Friday, February 6, 2009

Sea Tiger Leader Soosai Believed To Be Killed In Yesterday's Air Strikes

Sri Lankan Air Force Says that LTTE'S Sea Tiger Leader Soosai is believed to be Killed When Air Jets Destroyed His Hideout Yesterday.He is believed to be In side of the Hide Out when the Attack Took Place.It is Reported that another Few LTTE Leaders also killed due to this Attack which also Destroyed the LTTE Communication Center.LTTE now Restricted to a 172 Square Kilo Meter Area.

Sydney To Become The Latest Victim Of Global Warming As A Killer Heat Wave Hit The City To Day

As a Result of the Much Talked about Global Warming A Killer Heat Wave That Struckd Several Parts of Australia Is Due To Hit Australia's Biggest City Sydney Either To Day or Tomorrow Australian Weather Experts Says.The Temperature of Sydney Is Currently Stands as 35 Degrees Celsius and Expected to Peek to a Record Of 44 Degrees in the Latter Part of the Day.New South Wales where the City Located Is to Become world's Hottest Place by Tomorrow when the Temperatures Are Expected to Rise as much as 47 Degrees Celsius Much more than the Hottest Deserts in Africa and the Middle East Experts Stressed.
Hospitals Are on Alert as they Expected More Patients with Heat Related Disorders and Fire Brigades are on Alert to Prevent a Possible Out Break of Bush Fires Common in Australia when the Heat is Rising.Doctors Issued Warnings to the Sydney Residents to Drink Plenty Of Water and Dehydrated Themselves as well as Not Scorching the Sun and Avoid Traveling Especially the Elderly and Small Children Who are Prone to the Heat Related Disorders. It has Been Reported that Around 100 Bush Fires were Occurred Out Side Sydney During Past Weak and the Flames of fires were Flown to the Beeches in the City and they are seen as Black Now.A thick Cloud of Smoke Can be Seen Behind the Famous Sydney Bridge These Days Reports Further Added.
High Temperatures were Recorded In Most Parts of the Australia since the Summer Begins in January and Dozens of People Died Due to the Heat Related Stress and Hypertension in the State of Victoria It has been Reported.

Essential Pain Killer Drug Pethidine Ran Out Of Stock In Government Hospitals

There is a Severe Shortage of the Essential Pain Killer Injection Vial "Pethidine" (IV/IM ,75 mg/50 mg)at Government Hospitals Throughout The Island these days as Medical Supplies Division had Removed around Five Hundred Thousand Of Expired Vials of those injections From the Hospitals.These Vials were Expired on 31st of January and It is Believe that they were Purchased when the Expiring Date is nearing The President of the All Ceylon Medical Officers Association Dr.Gishantha Dassanayaka has Urged.He Further said that there will be a Financial Freud Behind the  Purchasing of  these Injection Vials as the Ministry Bought them More than the Required Amount.This is Another Reason for the Expiring of these Vials He Added.

'Pethidine" is Known as an Essential Dangerous Drug Used as a Pain Killer for those Wounded including Wounded Army Soldiers and the Patients treated in Intensive Care Units and Obstetric and Gynecology wards and also Used for those Facing Complex Surgeries According to Dr.Dassanayaka.Due to the Shortage of this Drug these Patients are Facing Severe Hardships He Stressed.

When Contacted The Director General Of the Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis Said that A New Batch Of Pethidine will BE Airlifted and Distributed to the Hospitals in one week's Time.The Removed Expired Stock Of the Drug will be Destroyed Soon He has Further Added.

CID Have Arrested Two Persons Over Addresing A Press Briefing On White Abductions

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials have last night(13)arrested two persons at a cafe in Mahara area over  participating ...