Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lanka Private Bus Owners Association To Take Legal Action Against Private Bus Authorities

The Lanka Private Bus Operators Association has decided to take a legal action against Minister of Private Transport Services C.B Ratnayake and National Transport Commission for not adapting a proper process to administer the private transport industry .the authorities have failed to implement at least the scheduled system correctly says the president of Lanka Private Bus Operators Association Gamunu Wijeratne.

Although the government has decided to increase the private bus fares by 7% from 01st of November the bus fare should be increased at least from 12% he has said.

Speaking at media briefing held in Colombo today(13) gamunu wijeratne has said that government has taken a decision to increase private bus fares without consulting private bus  operators unions and still it's not clear how the authorities calculated the percentage of increasing bus fares to 7% .

The private bus operators run Rs.25 million loss per day since last July as the government not able to increase the private bus fares by then he has stressed."now the total million of loss occurred in  private bus industry has risen to Rs.3000 million and private bus owners have faced severe difficulties due to this "president of lanka private bus owners association has further said.

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