Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lotus Road In Colombo Fort Has Been Closed Due To A Protest March

Image result for lotus road colomboThe Lotus Road in Colombo Fort which lead to Galle Face has been closed short while ago due to a severe traffic congestion  occurred as a result of the  protest march organized by  Teachers and Principles Trade Union Alliance.

Police have advised the motorists to use alternatives routes due to this situation.



Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Will Incur a Loss Of. Rs.Two Billion Per Month. Due To The Increase Of Excise Duty Of Diesel-Minister Of Petroleum Resources

Due to the increase of  excise duty imposed on Diesel ,The state owned Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) will incur a loss of around  Rs.2 billion per month according to the Minister Of Petroleum Resources Chandima Weerakkody.

As the Finance Ministry has increased the excise duty imposed  on Diesel  by Rs.three per liter from,Rs.ten per liter of Diesel  to Rs.thirteen with effect from 20th of August without increasing the retail price of the Diesel  the loss has incurred the Minister has stated.

Local production too affected due to the tax as  the 50,000 barrel per day local oil production is taxed  he has stressed.


Colombo High Court Has Today (20)Decided To Proceed The Revision Motion Filed By Bribery Commission Against Granting Bail For Two Suspects Of Floating Armory Case

The Colombo High Court has today (20) decided  to proceed with  the revision motion filed against the granting bail to chairman of Avant Guarde Security Services Nissanka Senadhipathi and Major General Palitha Fernando who were charged over the floating armory issue.

The decision has been  taken when the revision motion filed by the Bribery Commission was taken up for consideration today (20).

Earlier the Colombo Chief Magistrate has granted bail to the two suspects over the floating armory case although the Bribery Commission had filed a case against former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe and seven others for authorizing the establishment of  floating armory unlawfully.

Three Out Of The Four Accused Sentenced To Death Over The Murder Of Bharatha Laksman Premachandre Filed Appeals

Three accused who were sentenced to death over the gun shooting and murder of former presidential adviser Bharatha Lakshman Premachandre and three of his associates had filed appeals at the Supreme Court today (20) requesting their release.

The three accused Chaminda Ravi Jayanath,Anura Thushara De Mel and D.M Sarath Bandara who are in  death row had filed their appeals through their lawyers at the registrar's office in Colombo High Court it has been reported.

These three accused along with former United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) MP Duminda  Silva  had been sentenced to death by the Colombo High Court on 08th of September regarding the murder of Bharatha Laksman and three others.

Director General Of Health Services Dr.Mahipala Has Alerted Sri Lanka Is At Risk Of Spreading Zika Virus Infection

Image result for zika infectionDirector General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala has stated that there's a high risk of spreading Zika Virus Infection in Sri Lanka as the disease is spreading in Asian Countries like Philippines,Malaysia and Singapore rapidly at present .

Due to this situation Dr.Mahipala had requested the Sri Lankans who are returning from Zika affected countries to inform the health officials at Katunayake International Air Port or the nearest MOH Office regarding your visit to that country and to the doctor if they are suffering from a flue as a precautionary measure to avoid spreading Zika in the country.

Addressing a press briefing held  at Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday(19) Director General Of Health Services had requested the pregnant mothers avoid traveling Zika affected countries numbering 72 including South American and Asian Countries to prevent spreading the disease among pregnant mothers in Sri Lanka.

Although Zika Virus Infection which spreads mainly through the Dengue Mosquito "Aedis Aegypti"is not deadly as Dengue ,it will cause serious side affects to pregnant mothers and the new borns of Zika infected mothers are at risk of developing small heads(Microcephaly) he has stated.

Local Health Authorities have decided to check the blood samples of Dengue Patients for Zika Infection as well from now on Dr.Mahipala has further added.


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Former UPFA MP Sajin Vaas Has Been Released On Bail From A Case Filed Against Him By Bribery Commission

Image result for court order imageThe former United Peoples Freedom Alliance MP Sajin Vaas Gunawardena has released on  bail today(20) by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Court from a case filed against him by the Bribery Commission.

Bribery Commission has filed a case against Sajin Vaas Gunawardena for allegedly signed an illegal contract with a Singaporean company to supply Rs.833 million worth ground support equipment to Mihin Lanka Air Lines and requested the Air Lines to pay the sum during the previous regime.

The former MP Gunawardena has been released on a cash bail of Rs.250,000 and four personal bails of Rs.10 million each.


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FCID Has Questioned Former Air Force Chief On Controversial MIG Deal

Image result for police financial crimes division sri lankaThe Police financial Crimes Investigations Division(FCID) has questioned the former Air Force Chief Air Vice Marshal Rohan Gunathilake on the controversial MIG Air Craft Deal occurred in  2006 it has been reported.
The FCID has last year questioned the former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe on the controversial MIG Air Craft Deal  .

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