Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Chinese Female Arrested With 132 Foreign Cigarette Cartons

Airport Customs Officers have arrested a Chinese
Female with 132 foreign Cigarette Cartons in her possession at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport yesterday (19).

The suspected female had been arrested after she arrived at Katunayake Airport from Dubai.

The estimated value of the stock of Cigarette Cartons taken into custody is around Rs.1.3 million it has been reported.

The Customs officers have questioned the suspected female regarding the incident and later released her after imposing a Rs.100,000 fine.
Criticize corrupt people in the country not the country.

Around 79 Houses Have Been Completely Damaged Due To The Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse

Around 79 houses completely damaged and 19 houses
partly damaged due to the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump collapse according to the Minister Of Disaster Management Anura Priyadarshana Yapa.

The Urban Development Authority will build 98 houses for  those familes diplsced due to the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump collapse and 60 houses already built will be allocated for the displsced the Minister has stated.The rest of the houses will be built soon he has stressed during a press briefing held yesterday (19) in colombo.

Government has also decided to provide Rs.250,000 each for the Meethotamulle Displsced familes to purchase household equipment for the new houses Minister Yapa said.

According to the latest statistics 1059 persons belonging to 245 families have been displaced due to tragic Garbage Dump Collapse.


"Sabandathawayak athi kara ganemedi yodana adithalama kisi witaka binda nodamanna.Adithalama Shakthimath wu mithudamak athulu sambandathawan  kisiwekutat binda damiya nohaki tharam shakhimathya."

Living Near Nature Linked To longer Lives-A Study Says

Government To Take The Responsibility Of The Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse-

President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister
Ranil Wikramasinghe have today (19) announced that the government will take the full responsibilty of collapsing of the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump and will take steps to remove the garbage dump from the area within next few months.

Speaking at a meeting held in Disaster Management Ministry today President Sirisena has directed the authorities to provide houses for the displaced families in Meethotamulle Garbage Dump area with effect from tomorrow (20).

The removal of the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump from the area will be done under the guidance of Sri Lanka Army.

Meanwhile President Sirisena has removed the restrictions imposed when issuing compansations for the Meethotamulle incident.Prime Minister Wikramasingha had instructed treassury officials to issue necassary funds as soon as possible to pay compansations for the victims .

A Muslim Youth Committed Suicide By Jumping From A Storied Building

A Muslim youth had committed suicide this evening
(19) by jumping from a 15th floor of a storied building in Union Place ,Colombo.

Police believed the cause for the suicide is a love affair.

The deceased had been identified as a resident of Colombo -15(Mattakkuliya) .

Customs Officers Seized Two Containers Smuggled Into The Country Illegally

Sri Lanka customs officers have
today(19)seized  two containers smuggled in to the country which contains  illegally imported food items in Orugodawatte Container Yard.

The food items contains in the two containers worth around RS.120 million according to the customs .

The two containers had been illegally smuggled Into the country by a private company in Wattala it has been revealed .


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Number Of Dead Persons Due To The Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse Increased To 33

Related imageThe number of persons dead due to the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse increased today(19) to 33 as the search operations to find out the  persons who went missing due to  this tragic incident still continues.

Around 09 children are there among the dead according to the officials.

More than 1000 rescue workers including tri force and special task force personal are involved in the search operations in Meethotamulle Garbage Dump day and night in search of the missing.

Due to the collapse of a part of a Meethotamulle Garbage Dump on last Friday(14) around 200 families reported as displaced .

Meanwhile Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe who cut short  his official visit to Vietnam  and returned the country last night(18) due to the incident had visited the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump today and promised the residents of the area to clear the area soon and to provide every displace family a house.

A Female Was Gang Raped In Balangoda-Police Arrested One Suspect

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A 45 year old female who is caring her paralyzed father was raped by four persons yesterday(18) in Pinnawala area according to the reports.

Pinnawala Police have arrested one of the four suspects involved in the  gang rape and currently investigating to arrest the other three suspects.The female who was subjected to rape admitted to the Balangoda Base Hospital the sources said.

A Group Of Residents In Piliyandala Protested Against Disposing Colombo Garbage In Karadiyana-30 Trucks Filled With Garbage Sent Back

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A group of residents in Piliyandala area had today(19) staged a protest campaign against dumping of Garbage collected in Colombo to Karadiyana Garbage Dump -Piliyandala with effect from last Monday(17) and sent back 30 trucks of Colombo Garbage sent to Karadiyana Dump by the Colombo Municipal Council it has been reported.

A heavy traffic prevails for hours  in Verahera -Rathmalana Road near the Borupana Bridge as the  protestors reported as blocked the road during the  protest.

Kesbawe Court has yesterday(18) granted permission to the Colombo Municipal Council to dispose 350 metric tonnes of Colombo Garbage daily  to the Karadiyana Garbage Dump in Piliyandala with effect from 17th of April(Monday) to 28th of April .

Similar protest were held against dumping Colombo Garbage in Dompe,Wattala and  Kotikawatte areas yesterday(18) as the Colombo Municipal Council sent Colombo Garbage to these areas as a result of the collapse of Meethotamulle Garbage Dump on 14th of April.

Meanwhile a group of residents are currently protesting blocking the Kalagedihena area on Colombo-Kandy road  against dumping Colombo Garbage to Dambuwa Garbage Dump in Veyangoda it has been revealed.

A 45 Year Old Female Was Killed And 16 Others Hospitalized Due To A Road Accident

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A 45 year old female was killed and 16 others including 08 children were injured and Colombo-hospitalized after a Lorry veered off the road and crashed into a tree near the Teachers Collage playground in Balapitiya on Galle-Colombo- main road last night(18).

The deceased who was admitted to the Balapitiya Base Hospital in critical condition and later transferred to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital succumbed to her injuries this morning(19).

The injured were also admitted to the Balapitiya Base Hospital and out of the 08 Children who were admitted to the Hospital 02 who are in critical condition had been later transferred to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital it has been revealed.

The deceased has been identified as a resident of Akuressa area.

According to the Police the accident occurred after the Lorry driver fallen a sleep while driving the vehicle.

There's No Attempt To Register A New Tobacco Company In Sri Lanka As Stated By GMOA-Health Minister

Image result for health warnings in sri lanka cigarette packsThere's no attempt to register a new Tobacco Company in Sri Lanka and as a Government contributing  to reduce the  Cigarette Smoking in the country it will not allow to register a new Tobacco Company here the Minister of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated by rejecting the Government Medical Officers Association's (GMOA)statement regarding  Government is attempting to register a new Tobacco Company.

GMOA's statement is a blatant lie Minister has said by questioning where were the officials of GMOA who are spreading these lies when the previous government reduced the space allow Tobacco Companies to print health warnings related to smoking in their Cigarette Packs from 80% to 60% .

Although GMOA claims that the union itself committed to reduce Tobacco use in the Country ,the so called officials  not being able to make a comment during the previous regime regarding the space reduction for  Tobacco Companies to print health warnings Health Minister has stressed.

Annually Government only receive  Rs.100 billion as taxes from Tobacco Company but need to spend Rs.72 billion annually to treat the patients who got sick due to smoking he has revealed.


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