Monday, October 29, 2018



UNP To Hand Over A Proposal Showing The Support Of Majority In Parliament To Ranil Wikramasinghe

United National Party is to hand over a
proposal showing the support of  majority in Parliament to Premier Ranil Wikramasinghe ,to the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya tomorrow (30).

Except United National Party few parties led by Rishard Baduideen ,Rauf Hakeem and Mano Ganeshan  as well as Tamil National Alliance had pledged their support to the premier Wikrama singhe it has been revealed .

Speaker Called A Special Party Leaders Meeting

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya Had called a
Special party leaders meeting tomorrow (30)at 11 a.m to discuss on the current political situation in the country the speakers office has announced.

It is expected that Parliament will be convened soon with the approval of Party leaders although president Maithripala Sirisena had prorogued the parliament until 16th of November.

Chief incumbents of the Malwathu and Asgiriya chapters have requested the speaker Karu Jayasuriya To convene the Parliament to solve the current political conflict ,when the speaker paid them a visit today (29)

Two Persons Had Been Killed -One Injured Due To A Road Accident

Two persons had been killed and one
person had been injured and hospitalized after a Motorcycle colliding with a pedestrian last night (28)at egodauyana ,Moratuwa in Colombo-Galle main road .

The three injured persons including the Motorcyclist ,Pillion rider and the pedestrian had been admitted to Panadura Hospital where the critically injured 21 year old Motorcyclist and 48 year old pedestrian had succumbed to their injuries .

The incident occurred when the Motorcycle travelling from Egodauyana to Panadura collided with a pedestrian who crossed the road at that time it has been revealed.

Authorities Denied Rumours On Sealing Health Ministry

Government Information Department
has today (29) denied the rumours spreads saying  Ministry Of Health ,Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine had been sealed by the Presidential Investigations Unit  over a corruption scandal.

The Ministry Is functioning as usual the Department has said.



Kandy High Court Ordered To Release Six Suspects Including Mahason Balakaya Leader On Bail

Kandy High Court has today
(29)ordered to release the six suspects including the leader of "Mahasone Balakaya "who had been arrested and remanded over the tense situation occurred in Theldeniya, Kandy last March .

Accordingly the suspects had been ordered to release on cash bail of Rs.25,000 each and two surety bails of Rs.500,000 each .

They are due to be released on bail after producing before the Theldeniya Magistrate Court.

Leftist JVP Has Requested The Speaker To Convene The Parliament

The Leftist Janatha Wimukthi
Peramuna (JVP) had requested the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya To convene the Parliament as soon as possible to conduct a debate on current political enviornment of the country .

In a letter sent to the Speaker Jayasuriya with signatures of all six MP's representing JVP ,The party says current political conflict should be solved through the Parliamentary democracy not through the Constitution. 

US Embassy Officials Say They Were Surprised To See The Current Political Conflict In Sri Lanka

Acting United States Ambassador to Sri
Lanka Robert Hilton and the head of the Political Division in United States Embassy of Sri Lanka Anthony. R have revealed during their meeting with Speaker Karu Jayasuriya today (29) that they were  surprised to see the situation in Sri Lanka occurred after the removal of Prime Minister unconstitutionaly .

US Government is strictly concerned on the latest developments in Sri Lanka and the government expects that the Sri Lankan government will find a solution for the current conflict through Parliamentary Democracy the US Embassy officials say during the meeting with speaker at Parliament .

Artists For Democracy Opposed The Removing Of Premier Wikramasinghe From His Post Unconstitutionlly

 Artists for Democracy representing
local Artists In many fields had expressed  their opposition to the president's decision of Removing  Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe from his post and appointing Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe as the New Premier unconstitutionaly .

Due to this situation country had collapsed and going backwards  Artists had stressed during a press briefing held in Colombo today (29).

President should convene the Parliament to solve this problem and restore democracy in the country the ArtIsts  for Democracy has stated.

Artists who had expressed their views during the press briefing said that it's hard to believe how a president who came to power against Dictatorship appointed a new prime minister by violating the Constitution. 




IGP Has Ordered To Restrict The Number of Security Personal Recruited For The Security Of PM To 10

Inspector General Of Police (IGP)Pujith
Jayasundara has ordered the Deputy Inspector General Of Police  (DIG) in charge of Prime Minister's Security Division to remove majority of Security personal recruited for the security of Premier Ranil Wikramasinghe and restricted the number of security personal to 10 it has been reported.

IGP has made this move in an enviornment where speaker Karu Jayasuriya Had Requested The President Sirisena to safeguard prime Minister's privilages including security entitled to Premier Wikramasinghe .

Meanwhile soon after hearing on the reduction of security personal recruited for Premier Wikramasinghe 's security, a large number of United National Party supporters  began to gather at Temple Trees since this morning it has been reported.

Security Officer Of Arjuna Ranathunge Had Been Remanded Over The Death Of CPC Employee

The security Officer of the Minister Of
Petroleum Arjuna Ranathunge who had been arrested over shot and killing of an employee of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) to defend the Minister from a group of employees who harassed him,had been remanded until 12 th of November by the Colombo Additional Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage today (29).

The suspect is scheduled to be produced for an identification parade on 12 th of November.He waa arrested by the Police last evening (28).

Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe Commenced Work At Prime Minister's Secretary Office -Few Appointed As Cabinet Ministers

Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe
who had been appointed as  Prime Minister by the President Maithripala Sirisena last friday (26) had commenced work in his post this morning (29)at office of Prime Minister's Secrerary in Colombo.

Shortwhile ago few United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) MP's had been appointed as Cabinet Ministers by the President Sirisena at Presidential Secretariet.

Accordingly Former President Rajapakshe was given the Ministry of Finance and Economic affairs ,Nimal Siripala De Silva had been appointed as Minister of Transport and Civil aviation, Faizar Musthapha received the Ministry of Sports ,Sarath Amunu gama received Ministry Of Foreign Affairs ,WijeDasa Rajapakshe the Ministry of Higher Education and Mahinda Amaraweera appointed as Mimister of Agriculture.

Others appointed to the Cabinet are -Douglas Devananda as Minister of Rehabilitation, ARuMugam Thonda man as Mimister of Up-country, Wijit WijeMuni soyza-Minister of Fisheries ,Mahinda Samarasinghe -Minister of Port .

Will Deny All Allegations Levelled By The President -Premier Ranil Wikramasinghe

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe
has today  (29)denies all the allegations levelled against him and his Cabinet by the President Maithripala Sirisena during his address to the nation last evening  (28).

Making a special. Statement at Prime Mnister's official residence in Temple Trees today Premier has said the person who  received the support of  majority in Parliament should be appointed as the Prime Minister according to Constitution. But now President Had appointed Mahinda Rajapakshe as prime minister and making various statements to cover the fault .Even small children will not doing this kind of thing he said.

"People voted for us in january 2015 to create a country free of corruption . After wining  the Parliamentary election  in August 2015 I was appointed as the Prime minister of the National Givernment .During last three years we have appointed independent commissions ,given media freedom ,introduced Right To information act and launched large scale development projects" The person received majority of support in  the parliament should be appointed as prime Minister "Premier has said.

Without making false allegations, should convene the Parliament as soon as possible to find solution for the political conflict created.Already several parties have requested the speaker to convene the parliamen.t Will not allow  any Anti Constitutional Dictatorship  rule "he has said .

Minister Of Petroleum Arjuna Ranathunge Had Been Arrested Over The Gun Shooting Incident In Petroleum Corporation -Trade Unions Called Off The Strike

Minister of Petroleum Resources and
Development of the  Government had been arrested by the Colombo Crimes Division this evening  (29)over the gun shooting incident at Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC)Headquarters in Dematagoda last evening (28).

However after being produced before the Colombo Magistrate Court Minister Ranathunge had been released on Rs.500,000 surety bail.

A Security Officer of the Minister who had arrived at the CPC Headquarters last evening to collect the key of his official residence had opened fire to save the Minister from a group of employees harassed him and as a result a 34 Year Old person was killed and two others had been hospitalized.

Few Trade Unions attached to Ceylon Petroleum Corporation led by Sri Lanka Freedom Party Trade Union had launched a strike since last evening demanding the arrest of the Minister Ranathunge.

Due to this situation distribution of fuel had been completely stopped since last evening and a large ques had been seen in front CPC fuel stations.

Motorists had been on ques simce last evening due to fear of a possible fuel shortage as a result of the strike .

However soon after arresting Petroleum Minister Ranathunge Trade Unions called off the strike and returned to work this evening it has been reported.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Freedom Party Trade unions attached to CPC have said they will take legal action against the Minister. 

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