place where the death fast campaign was held.

During the discussion the Deputy Minister de silva who chaired the committee appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena to investigate on SAITM Crisis has told the parents that SAITM (Malabe Private Medical Collage)will be abolished by 31st of December.

After the promise has  made in this regard by the Deputy Minister ,the death fast campaign organized by the State Medical Students parents Association has called off.

Colombo High Court Sentenced A Former LTTE Member A Life Time Imprisonment Over A Bomb Explosion

Colombo High Court Judge Piyadasa Ranasinghe has
today (08) sentenced a former LTTE member Rajithanandan Anandsuhar allias Lawrance David Raj a life time imprisonment over exploding a bomb in the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) bus at Piliyandala Bus station on 25th of April 2008 and killed 30 passangers.

High Court judge delivered the verdict after the case filed against the accused over 94 charges had taken up for hearing at the court today.Accordingly the accused had received the life time imprisonment for 93 charges and 10 year imprisonment for one charge levelled against him.

Due to bus bomb around 30 passangers were killed and 40 others were injured and hospitalized.

Cabinet Approved A Proposal To Setting Up Of A Special High Court To Hear Cases On Certain Crimes

Cabinet has approved a proposal submitted by Justice
Minister Thalatha Athukorale to set up a special high court to hear the cases regarding crimes related to money laundering ,public property,criminal breech of trust ,misuse of public assets and organized crimes,bribery and corruption charges , funding of terrorism and huge financial crimes .

This special High court will consists with three member judge bench appointed by Chief Justice

The cases hear by this special court cannot hear in other courts due to the number of other cases are piling up in those courts.

The Justice Minister will instruct the legal draftsman to draft the legislations to establish the proposed special high court.

Prices Of Six Essential Imported Commodities To Be Reduced From Midnight Tonight

Government has decided to reduce special commodity  levy imposed on six imported essential commodities
 with effect from midnight tonight tonight(08) according to Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera.

Accordingly commodity  levy  imposed on a Kilo gramme of  imported Big anions will be reduced by Rs.39 ,Dhal reduced by Rs.12 ,Potatoes  by Rs.39,Dried Fish by Rs.50,Levy on Coconut Oil   and Vegetable oil will be reduced by Rs.25 the Minister has stressed.Due to the Levy reduction the prices of these commodities will be reduced he has stated.

The Gazette notification regarding the Trade levy reduction has been issued already Minister has stated.


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