Friday, January 4, 2019




Two Youth Arrested With 28 Grammes Of Heroin

Police officers attached to Law
Enforcement Unit of Panadura Division have yesterday arrested two youth whilst transporting 28 Grammes of Heroin by a Motorcycle at the Arukgoda Roundabout road at Panadura .

The Two youth of the ages 20 and 22 year old and residents of Moratuwa and Panadura have been arrested during a search operation .

The two suspects are due to be produced before Panadura Magistrate Court today (05 ).

A Body Of A 23 Year Old Norwegian National Who Drowned In Weligama Sea Area Recovered

The body of a 23 year old Norwegian
youth who had drowned whilst bathing in the sea area at Kapparathota ,Weligama (Southern Province) last Thursday (03)had been recovered whilst floating in the sea area near the fisheries Jatty at Kapparathota last morning (04).

The deceased who had arrived in Sri Lanka along with few other foreign Nationals and stayed at a Tourist Hotel in Weligama ,has drowned whilst bathing with three others it has been revealed .

Navy divers attached to Mirissa Naval Base and coastal guard Base have attempted to find out  the missing however they have been  not able to find the missing person.

The three colleagues of the deceased had seen lying near the body and show their sadness over the death after the body has been taken ashore .

A Fire Erupted At The Eastern End Of "Singimale "Reserve

A Fire has  erupted this morning (05)at  the Eastern end of "Singimale" Reserve at Hatton where the longest cave Railway Line in Sri Lanka  is being  located  according to Hatton Police.

Due to the extreme hot weather condition prevailing in the area at present ,The fire is spreading towards the main "Singimale" Reserve  it has been reported.

The main Water Tank which supplying drinking water to people in Hatton is being located near the reserve  .

Hatton Police are currently involved in dousing the fire .


Wild Life Officers Began Treating An Injured Elephant Consumed "Hakkapatas "After They Have Reported As Worshipping Devalaya of Nearby Temple

Wild Life officers at Galkiragama Wild
Life office have begun treating a baby Elephant who had been injured believes to be due to consuming "Hakkapatas" explosive device after recovering them whilst staying on a mountain near the Sudarshanarama Raja Maha Temple at Elagamuwa Kekirawa.

The Injured Elephant is staying with another big Wild Elephant who is protecting the injured one .

The Two Elephant had been recovered after the Chief incumbent of the Raja Maha Temple Thammanagama Buddharakkitha Thero Has  informed the Wild Life officers that the Two Elephants had arrived at the Temple in midnight few days ago and went around the Bodhiya there for three times and rang  the bell nearby "Bahirawa"Devalaya of the Temple and ran to the jungle .The Big Elephant who arrived at the Temple with the injured Elephant believes to be visited to take blessings to the injured Elephant from the Temple .

The Big Elephant had rang the Bell at the Devalaya three times and broken it according to Buddharakkitha Thero who had witnessed the incident. Then the two Elephants silently look at Devalaya for few minutes and ran to the jungle the Thero Has stated.

Two Elephants did not harm any object of the Temple the thero has stressed.

After informing the incident Galkiragama Wild Life officers had launched a search mission and recovered the Two Elephants whilst staying  on a Rock mountain near the Temple .


Vavuniya Police Have Arrested Two Persons Over Releasing A Video Showing Offering A Bribe To A Police Dummy -Later Released On Bail

Vavuniya Police have arrested Two employees attached to a Financial Company in Vavuniya over releasing a video to Internet showing giving a bribe to a Police Dummy fixed on A-9 Road in Vavuniya -Jaffna Road .

The two suspects one who portraits giving a bribe to the Police Dummy and the one who has taken the incident to a video had been arrested after Police Traffic Unit has informed on them to senior Police officers.

The two suspects had been arrested over the charges of Defaming/Teasing the Police,Encouraging Public to bribe Police and Painting a wrong picture among public on Police  it has been revealed .

The video released to the Internet shows a man arrived in by a Motorcycle offered a bribe to the Police Dummy.

The two youth suspects had been released on bail after producing them before Vavuniya District Court . Court has ordered the suspects to be appeared before court again on 24 th of January. 


Government To Amend Subjects Vested To.Ministries Under The Gazette Notification

Government has decided to amend the
subjects given to the Ministries under a Gazette Notification issued recently after several rounds of talks held between Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe, President Maithripala Sirisena and  several other  Senior Ministers  regarding this.

Under the Amendments Several Subject streems vested to Ministries hold by Prime Minister Wikramasinghe are scheduled to be distributed among other Ministers according to reports .

 The Minister Of State Enterprises and Kandy Development Lakshman Kiriella who criticised over the subjects given to his Ministry is scheduled to be received State Banks and State Estates under his Ministry it has been revealed .

Ban Imposed Suspending The Business Activities Of Perpetual Treasuries Limited Has Been Extended

The Monetory Board of the Central Bank has extended the ban imposed suspending the Business deals and activities of  Perpetual Treasuries Limited which involved in the Controversial Central Bank Bond Scam by another six months effective from today (05).

The ban has been extended as the Central Bank is still continuing the investigations launched over the Central Bank Bond Scam.

Central Bank 's Monetary Board had suspended all Business deals and activities of Perpetual Treasuries after revealing the details of Central Bank Bond Scam.

A Tense Situation Occurred At Tea Factory In Hatton -DiKoya Area After Recovering A Hidden Stock Of Quality Tea

A tense situation occurred outside of A Tea Factory at WanaRaja Tea Estate in Hatton-DiKoya  area yesterday (04)after a group of Tea Estate Workers have recovered a  stock of around 4000 Kilo Grammes of good quality Tea powder hidden inside a store at the factory .

The stock of Tea recovered from a store had been stored in polythene bags and worth around Rs.2 million it has been revealed.

The Estate Management of Bagawanthalawa Tea Plantations have informed the Estate Workers they were not aware on the hidden Tea stOck and the Factory manager may have  hidden the stock of Tea in view of   selling  it secretly to another party  .

The management has promised the Estate Workers and Estate Trade Union leaders gathered there to inquire on the incident and take necessary action against those who were involved in this Fraudulent activity .

The management suspect the Manager of the Tea Factory along with with few other officers had involved in   this fraudulant aactivity .

A Ban Imposed On Namal Kumara To Avoid Revealing Facts to Media On Assasination Plot

Colombo Fort Magistrate Ranga
Dissanayake has today (04)imposed a ban over the Operations Manager of Anti Corruption Force Namal Kumara avoiding giving new information to media regarding the Assasination plot of VIP"s including president Maithripala Sirisena.

The ban had been  imposed accordance to a request made by Criminal Investigations Department  (CID).

CID has today requested the Colombo Fort Magistrate today imposed a ban on Namal Kumara from revealing new facts related to VIP Assasination Plot to media as it may lead the investigations currently on regarding the plot to a different path .

If there are any new facts related to the Assasination plot it should be informed to the investigative officers not anyone else accordance to article 124 of Criminal code CID has stated .

Five New Provincial Governors Had Sworn In Before President

 New Governors appointed for Five
Provinces had been sworn in before President Maithrpala Sirisena at President's office in Colombo this evening (04).

President has appointed five new Governors today after previous Governors had resigned from their posts accordance the request made by the President .

Accordingly Azath Sali had sworn in as the Governor of Western Province ,Recently elected President's Counsal Maithri Gunaratna as new Governor of Central Province ,Sarath Kongahage as Governor of North Western Province ,Pashala Jayaratne as Governor of North Central Province and M.L.A.M Hisbulla as Governor of Eastern Province. 


Those Who Publish Fake Social Media Posts And Spreading Rumours On Corona Situation To Be Punished-Police

Those who are posting fake posts in Social media platforms and spreading rumours ,saying coroma positives have been identified in variou...