Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Colombo Office Of The Perpetual Treasuries Limited Is Being Searched

The Criminal Investigations

Department(CID)officers had began searching the Colombo office located at the Parkland Building ,of the Perpetual Treasuries Limited which directly involved in the Central Bank Bond scam,under a search warrant obtained from the Court.

The CID Officers are being checked docuements relevent  to the current investigations carrying out over the Bond Scam .

Obese People Overeat Because They Enjoy Food Less Than Thinner People

Five Districts Have Been Identified As Dengue High Risk Areas

Although many Districts have low prevelence of Dengue at present ,Five districts namely Puttalam,Batticaloa ,Kalmumai,Anuradhapura and Kandy are at higher risk of spreading Dengue due to the recent showers according to the Anti Dengue Control Unit

Due to this situation destroying Dengue Mosquito breeding places is currently underway   in these Dsngue  high risk districts it has been stated.

The Health Ministry  is due to launch three day island wide national Anti Dengue Control  campaign on 7 th, 08th and 09 th of June.

COUNT ON.......

India thunderstorms and lightning strikes kill 50


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Two Persons Were Arrested With More Than 24 Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

Image result for arrestedTwo Persons have been arrested while transporting  24.180 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis from a Motorcycle at Maduthuduwawa area in Mannar this morning (30) by the Police Anti Narcotic Bureau Officials .

The 24 and 27 year old suspects who are residents of Pasalai area are due to be produced before the  Mannar Magistrate Court today(30).

The value of the stock of Kerala Cannabis taken in to custody in possession of the suspects is around Rs.2.9 million it has been revealed.

Two Indian National Have Been Arrested With A Stock Of "Wallapatta" In Possession

Boralesgamuwa Police have today (30) arrested two Indian Nationals with 1.698 Kilo Grammes of "Wallapatta" known as "Gyronips Walla" in possession at the Malani Bulathsinghala Road in Boralesgamuwa .

Related imageThe two suspects who are 42 years old are due to be produced before the Gangodawila Magistrate Court in Nugegoda.Borelesgamuwa Police are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Man with 4,100 gallstones suffered agonising abdominal pain for years until surgeons removed them


I don't know what kind of love is this, What should I say, it's a little different
Sometimes, it gives you pain, Sometimes it gives you peace
Sometimes it gives you sorrow, Sometimes it gives you happiness
I don't know what kind of love is this, What should I say, it's a little different//
The one whom I think about all day long
My nights pass thinking about her/ him
When the time of our union comes
Then it's like spring in the gardens and the flowers blossom
The herd of bees
Starts to roam around the flowers
And they erase the fear of the atmosphere from our hearts

If it spreads in our eyes like a dream
Then a stranger enters your life like a dear one
Walking in the path and under sunshine
You'll find a companion like your shadow
Whether the destination comes or not, even if a storm comes
It teaches the lovers how to live life
I don't know what kind of love is this, What should I say, it's a little different

A Youth Had Committed Suicide By Junping From Bambara Falls

A 24 year old youth had committed suicide by jumping in from Bambara Ella(Falls) at Haldummulla are yesterday (29).

The body of the deceased youth who was a resident of Dankotuwa area had recovered later and sent to the Haldummulla Hospital for the post mortum.

Seventy Four Containers Full Of Canned Fish Proved As Contains Worms Due To Be Re Exported

Image result for canned fishThe 74 containers full of Canned fish imported mainly from China which stucked at the Sri Lanka Customs due to the test report issued by the Health Authorities that the Canned Fish belogs to 12 batches are being contained worms ,are due to be re exported to the Countries exported them to us the Customs have stated.

Accordingly the 74 containers  contains Canned Fish worth around Rs.388 million are due to be re exported to China,Taiwan and Thailand according to the sources.

The Public Health Inspectors are currently engaging  in removing some of the stocks of these Canned Fish issued to the local market with worms .


A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To An Accident In Hingurakgoda

Image result for accidentA Motorcyclist was killed after the high speed Motorcycle he was riding toppled over to the "Yoda Canal" at Hathamuna in Hingurakgoda last night (29).

The deceased who was a resident of Hingurakgoda area had faced this incident while on the way to his house after visiting a relative house it has been revealed.

The accident occurred due to the Motorcyclist's inability to control the speed of the Motorcycle.

Power Supply To Many Areas In Matara And Hambanthota Has Been Interrrupted Due To Strong Winds

Image result for electric lines interruptionPower supply to the several areas in Matara and Hambanthota Districts broken down as a result of the Strong Gutsy winds blown across those areas according to the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy .

Accordingly Power supply has broken down in Beliatta,Middeniya ,Tangalle,Suriyawewa,Hakmana and Walasmulla areas as a result of the fallen trees to the power lines caused due to the strong winds the Ministry has stated.Due to this situation more than 60,000 residents have been affected it has been reported.

Authorities are currently working to restore the power supply in these areas it has been revealed.

The strong winds are expecting to continue today (30) as well.

Australia-Victoria's Corona Cases Are On The Rise -Most Affected Areas Has Been Revealed