Sunday, August 31, 2014

Government Hospital PSM'S Have Suspended Their Continuous Strike

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) who were on an Island Wide continuous strike at Government Hospitals since last Tuesday(26) had temporarily suspended their trade union action around 8 a.m this morning after the deputy Health Minister Lalith Dissanayke had promised them to meat their demands by 04th of September.

According to the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine (JCPSM),during the discussions held yesterday (30) the deputy health minister Dissanayake had assured  that he will getting the cabinet approval for the major three demands of the PSM'S namely implementing the long delayed service promotions of PSM'S,Establishing a higher grade for PSM'S and recruiting the PSM Graduates who had completed their internships to  government hospitals.

These demands were already produced before the cabinet according to the deputy health minister JCPSM has said.

The PSM's who have launched the strike  since last Tuesday have expanded their strike action  last Thursday by withdrawing from emergency services in government hospitals.

Meanwhile Colombo District Court had issued an Injunction Order last Friday by preventing PSM's from continuing the strike according to a complaint made by a patient.However the PSM's have decided to continue their strike further on Saturday by citing  that their Union has not received the court order.

An Elephant Paraded In Annual Bellanwila Possession Had Disturbed And Ran On The Road By Injuring People

Around 3 people got injured and A house and a motor car were broken as an Elephant paraded in 64th Annual Bellanwila Randholi Possession (Perahera) held last night suddenly got disturbed and ran after the people who were gathered to witness the possession Police has revealed.The elephant named "Hemantha" was suddenly ran on  the road and people gathered there ran  amock the sources added.

A house and a motor vehicle parked nearby have been destroyed by the elephant and the injured got admitted to Kalubowila Teaching Hospital.

Later authorities had captured the elephant around 2.45 a.m this morning by tranquilize him and around 12.45 p.m today he got up and walked calmly police said.However the reason behind his sudden behavior change has not yet revealed.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Twenty Heart Failure Deaths Reported Daily In Colombo District Could Have Been Saved-Dr.Dananjaya Bulathdeniya

Around 20 persons residing in Colombo District die daily due to the Heart Failure condition and these lives  could have been saved if given the required first aid treatment known as CPR within first six minutes since the heart failure according to the Medical Officer attach to the Falck Emergency Medical Supplies Dr.Dananjaya Bulathdeniya.

The lives of around 10 persons out of this number definitely could have been saved through the CPR treatment he has said.While pointing out that majority of the 600,000 people who are admitted to the Neuro Trauma Unit of the Colombo National Hospital  annually due to trauma condition have died before hospitalization  because of not receiving proper first aid treatment ,prior to admission ,Sri Lankan society as well as the professional staff in government hospitals should be trained on the first aid treatment so most of the secondary injuries ,disabilities and death caused due to accidents could have been avoided he has stressed.

Dr.Bulathdeniya has revealed these  facts during a special First Aid training session conducted for Sri Lanka Journalists by the one of the leading suppliers of Emergency Medical Care Services in the world "Falck " held at their local office situated in Privena Road,Ratmalana in Colombo recently.

The Danish Private Company "Falck" is a world recognized company specialized in Emergency Medical Supplies which currently expanded to 45 countries throughout the globe including Sri Lanka.The Falck Sri Lanka has resumed it's operations in Colombo  District on 10th of January 2013 and having 6 ambulances which can provide emergency care in such circumstances with 60 well trained staff according to it's Chief Executive Officer Mr.Hanz Paul Medisson."Falck"Sri Lanka is due to expand it's services to Negambo District from Next Month Mr.Medisson has further said.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

PSM'S Have Withdrawn Essential Services From Government Hospitals

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) who are in an  island wide continuous strike  at government hospitals since Tuesday were expanded their strike action this morning by withdrawing from emergency services as well according to the government hospital sources.

Due to this action an essential tests,scans ,issuing of drugs,Physio therapy and occupational therapy treatments at government hospitals have been stopped since 9 a.m this morning and lots of inward patients have faced severe difficulties the sources have added.

Although major government hospitals throughout the island have been managed to cover the emergency  services of patients through the private medical sector, the small hospitals in rural areas have been affected severely due to the withdrawing of emergency services by PSM;S as those hospitals  are not having enough resources to send patients to the private sector it has been revealed.

Meanwhile speaking to the media the secretary of the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Saman Jayasekera has said that at the  meeting held last evening between  Deputy Health Minister Lalith Disanayake and PSM Unions have revealed that he and the health ministry secretary are having different opinions on the issue.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Continuous Strike Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Has Paralyzed Hospital Work Island Wide

The Hospital Services such as  issuing of drugs from Government Hospital Pharmacies ,Lab Tests ,Radiography Tests,Physiotherapy and Occupational Treatment Have been paralyzed for the second day today(27) due to the Islandwide Continuous Strike launched by Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S).

Tens of thousands of patients have been faced severe difficulties due to this strike hospitals sources said.

The PSM'S consists with Government Pharmacists,Medical Laboratory Technologists(MLT's),Radiographers,Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists have been launched the strike by demanding solutions for six of their demands Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine has said.

Two Suspicious Containers Were Detained At Orugodawatta Container Yard

The Customs Revenue Task Force has detained two suspicious Containers arrived  from Karachchi ,Pakistan believed to be contained drugs at Orugoadawatta Container Yard this evening.The 40 feet long containers were detained upon arrival from pakistan.

These containers are scheduled to be opened soon sources added.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Bail Application Of Sucspected Cosmetic Surgeon Dr.Gamage Was Refused By Additional Magistrate

The Additional Magistrate of Colombo Mohommad Shabsadeen has refused to grant bail for the suspected Cosmetic Surgeon Dr.Nimal Gamage who is serving a prison sentence over the death of a lady doctor who died after the suspected doctor administered her an injection.The bail appeal of the suspected cosmetic surgeon was refused by the additional magistrate when he was produced before the Colombo magistrate court yesterday(25).

Additional Magistrate Shabsadeen has ordered to remand the suspected cosmetic surgeon dr.gamage untill 01st of September.

Meanwhile Police had informed the magistrate court that another victim who has received cosmetic treatment from dr,gamage was admitted to a hospital in London,England due to the side affects she has developed as a result of the treatment.The victim was informed on this to the police via e mail it has been stated.In another development a father of a 13 year old girl reside in north western province has informed the court that the girl who had received treatment from dr,gamage  sometime back for a skin infection developed side effects after the treatment.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Special Commodity Levy On Imported Potatoes And Big Anions Have Been Increased

The special commodity levy imposed on imported potatoes and Big Anions have been increased by Rs.40 and Rs.35 per Killo Gramme  respectively according to the Ministry Of Finance.This Levy Increase made with effect from 23rd of August the Ministry has said.

Due to the increase of  special commodity levy the prices of Potatoes and Big Anions will be going up soon the market analysts said. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Government Hospital PSM'S To Launch Island Wide Continuous Strike From Tuesday(26)

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM's) attach to Government Hospitals throughout Island wide have decided to launch an island wide continuous strike from 8 a.m this Tuesday by demanding six of their service demands.

According to the Joint Council of Professions Supplementary to Medicine(JCPSMS) around 5000 PSM'S consisting of  Government Pharmacists,Medical Laboratory Technologists(MLT's) ,Radiographers,Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists will participate this continuous strike .As a result issuing of drugs through OPD(Out Door Patients Department) Pharmacies,Performing Blood and Urine Tests,Radiography Tests including C.T Scan,MRI and X Ray Tests, Physiotherapy and occupational Treatment will be badly affected.

However the PSM's attach to Lady Ridgway Children's ,Castle Street Women's ,
De Soyza Women's  and Cancer Hospital in Colombo and Sirimawo Bandaranaike Memorial Children's Hospital in Peradeniya will not participate this strike due to humanitarian reasons the secretary of the JCPSM Mr.Saman Jayasekera has said.

This strike will be launched by demanding solutions for  six service demands of PSM'S including implementing  delayed service promotions of PSM'S and recruiting PSM Graduates who have completed their internships to government hospitals JCPSM Secretary has stressed."We gave health authorities two weeks time  to provide solutions for the demands .but they have failed to respond up to now " he has further said.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

For Those Who Are Interested In Real Estate Matters

One of My Blog Readers Mr.Vivek Sadananthan of Property Portal "Lamudi"has sent me the above post on five mistakes that Real Estate Agents are making to publish in this blog.Hope my blog readers who are interested in real estate matters will benefit from this.

Sri Lanka's First Ever Floating Market To Be Innaugurated On Monday(25)

The first ever floating market scheme built on Beria Lake at Bastien Road in Pettah area (Colombo)  is due to be inaugurated  on this Monday(25) at 5 p.m   according to the Urban Development Authority(UDA).The floating market scheme built with the cost of Rs.150 million with the labor of Sri Lankan Army Engineering Unit and the experts of UDA was  scheduled to be  inaugurated   yesterday(22) evening but the event was  postponed  due to the  showery weather conditions .

According to the Urban Development Authority around 92 stalls have been established in this floating market and 78 stalls out of it  have been given to the removed unauthorized stall owners who sold their products near pavement in the area previously.The new floating market in pettah has been built under the project to  Beautification of Colombo City the UDA has stated.

The market is consists with stalls selling fruits,indigenous herbs,local crafts and restaurants and a car park and walk a way had built around the premises between Railway Station and the Bus Stand which provides easy access to the place.A water bus will connect the floating market and the beria lake.

Disaster Mangement Center Issued Land Slide Warning To Four Districts

The Disaster Management Center (DMC)has today(23) issued land slide warning to four districts as the  heavy showers  prevails in the country expected to continue during next 24 hours as well.DMC has issued land slide warnings to the Districts Galle,Matara,Kalutara and Kagalle.

People in those districts should be in alert on all mountain areas,roads and man made cut slopes within the district as land slides may have occur in these places.

Meanwhile due to the heavy showers prevails in the most parts of the island since yesterday(22) more than 300 families have been displaced up to this noon disaster management center has announced.These families were displaced due to the over flowing of Kalu and Nilwala Rivers.

The meterological department has announced that the heavy showers will continue in western,southern,sabaragamuwa,north western and central provinces
due to the atmospheric disturbance

Friday, August 22, 2014

College Of Dermatologists To Publish the List Of Names Of Recognized Dermatologists

The College Of Dermatologists Sri Lanka  planning to publish the list of Names of the recognized Dermatologists currently practicing in Sri Lanka both government and private sectors for the benefit of patients who are seeking treatment for skin,hair and cosmetic problems.Due to not having a specialists registry in Sri Lanka ,people are not able to find out on  the qualified Dermatologists available  here according to the Dr.Mrs.Indira Kahawita the secretary of the College Of Sri Lankan Dermatologists.

As majority of Beauty Parlors in the country also illegally providing the skin,hair and cosmetic care services to their customers which should only performs by dermatologists ,a need arise to educate people on this situation Dr.Kahawita has said.

There are around 70 Dermatologists attach to Government Hospitals and few qualified Dermatologists in private sector too she has stressed.The details of the list of duties of dermatologists here can be obtained through the web site of the college of dermatologists www.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Eight Roads In Colombo City To Be Closed Down From Today(20)

Due to an urgent  reconstruction work eight  roads in Colombo City will be closed between 8.30 a.m  to 5.30 p.m with effect from today(20) till 26th of August the Police has announced.Under this Galle Road,Galle Face,Lotus Road,Ceramic Road,Bank Road,President Road,Chaitya Road and Galadari Roundabout will  be temporarily   closed down during the given time period.

Motorists are advised to use alternative routes .

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dermatologists Slammed The Beauty Parlors In The Country For Providing Skin,Hair Care And Skin Related Laser Treatment Which Not Entitled To Them

The Office Bearers of  the Sri Lankan College of Dermatologists have today heavily Criticized   the majority of Beauticians who are running Beauty Parlors in the country for  giving Skin Care,Hair Care and Laser Treatment For Skin Diseases to their customers without any proper training which should only be performed by Dermatologists .The Past President of the College Of Dermatologists Dr.Mrs Chalukya Gunasekera has said that the Beauticians should only performs beauty care services like Facials,Trimming Of Hair and Dying Hair instead of performing treatment vested to the Dermatologists as the number of people who are suffering various side effects after receiving such treatment through beauty parlors are on increase.

Speaking at a Press Briefing held at the Office of College Of Dermatologists in Colombo this morning Dr.Gunasekera has stressed that daily a significant number patients suffering from side effects related to skin and hair care treatment received through beauty parlors are attending   in Government Hospital skin clinics  seeking treatment.

Some skin and hair care as well as bleaching treatments provided by the beauty parlors are very harmful  and sometimes it might  cause a loss of life else ended up with a serious side effects  Dr.Gunasekera has said.

Some Beauticians are getting use to provide bleaching treatment for their customers by giving an injection which contains arsenic and other poisonous substances she has said."the said injection is recommended for cancer patients to reduce side effects caused by the chemo therapy they are receiving and as a result the skin of a  young girl aged 20 or 25 years will wrinkle as that of 60 year old female ".This is an embarrassing situation and those who are going for the beauty parlors to whitening their skin through the bleaching therapy should be careful when getting such treatment through an unqualified personal " Dr.Gunasekera has revealed.

Acnes ,White and Black spots appeared on the skin should be properly treated by a dermatologist and the patients should undergo a series of tests prior to the treatment  she has said."But the beauticians who are giving the said treatment are providing the service without a proper knowledge on the treatment it has been revealed.

Addressing the briefing the secretary of the College Of Dermatologists Dr.Mrs.Indira Kahawita has said that the health authorities especially the National Drug,Cosmetics and Devices Authority
should have introduced a proper standard mechanism for the all beauty parlors functioning throughout the island and should ban the beauticians from performing treatment practice only by the dermatologists .

Monday, August 18, 2014

Plastic Surgeons Association Has Handedover A Report On Fake Cosmetic Surgeon Dr.Gamage

The Association Of Plastic Surgeons In Sri Lanka has handed over  a report to the Health Ministry which contains whereabouts of the Dr.Nimal Gamage who was remanded over the death of a lady doctor at his cosmetic surgery clinic in Colombo-04 last week.According to a spokesman of the Association the report was handed over per the request made by Health Ministry Secretary Mrs.Sudharama Karunaratne.


The Suspected Doctor Of Cosmetic Death Nimal Gamage Was Remanded Further

The Colombo Magistrate Court has further remanded the MBBS Doctor Nimal Gamage who was arrested over the death of a Lady Doctor P.A Priyangi who died at his cosmetic surgery clinic in  Colombo-04 last week, until 25th of August.The Colombo Additional Magistrate Mohommad Shabdeen has today (18) ordered to re  remand Dr.Gamage after he was produced before the court this morning.

The suspected doctor who advertised himself fraudulently as specialized in Cosmetic Surgery has registered at the Sri Lanka Medical Council as a MBBS Doctor.Although his Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at Colombo 04 was registered under  the Private Medical Institutions Regulatory Body it was only registered as a private medical clinic but not as a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic  Health Ministry officials have now said.

The Lady Doctor who  died after administering an injection to her neck by  the suspected doctor had went to the clinic to underwent a cosmetic surgery on removing the black skin under her eyes Police Investigations have revealed.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rain Has Ended Eight Month Old Drought In Three Provinces

People in the  North Central,Northern and Eastern Provinces have celebrated the rain which falls today  by ending the  eight month old drought prevailed in those areas .The drought had destroyed the crops of farmers in the areas of Mihintale,Anuradhpura and Polonnaruwa in North Central Province and Mannar,Vavuniya and Batticloe in Northern and Eastern Provinces.

The rain which began on Friday in the North Central Province  has continue untill Saturday morning and people in those areas have seen celebrating the end of the drought according to reports.In the province Anuradhapura and Mihintale Districts have received the highest rain fall reports said.

Meanwhile the Disaster Management Center(DMC) has said that despite the rain the supplying of drinking water to the said drought hit areas still continuing as  finding clean water is still a problem
in those areas.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lady Doctor's Death- Medical Licence Of The Suspected Cosmetic Surgeon Could Be Cancelled If Proved He Has Violated Medical Ethics

If the Suspected MBBS Doctor Nimal Gamage who was remanded due to the death of a Lady Doctor at his Clinic found guilty on  violating the code of ethics in the Medical Profession, his registration of the Sri Lanka Medical Council could be cancelled with immediate effect Health Sources said.

The Medical License belongs to Dr.Gamage  in California ,USA was reported as Cancelled in charges of  medical negligence on 2005.

The suspected Doctor who was detained after the death of the  Lady Doctor attached to Plastic Surgical Unit who died after administering anti biotic injection to her neck by the said doctor gamage was remanded till next Monday(18).He is due to be produced before the Colombo Magistrate Court on Monday.

Meanwhile the suspected doctor who was shifted to Ward "H" of the Walikada Prison last Wednesday after got remanded had  transferred to the Prison Hospital due to the medical reasons prison authorities have  revealed.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

No Injection Or Drug To Control Obesity -Association Of Plastic Surgeons In Sri Lanka

There's no Injection or a Drug to reduce the Obesity and therefore People should not fall in the trap of some fake Doctors and Institutes who are spreading rumors that there are such Injections and drugs to control obesity the President of the Association Of Plastic Surgeons Of Sri Lanka Dr.Dulip Perera has said.

Dr.Perera has said that their Association has received so many complaints that people were cheated in this regard.

The only way to control obesity is following  a proper  method based on medical advise including diet control and exercises  Dr.Perera has stressed.

A Stock Of Expired Drugs And Cosmetics Was Found From The Suspected Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

A stock of Expired Drugs and Cosmetics was found from the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at Colombo -04 today (14) where the death has occurred of  a lady doctor after administering an Injection, during a joint search carried out by the Colombo Crimes Division,National Drugs,Cosmetics and Devices Regulatory Authority and the Government Analyst's Department .

A separate Inquiry has launched by the National Drug Authority on the drugs and the equipment used by the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic owned by Dr.Nimal Gamage .  

The owner of the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr.Nimal Gamage had remanded yesterday until 18th of August for the charge of Doctor's murder.He is due to be produced before the Colombo Magistrate Court again on 18th of August.

Meanwhile the Coroner has given  an open verdict  on the death of Dr/Priyangi who was attached to the Plastic Surgery Unit of the Lady Ridgway Hospital.The lady doctor has died last Tuesday (12)after she was administering an injection by the owner of the clinic Dr.Gamage.The relatives of the Deceased Doctor were informed to bury her body at Borella Cemetery.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Plastic Surgeons Association Of Sri Lanka Has Confirmed That Dr.Gamage Is A Fake Cosmetic Surgeon

The Association Of Plastic Surgeons In Sri Lanka has today confirmed that the  Dr.Nimal Gamage who was remanded  for administering a Cosmetic Injection which caused the death of a   lady doctor is not a Cosmetic Surgeon but only a normal  MBBS Doctor ."He (Dr.Nimal) is a normal MBBS Doctor passed out from the Colombo Medical Faculty in year 1982 and lost his Medical Registration in California ,USA due to the misuse of medical profession " the President of the Plastic Surgeons Association Dr.Dulip Perera has said.

Addressing a press briefing held at the Plastic Surgery Unit in Colombo National Hospital this noon Dr.Dulip Perera has said that their Association had informed the former Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Ravindra Ruberu in  2011 on the said doctor who performed cosmetic surgeries illegally at a private house named Cosmetic Surgery Clinic situated in Vishaka Road,Colombo-04 .But the then health authorities not taken any action against him due to the reason that they were mislead by this doctor who involved in  illegal practice here since 2009 Dr,Dulip has pointed out.

The so called fake Cosmetic Surgeon Dr.Gamage has performed the cosmetic surgeries without having a proper facilities like  a service of  an  Anesthetist,Intensive Care Unit(ICU) and medical equipment he has said.One cannot perform a cosmetic or any kind of plastic surgery without the mentioned facilities Dr.Dulip has stressed.

Speaking to the media at the briefing the Secretary of the Association of Plastic Surgeons Dr.Narendra Wijemanna has said that the people in the country should be on alert on the fake cosmetic surgeons who are practicing throughout the country as a small error on such a surgery will cause  a great damage to the vital organs of the human beings.

People should be aware that a cosmetic surgeries in this country are only performs in Private hospitals not inside the clinics based in rooms and private houses he has stressed.

It has been revealed that the high Society females  as well as the Ministers and Cinema Personalities  in the country
got the services of this  Cosmetic Surgery Clinic conducted by Dr,Gamage since years.

Health Ministry And Drug Authority Have Launched Two Investigations On The Cosmetic Injection Death

The Ministry Of Health and the National Drugs ,Cosmetic and Devices Authority have
 launched two separate investigations today (13)  on the death of the  Lady Doctor who had died due to   Poisoning of an  Injection at a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Colombo 04 yesterday.

The Secretary of the Ministry Of Health Mrs.Sudharma Karunaratne had instructed the Association Of Plastic Surgeons Of Sri Lanka to give a full detailed report of the activities of the suspected MBBS Doctor who is responsible for the death of the Lady Doctor.Meanwhile National Drugs,Cosmetics and Devices Authority has also launched an investigation on the drugs and equipment used at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to check whether they are registered under the authority or not

MBBS Doctor Who Administerd A Poisonous Injection To A Lady Doctor Was Remanded

The Hulftsdorf Court Number 5 has today (13) ordered to remand the MBBS Doctor Nimal De Gamage who was responsible for the death of a Lady Doctor  by injecting a poisonous Injection for her at a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Colombo-04 until l8th of August.The lady doctor Dr.Priyangi who was attached to the Lady Ridgway Children Hospital in Colombo had died after administering  an Injection  by the said doctor  in view of performing a Cosmetic Surgery to her it has been revealed.

The Suspected Doctor who himself the owner of the said Clinic had injected an injection to the Lady Doctor who visited him yesterday eve for the Cosmetic Surgery and after one hour she had died according to the Police.The accused Doctor who had advertised that he has received a Special Training in Cosmetic Surgery from USA got arrested by the Police yesterday night soon after the  lady doctor's death.

After questioning him for hours on the incident the police had produced the MBBS Doctor  before the courts this eve .

The lady doctor who was the victim of this unfortunate incident was a 47 years old at the time of her death.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Government Hospital PSM'S Are To Be Launched An Island Wide Continuous Strike From 26th Of August

The Government Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM'S) have decided to launch an Island Wide Continuous Strike from 26th of August by demanding solutions for six of their service demands.

The PSM'S consist of   Government Pharmacists,Medical Laboratory Technologists(MLT's) ,Radiographers,Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists are to be launched this continuous strike by demanding solutions for six service demands including implementing long delayed promotions of senior grade PSM'S and make the service of dispensers as dying grade and recruiting only Pharmacists  to the government hospital according to the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To The Medicine.

Lady Doctor Has Died Due To A Poisoning Of An Injection Given Through A Cosmetic Clinic

 A Lady Doctor has died today(12) due to a poisoning of an Injection given to her through a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at Vishaka Road,Colombo -04 to control Obesity and whitening the skin the Police has announced this evening.The Lady Doctor who was 47 years old went to the Clinic to control her Obesity.

The Police has said that this cosmetic Surgery Clinic is conducted by a person who claimed as specialized in Cosmetic Surgery.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Oral Cancer Patients In Sri Lanka Are On The Increase Due To The Chewing Of Tobacco And Areco Nuts -UPDATED

Oral Cancer Became the  Number One Killer Cancer among Sri Lankan Males due to the chewing of Tobacco and Are co nuts according to the local Oncologists .Out of all cancers in Sri Lanka  13.3% are oral cancers a newest national oral survey has been revealed.

According to the national  survey done on 2007 ,1813 Oral Cancer Patients have been reported from the country and out of that number 1415 patients are males.Around 70% of these patients are in their last stage of the cancers it has been revealed.

As the oral cancers are high among local   males especially within the low incoming community,who are having the  bad habit of chewing tobacco and areco nuts with betel leaves Oncologists have urged those to seek treatment soon after  they developed symptoms inside their mouth  . A large number of Oral Cancer patients are seeking medical treatment in the last stage of the cancer due to their inability to commit a day off from their work for treatment as they are involved in  work based on daily pay it has been revealed.

 Around 28 Cancer Agents in Tobacco and 4 Alcoloides contained in Areco nuts are identified
as the causes for the oral cancers .A white or Red spots appeared  inside the mouth  ,red areas appeared inside the mouth,irritation and inability of opening the mouth are among the major symptoms of oral cancer.

A Row Of Houses Had Been Destroyed Due To A Sudden Fire At Dawson Street

A fire broke out at a Housing Scheme in Dawson Street ,Slave Island(Colombo)  few hours ago had destroyed a row of Houses situated there according to the Police.The fire brigade arrived at the scene managed to doused the fire but at that time dozens of houses in the scheme 47/5 watta had been already destroyed .

The cause of the fire has not yet known ,but it is widely  believed that it may have originated  in a Tyre Store nearby .

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Two Persons With A One Million US Dollar Note Arrested

The Sri Lankan Nay has today(10) arrested two persons reside in Jaffna with a One Million US Dollar note .The suspects were handed over to the Jaffna Police for further investigations.

The Navy has  arrested the suspects on an information received by them.

Forest Fire Destroyed Around 200 Acres Of Land In Knuckles Reserve

Around  200 acres of  land have been destroyed in Knuckles Reserve at  Central Province  due to the forest fire that has been spreading there since yesterday (09) according to the Disaster Management Center(DMC) .The dousing of fire proves to be difficult due to the dry weather conditions prevails in the area the Center has said.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force has been deployed a M-17 helicopter from today  to assist the dousing of Fire in Knuckles .The Helicopter that equipped with 2600 liter Bambi Bucket had left from Ratmalana Air Port this afternoon to the area where fire is in.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Foreign Employment Bureau To Bring Back 200 Sri Lankans From Ebola Hit Liberia

The Foreign Employment Bureau Of Sri Lanka has decided to bring back around 200 Sri Lankan Workers in Liberia to Sri Lanka with immediate effect due to the outbreak of deadly Ebola Virus in some of the western African States including Liberia.

The Employment Bureau had already suspended the sending of Sri Lankan workers there while take in to consideration the spreading of ebola virus  and also urged the relatives of those who  work in Liberia   to inform them to return to Sri Lanka .

According to the World Health Organization(WHO) 1779 People in four west African countries namely Liberia, Nigeria,Guniea and Sierra Lione have been affected with Ebola Virus as at  08th of August while 961 have died from the disease already.During 05th and 06th of August ,29 Ebola deaths have been reported from these countries it has been revealed.

The Description Of Ebola Virus by the World Health Organization

Ebola virus disease (formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever) is a severe, often fatal illness, with a case fatality rate of up to 90%. It is one of the world’s most virulent diseases.The infection is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected animals or people. Severely ill patients require intensive supportive care. During an outbreak, those at higher risk of infection are health workers, family members and others in close contact with sick people and deceased patients.

Ebola virus disease outbreaks can devastate families and communities, but the infection can be controlled through the use of recommended protective measures in clinics and hospitals, at community gatherings, or at home.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Police Arrested A Mother Who Sold Her Six Month Old Infant Daughter

A 32 year old Mother who sold her six months old infant daughter to another woman for Rs.30,000 was arrested by the Police today (08)along with the woman who purchased the infant .The Sapugaskande Police had arrested the two women and they were detained at Mahara Magistrate Court .

The infant girl was born in last February at the Gampaha General Hospital and she was sold to a woman reside in Makola,Kiribathgoda it has been revealed.

Seventeen Sri Lankan Workers Trapped In War Hit Libya Were Brought Back To The Country

The Foreign Employment Bureau had yesterday(07) brought 17 Sri Lankan workers who were trapped inside  Libya due to the ongoing war situation there in that Country.The Employment Bureau had spent around 100,000 US Dollars to brought these workers back to Sri Lanka with the help of Sri Lankan Embassy in Libyan Capitol Tripoli it has been revealed.

According to the Foreign Employment Bureau there are another 30 Sri Lankan workers trapped in Libya and they too will bring back to the country when  need arise.

Sri Lanka has already suspended the sending of Sri Lankan workers to the war hit
Libya until further notice.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Excise Department Chief Was Sent To Jail For Bribery Charges

The Colombo Chief Magistrate has today (05)  ordered to remand The Officer In Charge of the Excise Department's Special Investigations Unit Rosmand Fernando who was arrested yesterday (04) whilst accepting a Rs.50,000 bribe from a Illicit Liquor Trader  until 12th of August.

The  Officer In Charge Fernando was arrested by the Bribery Commission Officers whilst accepting Rs.50,000 from a  Illicit Liquor Trader of Western Province to refrain from taking a legal action against him .The arrest was made at a canteen of the Private Mobile Company in Colombo yesterday evening.It was revealed that the charged officer had received Rs.450,000 bribe earlier from the liquor trader.

Health Workers To Conduct Protest Campaigns Tomorrow(06) To Get Solutions For Five Service Demands

The Health Workers belongs to  27 categories in Government Hospitals and the Health Institutions are scheduled  to conduct  protest campaigns in front of their work places island wide and the Ministry of Health tomorrow(06) from 12 noon to 1 p.m by demanding solutions for five of their service demands.

According to the  Joint Trade Union Committee which organizes  these protest campaigns the health workers including Minor Staff,Lift Operators,Store Keepers,Telephone Operators are decided to conduct these protest campaigns to demand solutions for five of their service demands including solving their salar
y anomalies and declaring a five day week for the workers .

Twelve Medical Officers Of GMOA Handed Over A Complaint To The CID On Union's s Financial Frauds

A group of 12 Medical Officers attach to the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) had made a complaint to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) this evening by requesting an investigation on the financial frauds said to be happened at  GMOA Office when spending membership money during the financial year  2013-2014 .

The Medical Officers group had handover a written complaint to the higher officials of CID  by this evening by leveling   6 financial fraud charges against the former executive committee of the GMOA.

The said Medical Officers have been criticizing  the former Executive Committee of the GMOA for the  said  financial frauds and urging  the authorities to conduct an impartial inquiry against the  former executive committee.

Meanwhile members of Former GMOA Executive Committee are due to be appeared before the Mount Lavinia Magistrate Court tomorrow as  the court case filed against them by a group of seven medical officers scheduled to be heard there.The court case was filed against the former GMOA executive members for conducting their annual election by violating the court order which was issued to avoid  the election.

Monday, August 4, 2014

A 24 Hour Check Up Service Established In Katunayake Air Port To Check Ebola Carriers

The Health Ministry and the Air Port Officials had jointly set up a 24 hour  a day service Emergency Operations Center at the Health Center in Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Air Port  with effect from today(04) to prevent entering Ebola Viral Fever to the country.

According to the Ministry Of Health a separate team of Nurses and an ambulance were handed over to the Air Port Health Center if a need arise to  transport a  patient with ebola virus to the Fever Hospital in IDH .All the foreigners arrive the country from today especially  the African Nationals will be subjected to undergo a special health check up  to see  whether they are carrying  the virus .

The deadly Ebola Virus has spreading in African Countries as an epidemic  and a total number of 700 have died from the disease up to date.

Chief Of The Excise Department's Special Investigations Unit Was Arrested Whilst Taking A Bribe Of Rs.50,000

The Officers of The Commission to Investigate Allegations of  Bribery Or Corruption had arrested the Officer in Charge of the Excise Department's Special Investigations Unit Rosman Fernando this afternoon for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs.50,000 from A  Illicit Liquor Trader .

According to the Commission,The Special Investigations Unit Chief Fernando had requested a sum of Rs.500,000 bribe from a illicit liquor trader in the western province to avoid taking  a legal action against him and had previously  taken Rs.450,000 out of that money.

 The Special Investigations Unit Chief was arrested today  by the bribery officials when he was accepting the  Rs.50,000 balance money out  of  that Rs.500,000  bribe  at a canteen attach to  the Private Telecommunication Company   in Colombo.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Large Stocks Of Rice And Grains Stored In An Unhygienic Way In Food Stores Have Been Detained

A large stock of Rice Varieties,Dhal and Brown Sugar stored in an unhygienic way at the  Government owned CWE(Corporative Wholesale Establishment) Distribution Stores in Welisara  in Colombo have been detained by the Public Health Inspectors today (02)according to the Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Association.

Among the stocks that detained were 35,000 Kilo Grammes of Basmathi Rice,30,000 Kilo Grammes of Keeri Samba Rice,100,840 Kilo Grammes of Nadu Rice,7905 Kilo Grammes of Dhal.and 24,970 Kilo Grammes of Brown sugar the Association has said.

In another development Public Health Inspectors were raided 52 Food Stores in Gampaha District(Western Province) yesterday (01) and filed court cases against 34 Food Stores for maintaining them in  unhygienic way.Out of these 34 Food Stores 24 are government owned CWE Stores Public Health Inspectors Association has said.

Refugees And Asylum Seekers In Sri Lanka Have Increased By 700% Within A Year

There's a 700% increase of  Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Sri Lanka between  the period  2013-2014 the Ministry of External Affairs has announced today.As at 30th June 2014 a total number of 1870 Refugees and Asylum Seekers are there in the country accordng to the ministry.Out of this number 368 are  Refugees and 1562 are Asylum Seekers .Among them there are a large number of individual asylum seekers of Pakistani Origin it has been identified.

The large number of  People who are illegally migrating to Sri Lanka through illegal human trafficking networks is identified as the main reason behind the increasing number  of Asylum Seekers here the Ministry has revealed.

Due to this Illegal migration of asylum seekers to Sri Lanka a serious health issues like spreading of Malaria have cropped up in the country the authorities have  said.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Thunder Showers Are Expected In Drought Hit Northern And Eastern Provinces

The Meteorological Department has announced today (01)that thunder showers will be expected in drought hit Northern and Eastern parts of the country mostly during afternoons in coming days.The monsoonal showers will be occurred in South West,Western,Sabaragamuwa ,North Western and Central Provinces Met Department has said.

As winds exceeding  the speed of 60 kilo meters per hour will be assisted with the thundershowers in Central Hill areas  ,people living in .there are advised to be taken precautionary measures to minimize the damages caused by lightning.

US Hits A Record Corona Cases And Hospitalizations