Monday, September 23, 2013

Few Incidents Reported During Northern Provincial Council Elections-N Gopalaswamy

The head of the South Asian Elections Monitory Group which observed the election activities in Northern Provincial Council Elections N.Gopalaswamy has said today(23) that few incidents like changing ballot boxes occurred in some polling booths in Northern Province and they have informed on this to the Elections Commissioner.

Mr.Goplaswamy who is also the former Elections Commissioner in India has said that they will handover a report on their observations done  during provincial council elections in north soon to the Elections Commissioner .speaking at a press briefing held in Hotel Galadari,Colombo this evening he has stressed that the details on whether the election held in free and fair manner too will be revealed through the report.

To make Sri Lankan Election System  a free and fair one more powers should be vested to the Elections Commissioner Mr.Gopalaswami has further said.

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